He enjoys collecting maps, swords and stories--not necessarily in that order. Cindy is a concept artist and illustrator with a traditional art background. He is versatile when it comes to art styles and has a keen eye for detail, compositions, and color theory. As early as he can remember, Derek has always had a deep passion for visually rich and interactive storytelling. She's also an avid gamer from big budget games to niche indie titles, a loving mother, and always willing to engage in debate to better learn. Developer Giant Squid As the flagship title to come from newly formed Giant Squid Studios, Abzû trades the dusty hills of Journey’s desert landscape for a trip beneath the blue waves. As an environment artist at Giant Squid, he hopes to help create worlds that are beautiful and well remembered. Matt Nava has so far only worked on one game from start to finish, so it might come across as a little risky that he's just set up his own game studio Giant Squid. She is also an avid collector of skulls, and her collection is growing at an alarming rate. Revealed during The Game Awards 2018, The Pathless by developer Giant Squid builds upon the success of the studio’s first project, ABZÛ, while offering increased interaction, all-new characters, and a completely different setting wrapped in an equally impressive artistic approach. Also, dragons and dinosaurs are totally rad. Giant Squid is the game development studio behind ABZÛ and The Pathless. Until then, Chao is happily swimming and blowing things up with the squiddies at Giant Squid! Led by Matt Nava, the art director of award-winning games Flower and Journey, Giant Squid's team is composed of some of the most talented developers currently working in the industry. Después de haber trabajado como director de arte en Flower y Journey… But then that one game was Journey. He has experience with all sorts of stuff; from high-fidelity animation programming, data-driven systems, and AI programming on big budget games to procedural generation, shader programming, and music composition on indie titles of his own. A self-taught programmer with a decade of game development experience, Cosmo has been modding, designing, and programming games for as long as he's had access to computers. Erica enjoys managing all aspects of the Giant Squid business. As a result, in an act of utter desperation, he decided to plunge into video game instead. Creating value out of any obstacle is her passion. At Giant Squid, Erica strives to contribute to a culture where artistic vision and brilliant minds are celebrated. At Giant Squid, he hopes to always continue growing as an artist, and to bring the same unforgettable experiences he loves in video games to others. As Director of Product Development at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio for the past 5 years, Tina had the pleasure of releasing some of the industry’s most groundbreaking and beautiful games such as Journey, The Unfinished Swan, Sound Shapes, Flower and more. The game received generally positive reviews upon release, with critics praising the game's artstyle and music. The Pathless comes from Giant Squid Studios, the developers behind 2016’s ABZU. As producer at Giant Squid, Patrick strives to keep his finger on the pulse of all aspects of development and ensure that the studio's multidisciplinary talent works together to create the best product possible. Along the way she found a passion for visual effects because they allow her to effectively communicate gameplay to the player while also helping to breath life into the world. Tina provided overall support, reviewed thousands of game concepts, negotiated hardware exclusives, contributed to strategic planning, and managed co-marketing efforts. The Pathless, the second game from Abzu developer Giant Squid, is an ambitious step forward for the studio — alongside being a PS5 launch game, it’s the first open-world game for Giant Squid, one that’s both inspired by the genre’s best while also hoping to subvert some open-world norms to better immerse the player in its beautiful, mysterious island setting. After 23 years of magic, blood, and explosions, Chao's journey finally leads him to Giant Squid Studios. Journey, with over 33 Game of the Year and multiple Best Art Direction Awards, is a testament to Matt's ability to communicate deeply moving narrative through visual and interactive design.

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