Saville's girlfriend told him that ought to be the cover. The source of those sculptures remained a mystery for about a week, until the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York cracked the case: It was one of theirs. So everyone was being unnaturally fast in the background." Usually it is a steel bar or rod that runs inside the neck, beneath the fingerboard. In their place: provocative, thoughtful covers like ANTI. Cover . A dual action (also known as two way or double expanding) truss rod is a more modern design and it is currently being used by some luthiers in lieu of the vintage single truss rod. A guitar neck made of wood is prone to bending due mainly to atmospheric changes, and the pull created by changing to a different gauge of guitar strings and/or different tuning. Heady stuff for an album of synth-pop. No pimps, no butterflies, just two dozen or so mostly African-American men and boys of all ages celebrating in front of the White House. 1. Lamar's idea was taking those close to him "around the world and letting them see things that I've experienced," such as the White House, where he met with Barack Obama, the first American president to embrace hip-hop. The artwork of the band's 2006 album, 10,000 Days, depicts a creepy, somewhat ancient-looking face with deep eyes. What have you been doing lately? The most banjoing-est band on Earth broke through in a huge way with Babel, its second album of hard-charging, old-timey American folk music as performed by a bunch of English guys in vests. Without a truss rod, the guitar's wooden neck would gradually warp (i.e. It grew in status and influence over the years, certainly helped in part by countless cool people wearing T-shirts depicting the record's mysterious cover. Album . The cover of the record counteracts how seriously the band takes itself and its music, depicting the band sitting on a bench (some of them are even smiling!) The symbol of a black star on white "has a sort of finality, a darkness, a simplicity, which is a representation of the music." When looking from the body of the guitar to the head, counterclockwise adjustment decreases the truss rod tension (correct an underbow) and clockwise adjustment increases the truss rod tension (correct an overbow). (Yeah, the cover is so tight it got its own launch party.). Of course, he's a river god, and soon his water overtook hers. Too much relief can make a neck feel floppy, slow and lifeless—while too little can make the strings buzz on the frets. In 100 Best Album Covers (via Diffuser), Beasties producer Rick Rubin said that while the album was being made, he read the salacious Led Zeppelin biography Hammer of the Gods. (To be fair, if you squint, you can see the rough shapes. Hipgnosis's other chief creative, Storm Thorgerson, wanted to reflect that tone (prominent in songs about destructive and empty promises, like "Welcome to the Machine" and "Have a Cigar") and mock the music industry by literally depicting the then-common expression, "I've been burnt," i.e., "ripped off." Another hint that Dre enjoys the sticky icky: the album's art suggests the packaging used on Zig-Zag rolling papers for decades. v.intr. (Or maybe, like most pop culture made by Jay-Z or not made by Jay-Z, it's about Beyoncé. The name of this album is Brothers" against a black background. Joy Division's debut album is a goth-rock classic, but it wasn't an immediate success. They're the kind one might find dangling from the flushing chain on an old-timey toilet — which is exactly where Fleetwood discovered them years earlier. Sure, Iron Maiden featured its monstrous Eddie the Head on stage and on album jackets, and the '70s/'80s soft rock/country group Pure Prairie League put a cartoon cowboy on the front of all its records. Similarly, when tightened, the truss rod straightens the neck by resisting string tension. Here are some famous album covers in which there's far more than meets the eye, which is to say they actually do have a point. Just two of the band's five musicians appear on the cover: singer Stevie Nicks and drummer Mick Fleetwood. It is similar to the standard guitar tuning, except that the d string is raised an entire octave.

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