While this means a dark-complexioned man, it is often used today as a name for a baby girl. For a really creative name, pick two options from this last as your baby’s first and middle names. This is a name for someone who has dark or dusky colored skin. It means a dark-haired beauty or a beauty of the night. 50 Warlock, Wizard and Witch Names for Baby. It can also means someone who is as tall and confident as a hill. Sauda is a name that means both dark and beautiful. The moon is not exactly dark, but it appears at night when the sky is dark and enlightens the entire world around it. This name means someone who dwells in dark places. Mahogany is a dark, red-colored wood that is extremely pretty to look at. Traditionally, this name was given to a dark-colored or dark-haired beauty who was born during the nighttime. This name either means a dark-skinned or dark-haired girl. This pretty name is also thought to mean a dark-skinned woman. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. It means noble or dark. This is a name that means a dark-colored or olive-skinned person. Marie is also a shortened nickname for Maureen. This is a name that means one who belongs to the town of dark people. What Does It Mean When You Dream About Finding Money? This name means dark-skinned one. This name means a dark-lipped girl. This is a pretty name for a baby girl that means from the dark moor. Tamali is a tree that is known to have a very dark-colored bark. This is a name for a dark-haired girl with pale skin. This unusual name is a reference to the nighttime or darkness. It can also be used as a name for a baby boy as well. However in Greek mythology, Thana means "death" making it a very bleak choice for your beautiful little girl. It can be used for boys or girls. This name is traditionally thought to mean dark-skinned or dusky friend. Darcy means dark-haired. This actually means a dark red color and probably refers to the girl’s hair. This is a name that means someone who is dark in color. If you’re bored with normal names, embrace our list of dark and scary girl names without evil or darkness meaning. If you want an unusual name for a daughter, this is an excellent choice. Before it was Anglicized, it was written as Mairin. While it is generally used for girls, it can also be used for boys as well. Adrienne - Meaning "dark lady from the sea," this is a great Gothic name. Layal means the dark hours of the day. Also means dark one; A variant of Adriana, Latin - Women from Hadria, the Adriatic sea region. This variation on Kerra means dark or dusky. This unusual name means dark or shady. In Arabic, this beautiful sounding name means dark or night. Lama is a name that means a person with dark lips. This is an Old Greek name that means dark or black. Annabel - Like Annabel Lee, from the famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe. 34. This is a beautiful name that means a dark challenger from the woods. In Old Greek, in meant highborn, black, dark or hard worker. This name can mean a dark period. This name comes from a dark navy blue color. This old-fashioned sounding name means bitter or dark. This name means a dark or dark-colored person. While it may be hard to spell, this is a pretty name. This pretty hair means a little, dark-haired woman. This pretty name is thought to mean a dark beauty. It can be used for boys or girls. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mellie is such a classy sounding name. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. 100 Common Greek Last Names and Their Meanings. In Egyptian, it means dark haired. This is a variation on the name Melanie. This unusual sounding name means dark colored. This is a name for a child that has dark eyes. In greek it means a black or dark timber. Expecting a baby with dark hair, or eyes, or skin, or simply looking for a name that means (or suggests) darkness? This name is a word that means a dark moon. Blakely. Ciarra is a name that means dark complexioned or dusky. This name is a word for a dark-colored bird with black feathers. This name means hidden darkness. Shadow is becoming an increasingly popular name today. It is a variation on the name Leila. This comes from a Latin word that means women from Hadria. While it may be unusual, this name means a dark-colored person who has large, dark, pretty eyes. It can also be spelled as Lamiya. It is often used to represent wisdom, although some cultures have variations on this interpretation. Thana, is a wolf in sheep's clothing considering it has a more commonly positive name meaning coming from the Muslim meaning "praise". Brona. It can also mean someone who is unable to see or is shady and gloomy. It is a very mysterious, mystical nae for a baby girl. Check out the list of names from around the world meaning Dark for baby boys and girls.

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