General Motors diet plan veg is aimed at bringing out the most suitable substitutes for some of the food items in original GM Diet. You can intake any amount of fruit that you can digest on the first day. So the day plan for GM Diet non-veg Indian version consists of: Day 1 if again all fruits and no bananas, drink plenty of water and keep yourself relaxed Try to spread the total 500 gms of chicken to 3 meals over the day. This can help in building your muscle, instead of adding weight to your body. Let’s have a look into them. 15 Effective Home Remedies for Treating Dengue Fever Naturally, 7 Research-Based Aloe Vera Juice Benefits + Nutrition Facts, Top 10 Benefits of Aloe Vera for Health, Hair and Skin, Top 10 Guava Leaves Benefits For Skin, Hair & Health. GM Diet Plan vegetarian is all about more fresh and healthy substitutes for all the days. This diet is so popular worldwide that there are several variants available online for varied taste and food preferences. On the fourth day of the gm diet, you need to intake three glasses of milk and eight bananas. GM Diet soup or cabbage soup can be consumed for lunch and dinner. So we bring you the GM Diet Indian version, to help you find your choice of foods and within the parameters of the GM Diet. You can eat the wonder soup once in morning and once in evening for the savory delights. This helps in complete body detox. There is no alternative … You need to stick to the plan “to the dot” for a good outcome. Find the Information’s on Beauty, Fashion, Celebrities, Food, Health, Travel, Parenting, Astrology and more. Don’t over eat from day 8 onwards. Do not eat the brown rice yet as it’s not a source of protein. Have a bowl of brown rice or white rice or a mix of both with vegetables. The GM Diet plan Indian version also helps in losing 5-7 kgs of weight by the end of 7 days which is same as the non-veg GM diet plan. Have a great number of soups and vegetables and continue to have water. Your email address will not be published. Maximum up to 500 gms total of the meat or chicken in the day but spread over 3-4 times. 1200 Calorie Diet Plan for Non-Vegetarians. Day 6 is for Protein Substitute and Vegetables: 7. So the day plan for GM Diet non-veg … Also, the raw tomatoes taken along with protein can neutralize this effect and keep your metabolism steady. So here comes your trusted guide for GM Diet Indian version including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. You should not consume anything else except these. Dairy products can be eaten while on the diet. Switch to healthy foods like green tea, instead of coffee, tea or sugar foods. Drink ample water and also snack on the wonder soup. The idea is to limit one’s weekly diet to just fruits, vegetables, brown rice, and chicken. Forgetting complex carbohydrates, you should start the day by consuming a large potato with butter. You can consume these with a vegetable soup, at a limited quantity. Eat brown rice for meals and add vegetables along as salad. Also, eat the fruits along with peel to boost up your fiber intake. Slowly introduce “new” foods to your diet. You can combine the meat with tomatoes. The 1200 calorie meal plan non-veg version is almost similar to the veg diet except it includes Eggs, Fish and Chicken. While most people can feel a little deprived with the limited meat choices on the GM diet, what they cannot complain is the lack of dairy. You can also make chicken soup with some wonderful flavors. Have wonder soup as a mid-meal snack and do not have a fuller dinner, as it may bloat your belly. And dessert as watermelon or strawberries. The idea behind meat is to fuel the energy with accumulated fat and carbs. The GM Diet Plan is focused on ensuring the consumption of complex carbs, along with low-calorie foods. After the strict diet period, don’t jump to your previous routine abruptly. GM Diet Indian Non-Vegetarian Version: GM Diet Indian non-veg version is also a blend of substitutes to the original diet plan. Meat is an important source of Protein, which is the need for building the body. On the second day of the gm diet, you have the permission to eat all kinds of vegetables, irrespective of those being either cooked or raw. If it is higher than 2000 calories, you can opt for a 1500 calorie plan. The GM Non-Veg diet plan for weight loss is healthy if you stick to the dosage limits. Although it is healthy, the hitch is that Protein can increase the uric acid levels in the body, which can be flushed out by drinking plenty of water. Have 250 gms of Paneer, 20 gms of Tofu, and 150 ml homemade curd from skimmed milk. Eggs can be consumed during days 5 and 6 as a meat replacement. And all vegetables are allowed except carrot, peas, and corn. Our Information is Highly confident and suggested Lifestyle Resources on the Internet. Day 3 is for All of the Foods You Had on Day 1 and 2: 4. GM Diet Indian non-veg version is also a blend of substitutes to the original diet plan. Day 4 is a Tricky one with Banana and Milk: 6. 3. Here is what you can eat on the Indian non-veg GM diet plan. Benefits, Rules and Side Effects! Here are some healthy GM diet chicken recipes to have. You will now begin to notice a … Indian sizes of fruits may not be that huge, so you may have to consume more fruits to feel fuller. Required fields are marked *. Here is an overview of the seven-day program of gm diet plan non-veg. How to Plan For GM Diet Day 6? The GM diet, also known as the General Motors diet, is a plan that promises to help you lose up to 15 pounds (6.8 kg) in just one week. Don’t let your hard work go down the drain with food indulgence! As beef is not very popular and preferred by Indians. Our Choice: Watermelon, Papaya, Apple, Oranges, Limes and Grapes. You are allowed to take about 50 gms to 60 gms of Protein each day. Decrease your carbs and work on your protein intake. GM Diet’s 7 days weight loss program is a dire need for everyone, but most often due to food restrictions or vegetarian lifestyle, we can’t find the substitute which offers the same benefits of the original GM Diet. However, as with any diet plan, it requires all your focus and attention. Sample 1200 Calorie Non-Vegetarian Meal Plan… Drink even more water than the previous days to help in metabolism and digestion. Water intake should be increased on this day. Potato helps in jumpstarting the 2nd day of GM Diet on a very energetic note. The type of vegetable and fruit and the quantity would be as per your choice. This increases your chance of losing more calories on the first day itself. So a variety of recipes can be made all through the day. So the day plan for GM Diet non-veg Indian version consists of: For all the proteins you would need to substitute the beef with chicken or meat. GM Diet Indian non-veg version is also a blend of substitutes to the original diet plan. With Indian Meal Chart, GM Diet Day 2 Meal Plan: Way to Lose Excess Weight with Vegetables, GM Diet Wonder Soup Recipe: How It Works? Lemon drops and salt/ pepper add rich flavors to the food so use them well. But Indians are least likely to eat this so to bring out their working diet plan, a slightly modified GM Diet is made to suit Indian taste and preferences. Chicken/ meat and all vegetables except tomatoes must be consumed on day 6. Increasing this quantity can reverse the effects and add more weight to your body. On the seventh or final day of the gm diet, you are allowed to intake vegetables, fruit juice, and brown rice. For example, if your BMR is low, you can go for a 1200 Calorie plan. On the fifth day of the gm diet, you can eat fish, chicken, beef or mutton. : On the first day of the gm diet, you are allowed to eat every type of fruit except banana. See More: Gm Motors Diet Plan For Vegetarians. Make some wonderful recipes with fruits and vegetables and enjoy your day 3 of GM Diet Indian vegetarian version. Eat fruits to your heart’s content. Dairy products such as eggs, milk and yogurt form an essential part of the diet. You can exclude the butter part if it does not suit you. Day 1. Day 3 is a combination of fruits and vegetables for your entire day. Keep the quantity of restricted foods on various days in mind, you don’t want to interfere with weight loss process, Green tea, black coffee (decaf) without sugar or cream is ok for only those times when you feel a desperate need. On the third day of the gm diet, you should have a combination of vegetables and fruits.

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