As the war for the future of the galaxy has intensified, you have to team up with your friends to save the galaxy from the destruction. Game of War: Fire Age continues to expand the mobile MMO experience! * Take on Raid Bosses as a Kingdom for massive rewards! I hope, the following list handpicked by me will serve as a guide to your desired war game. Warframe is a futuristic sci-fi adventure that feels like a third-person action game. * Conquer roaming Dragons in the Dragon War Dimension! Star Wars: The Old Republic is another exciting game like World of Warcraft. Combat is terrific, which feels like it should be a given for a game about war. Resource gathering on the other hand is kind of simple and there isn’t any way for you to be diplomatic. There are a lot of games in the play store and often you choose and install a wrong game and then become disappointed. Best War Games for Android They tend to mirror franchises like Age of Empires or Command & Conquer, where the player takes control of large armies, builds cities, castles or bases and gathers resources to buy upgrades or more units/buildings. War games are one of the largest scale games. LOG IN NOW to see the LATEST UPDATES! So, a list of the 20 best war games for Android may help you. Follow Athena into the inferno as you battle against Monsters and Men with the help of Dragons.

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