With the exception of Olivia and, to a lesser extent, Christine, we never see other sides to these people. She seemed very very happy and actually smiled at me for a solid 15 seconds after I made a comment about the warmth and kindness in the story.Joan Cusack plays a dramatic role that is very different than anything I have ever seen her play. Catherine Keener and Frances McDormand....so you can't go wrong? We wonder if there are alternative endings on the DVD? also, i think it was a nice finish without it, the movie would have not had a resolution, it would have just faded out. I've wanted to see this movie for a long time and I can not begin to describe how horrifically I was disappointed. Case in point: Friends with Money, the opening film at Sundance 2006. The reason: a quartet of actresses having a ball. Although it appears a slow-mo imitation of Woody Allen at his talkiest, the film does well. Synopsis If you are trying to tell a story, it has to have some natural progression, and , for Goodness sake, some purpose. " Rated R is always somewhat subjective...pot smoking, a lot of language, suggestive "sex scenes" etc--nothing too shocking... Nicole Holofcener has become a must-see director. With each additional interesting project that she accepts, Jennifer Aniston edges away from the baggage of that daft and shallow TV show upon which she built her name. Enjoy and try to look at the movie as more of an art- not just any old movie. And while I am a huge fan of 70s-style non-endings, I admit that this movie's abrupt stop (after a very convenient and pat wrap-up) left me with an "Eh" kind of feeling. But this movie changed my mind about her, and I really enjoyed it. Group of extremely dislikable people and their self-centered and meaningless lives rambling about their non-existing problems. There were vieled references but nothing to say if it was really meaningful. Some people love jazz and hate rock, others love rock and hate hip hop. The more-than-able cast certainly helps--particularly Frances McDormand, who can do more with just her eyes and mouth than most actors can with a page of script (just watch the way she looks at everything around her--especially other people). Unlike "Crash", this one gives us the positive and negative sides of what these people can be. 1980 – Young Javed Khan (Ronak Singh Chadha Berges) is with his best friend Matt (Billy Barratt), who just got a new bike. They are thespians of the highest degree. It paints a painfully hillarious portrait of modern life in theclass sensitive west side of Los Angeles. Now as they settle into their early middle age, their friendship is increasingly challenged by the ever-growing disparity in their individual degrees of financial comfort. What a rare delight - to see four talented actresses rising to the challenge of such a smart script. Nicole Holofcener elicits interest and empathy for her characters, with an intellectually stimulating exploration of the topic of money and relationships. AMR123456 Wed 26-Oct-16 22:04:38. Deleted scenes? Olivia hooks up with Mike, Franny's personal trainer, is a jerk, has the hot lovin' with Olivia while she cleans house, and wants half of her pay (he drives a Mercedes, her car is trashed). All three couples look at their younger friend Olivia (Jennifer Aniston) and judge themselves further along in their life's journey, both in the size of their bank accounts and their relationship status, i.e., married. ... Friends with money Message from a friend To be annoyed about DH changing career? but then i grinned. They don't struggle against outside forces. Well, some say I expected too much, and they were right. If the point of the movie was to have almost all of the characters be incredibly unlikeable, then I guess it succeeded. Aniston is the loser of the group, with delusions of becoming a personal trainer (stepping up from her house cleaning job) and Cusack is the group's wealthy dowager. Jen's portrayal is subtle enough to be convincing. Because there just needed to be more. Similarly financially comfortable Jane (Frances McDormand) is going through an emotional, depressive, sometimes almost psychotic midlife crisis, portraying cringingly funny moments that we all recognize. Just saw this film, hoping for some clever humor, original dialogue and an interesting theme. Summary: Friends With Money examines the shifting relationships between four women who have been friends all of their adult lives. The dialogue was almost predictable and unfortunately, the acting was the victim of the dialogue. Directed by Nicole Holofcener. Why was she stalking a married man? What an under rated dramatic actress she is.Joan Cusack could catapult herself into a whole new genre of movies with this performance.What a rare bird director,Nicole Holofcener is. Friends with Money is a 2006 comedy-drama film written and directed by Nicole Holofcener. I'd like to read the screenplay. Our experience of their life's journey appears practically seamless, whereas Christine and David (Catherine Keener and Jason Isaacs) are financially comfortable, but not with each other, living in a cold, angry place. It opened the 2006 Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2006, and went into limited release in North America on April 7, 2006. You could tell she loved the reaction to the movie and her performance was her most revealing yet. Keener is terrific as one part of a screen writing couple who blows a hole in her marriage by pointing out her husband's bad breath (it's one of the film's most uncomfortable confrontation and this is a movie with MANY confrontations). His complex portrayal of questionable sexuality and tentative exploration outside of his marriage is exquisite. I can assure you that I would not want to be friends with any of these women--and even more unbelievable was that they were friends with each other. Having fled from a school teaching job, she now cleans people's houses. After she quits her lucrative job, Olivia finds herself unsure about her future and her relationships with her successful and wealthy friends. I want to be entertained by a movie, and I was not entertained. I understand it and I make no judgments. Save money on clothes, holidays, days out, pregnancy and baby gear, homeware, garden furniture and more with exclusive deals! If "F w/ M" were a TV series, if it fully explored the characters' lives and situations in some depth and detail, I'd be its #1 fan. While it is certainly watchable and interesting AS FAR AS IT GOES, this movie is no "Walking and Talking." Don't miss this hip,smart and oh so real slice of American relationships. User Ratings Jennifer Aniston was luminous,tan,friendly warm and beautiful. It's as if writer-director Nicole Holofcener either got tired of her characters and simply ran out of ideas. Woody Allen in slow-mo, but McDormand shines. Thank goodness for Frances McDormand, whose superb acting makes this movie watchable long after the scenes start repeating themselves. At the end you're left scratching your head. FAQ Passionate screenplay,real characters with dynamic performances. I know everybody is different. Those of us who are familiar with the area can recognize how important image is to those with money and how their perceptions are so different from the rest of the world. He and Matt have dreams of going to … I would watch it weekly without fail. The couple with most money, Franny/Matt (Joan Cusack/Greg Germann) seem the most happy and fulfilled. "W and T" is absolutely brilliant, another small portrait of long-time female friends, but because it narrows its scope to two characters in a particular situation (one's wedding), it achieves all the depth and poignancy and hilarity that "Friends with Money" lacks. Olivia (Jennifer Aniston) is a housecleaner, whose best friends on Earth are Jane (Frances McDormand), Christine (Catherine Keener) and Franny (Joan Cusack). The movie was everything I hoped it would be. Sort by: Filter by Rating: 10 /10. The female and male characters are for the most part more interesting personalities than often found in American films. It is amazing to me that a movie with such a great lineup of some of today's most talented actresses could be so bad. In one of the funniest moments of the film Olivia smears $75 face cream onto her feet as if saying 'So there!' McDormand is almost comic as the woman on the verge whose husband may or may not be what he seems...or may be exactly what he seems to everyone else. Franny (Joan Cusack) is very rich, just raises her kids with full time help, and is perfectly happy with her husband Matt (Greg Germann), her two children, and the world. I have seen "Friends With Money" which was a disappointment compared to this and "Lovely and Amazing". Friends with Money ... 7.3.7. Catherine Keener and Joan Cusack are also very good to watch, even if their roles do not allow for much development.

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