£0.95 postage . All of our young plug plants will need to be protected from any danger of frost. Adjacent colours create a harmonious effect: Colours close together in the colour wheel are used to create harmony. Thank you for your review. One of three types of marigold commonly grown in the UK garden, French marigolds are shorter and more compact than the African variety, commonly growing to between 6 inches and 2 feet in height. Marigold 'Strawberry Blonde' has high weather tolerance ensuring a long season of colour in beds, border and containers. Not ScentedPlant Type:  AnnualRHS Plants for Pollinators:  YesBotanical name:  Tagetes patula. FLOWER MARIGOLD DWARF FRENCH PETITE MIX 400 FLOWER SEEDS. You can use in an herbaceous border or pots as illustrated. We are the only online plug plants supplier to offer a choice of a specific dispatch week for your order. Spread 15-20cm. For all orders under £50 in value we make a one off P&P charge of £4.95 per order. This large planter will allow you to create a completely self contained flower bed. By the time they are ready, the danger of frost should of passed and they will be ready to burst into life in your garden. Fill the cell trays or pots with compost and lightly firm. They are one of the easiest annuals to grow and provide months of zinging colour all summer. White is a fantastic addition to any bed as it reflects all wavelengths of light, brightening up your garden. A unique French Marigold derived from a breeding breakthrough which has produced multi-coloured blooms with some “never seen before” flowers that are almost pink in colour. Marigold ( Alumia Vanilla Cream ) 100 Seeds. They must be protected from frost. Regrettably due to unprecedented demand we have taken the difficult decision to suspend new orders for some products for a short period of time until we have caught up on our existing orders. A temperature of 16 -20 °C will encourage active growth but good light is also essential. A range of 18 top quality ornamental varieties are available in an array of colours and mixtures to suit all tastes, all have been selected for their reliability and long lasting garden performance. Highly weather tolerant, the colours of the flowers change as the plants age. }); Starter & Premium Plants are best planted into 9-13 cm pots or can be planted directly into baskets and containers as long as they can be protected from frost. By the time they are ready, the danger of frost should of passed and they will be ready to burst into life in your garden. Seedlings, 40 Cell plug packs & 4 cell Veg Plugs are best planted into bedding tray inserts or 7-9cm pots. There is no sitting around in garden centers or fulfillment centres, so you can be assured that your plant will arrive fresh, healthy and in perfect condition. Marigold (French) Super Hero Orange | Tray of 40 Plug Plants £7.99 Add to Basket (10) Foliage height 1.5cm-5cm (depending on variety). It is a cheerful flower bed plant and can also be an excellent addition to a vegetable garden. 28.5cm Stainless Steel Dibber by Kent & Stowe If you are planting French marigold seeds indoors, they need a warm area. Marigold Plants - Durgango Mixed An amazing mix of 'French Durango' Marigolds will produce brightly coloured semi-double flowers from late spring throughout the summer months. Full growing instructions are provided. Great as a 'mixer' but it truly comes into its own when planted en masse in … $(this).removeClass("infoButtonDepressed"); Name – Tagetes Family – Asteraceae Type – annual. Quantity 1 Plus Minus. For a more detailed guide with extra tips please read our blog below. Our young plants will need to be grown on before they are ready to plant out in the garden. Flower Plants; Pea and Bean Seeds; Vegetable Seeds; Vegetable Plants; Fruit; Potatoes; Onions and Garlic; Pond and Wildlife; Garden Equipment ; Flower Seeds > Marigold Seeds > French Marigold Seeds > Need help? French Marigold Super Hero plants produce compact plants and blooms with large 5cm diameter flowers. Triadic colours: triadic planting selects three colours spaced at equal distances around the colour wheel creating a beautifully balanced palette. $(this).next(".opt-extra-hidden-input_box").empty(); Add to Basket (10) French Marigold Super Hero Orange Plug Plants. They must be protected from frost. Garden Flower seed - French Marigold. Place the plants in a warm, light position but out of direct sun. Marigold (African) Inca Mixed| Tray of 40 Plug Plants£8.99. Selected items will be included with your purchase Free postage. French Marigold ( Durango Gold ) … For a more detailed guide with extra tips please read our blog below. $(this).text("Added"); Your plants will take several weeks to establish and put on the growth required to be garden ready. CALENDULA OFFICINALIS ENGLISH MARIGOLD PLANT SEEDS. Flowering – May to September. Quick Order Form. For more information about plant deliveries, please click here. Use a dibber to make a hole similar to the size of the plug in the compost and place the plant into this hole the gently firm the plant into the compost.

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