Ads by Fandom. So I'm thinking of putting this card in my The Gitrog Monster deck. She was a devastating drop in my old Omnath, Locus of the Roil deck. by Dave-writer90. While I use duals and fetches, I have found that it is not necessary in EDH to have them. Close. Cradle, on the other hand, has a home in quite a few decks and works wonders with mana reflection and any card that untaps cradle. This site is unaffiliated. Unless you plan on expecting. I've got a copy of Cradle, and I've tried it in a few decks (it's currently residing in Titania), and in many ways I consider it more of a ritual type effect than a traditional land. Field of the Dead Beautiful utility land that generates bodies when lands enter as long as you meet its requirements! Storm Cauldron Considering that a lot of your big value pieces are upwards of 3 mana, you may find that that you end up with less lands in the end, and not accelerating your mana base, as most Landfall decks want to do. Search for the perfect addition to your deck. Even if you happen to have 2 creatures out it's good. Amount. I’ll keep that in mind. Deathsprout due to it being your only removal piece. It rewards you for something Green already does better than the other colors, play creatures. Growing Rites of Itlimoc Check it out under "Gameplay" in the primer! I dont really know if I would include it outside of that though to be totally honest. Commander / EDH: Legal: Gaea's Cradle occurrence in decks from the last year. City of Traitors is a nice ritual effect. first of all it really does not matter, how expensive your deck is, if we do not know to play it right. First, I'll tell you what I tell everyone that is trying to enhance their decks: Cards like this are amazing and will often increase your deck's power level, but any time you consider adding a $200+ card, think about what $200 of other cards could do to enhance your deck. Otherwise, you can find ANY land or put a value creature into your hand. That, and the cards value comes only from flipping a land off the top. Mr. moments. These days, some wizards are finding they have a little too much deck left at the end of their $$$. 599.00 - 1499.99 I own two and play them in four of my nine decks: Derevi Enchantress, Marath, Kamahl Goodstuff and Zegana Merfolk Tribal. As for 6CMC cards, I do tend to cast them often enough in a single match, most specifically Ancient Greenwarden. Anywho, fastforward 4 months and my friends wanna have an EDH … Made by German Black core paper, printed by Heidelberg Printer, which makes it the same thickness and feel as a real Magic card. I urge you to consider adding it, as it causes your non-token creatures to enter as Forest creatures, which will trigger your Landfall stuff! Contact | Lastly, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is just amazing in mono decks. AR25V, thanks for the suggestion. I played it in a deck with 30 or more creatures representing every cmc, I also played several token makers, so the choice to put it in was super obvious as I already had it. The link is here: Vendor. A deck focused mainly on the abilities of it's lands doesn't really have a place in edh for the sole reason that there aren't many lands that will do much against three or more opponents that are doing crazy stuff. Sorry for the absence. I mean, it is easy to say that, but think about it, most of the time a deck is ready at 50+ $/€, optimized at 200/300 and after that, the amount of money flowing into a deck in comparison to the power growth is so small. by Kamerot, Snakes need wheels, they don’t have feet *Primer* I’ve been very busy lately. I'm always looking for cheap creature removal and this just doubles as both that and spot removal. Made by German Black core paper, printed by Heidelberg Printer, which makes it the same thickness … I played it most in mono-Green where it was very good (I have played it in other color combinations too, just not as much or as well), it fueled huge plays and numerous "Oh Damn!" Foil. I am not trying to advertise my deck on your deck help thread or anything, but I have a very similar deck with Karametra which is only green. If your deck has over 25ish~ creatures then it would be worth including. Right off the bat though if you don't feel like reading a decklist I recommend Gaea's Cradle because once you turn your lands into creatures it can tap for an absurd amount of mana. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. With your commander, it just screams value as you draw 2 cards and gain two +1/+1 counters with non-token creatures that enter your field. © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. DMCA requests | how does Manabond interact with landfall triggers and card draws? Your best bet for a lands focused deck, aside from some weird brew, is to look at the high impact lands and build around those cards, Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle can act as a good control card; however that's not going to stop many combos, so maybe you can run a commander that discourages combo, think Ruric Thar, the Unbowed. It depends on the number of creatures you run, their mana costs, etc.. Alchemist's Refuge Allows you to play at instant speed. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. If your deck is more creature based (azuri for example), then good lord you should absolutely run it. Discord Server | Metachemist and rkjunior, thank you, that is exactly what I needed to hear. by Pikobyte, Tishana Elfball This fits your . It made a world of difference--as if the deck was "unlocked" because of the sheer power of that much mana in one card, while being able to look for it easily, while being able to recur it with Titania if need be. Om nom Trample If you regularly have 2-3 creatures by turn 3, then you're probably free to run Cradle, maybe even. It craps out mana at an alarming rate and makes. : Add to your mana pool for each creature you control. What do you get out of 20 green mana and an empty hand? If cost is no issue Gaea's Cradle is a must for ramp. By the way guys!  Flip will allow you to add creatures into your hand (I know, I dont like providing knowledge to opponents). Hopefully some of this information will add some spice to your deck. High Quality Magic the Gathering Proxy MTG Proxy MTG Card. That being said, the ceiling of such a card is not incredibly high, as mentioned before. by Azeworai, Hydra Flask how does Manabond interact with landfall triggers and card draws. Cradle is a land with a very powerful effect that interacts well with other lands. It will probably be okay simply because of its ridiculously high power level. Gaea’s Cradle – Urza’s Saga (2004) Date Reviewed: November 9, 2017 Ratings: Constructed: 5.00 Casual: 5.00 Limited: 3.83 Multiplayer: 4.83 Commander [EDH]: 4.63 Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. Privacy statement | If you can afford it, then you should run it. I have printed so many decks in my years of playing magic, it is not even funny. The Great Henge is a noteworthy inclusion. Secondly, let your printer burn! Hey man, thanks for commenting! unwucht, I still like Prime Speaker Zegana a lot. I have included the cEDH Timetwisted 4 Tournament Gameplay from Day 1! Even in this deck: Gaea's Cradle is worth nearly 50% of this deck, Is it making the deck stronger? Feeds | Gaea’s Cradle Urza’s Saga Gaeas cradle. Flodoo, let me tell you this: It belongs in any and every green token deck. Cradle is so good that it's close to Ban Worthy. Terms of Use | Currently unavailable. ), Snakes need wheels, they don’t have feet *Primer*, Gaea's Cradle + Ghave, Guru of Spores + Young Wolf. What mono-G deck won't have cards to make Cradle crazy? In your case with your commander being Gitrog, unless you are playing a high creature count with the lower cmc slots being well represented it probably will not shine. Rules Q&A. Mock your opponents and their boring cards with these glorious alters. I never look at those two together. These are fantastic for casual games of Commander/EDH, … Worst case scenario; you go and find a basic land. Gaea's Cradle is a 100% busted mana engine that is objectively the best land in any green deck with a reasonable amount of creatures. High Quality Magic the Gathering Proxy MTG Proxy MTG Card. 1 is … Which is now getting harder since I want to make room for Sakashima of a Thousand Faces, but it most likely will swap with Spark Double. I have to see if it outweighs my distaste for giving my opponents value as well. Then, you can always bring it back to your field and trigger your Landfall, and doesn't count towards your land limit per turn :). In legacy Lands doesn't perform well in a meta with a ton of combo decks, and in edh most decks are combo or can perform one.

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