There is no data for Palmitoleic Acid (PA). Consuming about one to two tablespoons of oils containing higher amounts of oleic acid per day should be enough to take advantage of its many health benefits. Grapeseed oil: 16 percent; It’s easy to find this acid in animal fats and certain oils. Verdict: Good basic oil, more suited to drier skin. When possible, choose high oleic acid foods and oils that are organic and as unprocessed as you can find. You can also use the oil to wipe down the grill and it makes a nice base for a sauce or a barbecue marinade. Our organic grapeseed oil is rich in Oleic and Linoleic acids. Available data suggests that 100 g of grape seed oil contains: 16.1% of monounsaturated fat, 69.9% of polyunsaturated fat, and 9.6% of saturated fat out of a total lipid of 100 g. The amount of trans fat is not available. Product used: Now Foods Jojoba Oil (~$12.81 per 118 mL = $0.11 per mL) Jojoba oil is a weird oil … 16.1 g of total monounsaturated fat, which includes 15.8 g of Oleic Acid (OA) 1. Roasting – Toss your veggies with grapeseed oil before roasting them to bring out the grapeseed oil’s mild, nutty flavor. It is known to be especially effective in repairing the sensitive skin around the eyes and in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. This oil is suitable for all skin types and will not aggravate acne due to its mild astringent properties. The oils were also high in oleic acid and low in saturated fat. Conclusion: Present investigations indicated that oil content, fatty acid composition and tocopherol constituents of grape seed show great variation among the genotypes. For this reason, this oil is a good choice for face products. The strongest negative correlation existed between linoleic and oleic acids (r = -0.834, P < 0.01). Grilling – Use grapeseed oil for coating your meat and brush it on your grilled veggies. Egyptian grape seeds presented different oleic acid content (≈28%) than others reported in oils from France, Italy or Spain (Lutterodt et al., 2011; El-Shami et al., 1992). Jojoba oil. GRAPE SEED OIL offers a high linoleic acid (Omega 6) content with nourishing properties and quick penetration into the skin. For having astringent effect, our organic grapeseed oil is also very suitable for oily and acne prone skins. It is a light oil that spreads well on the skin and is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy feel. It’s a little heavier than sunflower and grapeseed oil, but I didn’t really mind it. The most abundant fatty acid in the oils was linoleic acid, ranging from 66.0g/100g of total fatty acids in ruby red seed oil to 75.3g/100g of total fatty acids in concord seed oil. The oil composition is likely to be affected not only by the variety but also by the growing location, fruit maturity, and soil composition. It does not contain any cholesterol. Ruby red grape seed oil recorded the highest oxidative stability index of 40h under the accelerated conditions. It has a higher oleic acid content.

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