Cost: 16MP. Forward and back aerials are both rather slow (with back aerial in particular being among the slowest of its kind), but they both deal respectably decent knockback, KOing at 100% and 85% respectively. As a result, Hero's results have been tame in comparison to his moveset's controversy, and he is mostly seen as a low-high or high-mid tier, but this is up for debate. Shielding or jumping will close the menu, canceling the move and allowing the Hero to open it again for a different set. Time slows after frame 41, giving victims about two frames to act. Hero for Men is one of International Eyewear’s most established and trusted brands. Notably, Nintendo France has also banned the Hero and DLC Fighters released after September 23rd, 2019 from future tournaments in their area[5], making Hero the first instance a character has been banned in Nintendo-run tournaments. Ultimate. As a Fighter Spirit, it cannot be used in Spirit Battles and is purely aesthetic. Hit 2 does 50.0 damage in the center or 35.0 damage on the outer hitbox. A spell with random effects, both positive and negative, and also can take the form of other Command Selection spells. If loading an existing save file that meets this condition prior to downloading Hero, he is immediately unlocked. It is invulnerable as soon as Hero starts to fly. Any number following the Smasher name indicates placement on the Fall 2019 PGRU, which recognizes the official top 50 players in the world in Super Smash Bros. Hero ... Kazap: Final hit does not occur on a blocking opponent. Cannot appear alongside Kaboom. The Hero's below-average frame data, alongside his high raw damage output and attacks' high knockback values, give him a limited combo ability, only having certain attacks like neutral aerial, up aerial, up throw, and down throw that can successfully generate true combos. Can also put Hero to sleep, turn Hero invisible, shrink Hero, or mushroom grow Hero. His access to his special moves is restricted by their reliance on MP. Frizz costs 6 MP to use. Heals Hero by 11%. Cost: 8MP, close/far/bolt / first/second bolt / "first/second/ While his Command Selection is very versatile, its random nature means that a desired spell is unlikely to be available. Gains 6.4 MP on hit and 7.616 MP on shield for the second. Zapple: A longer electric beam that is fired when the move is semi-charged. Luminary attacking Robin with his neutral aerial and Erdrick attacking Wario with his forward smash on Yggdrasil's Altar. Invulnerable for entire duration. Its grab range is short, being the second shortest in the game. Up aerial has the lowest lag out of any of the Hero's aerials and deals very low damage and knockback, enabling it to effectively initiate combos into itself or other moves, or even set up KO confirms at varying percentages. Using Kaclang in the air will grant the Hero a hitbox on his descent and allow him to move left and right until he lands. Can be charged to become, The Hero chooses between an impressive variety of four randomly-selected spells from a pop-up menu, even standing in a "thinking" position. The first hit of Hero's forward tilt grants invincibility to his left arm, head and left leg because of this shield's position, similar to Palutena's dash attack and back aerial. Damage received multiplied by 1.2. It also deals considerably high shield damage. Explosion frames 17—40. Frizzle costs 16 MP to use. Cost: 7MP. Increases the Hero's damage output by 1.6 times, knockback output by 1.1 times, and damage received by 1.2 times. This weakness may be exacerbated further through one of Hocus Pocus's effects (which makes him giant) as well as Oomph, which makes him suffer 1.2x damage when hit. It cannot be canceled once activated. Comparisons have been drawn between Command Selection and items, with the argument being that the unpredictable nature of both of them result in a less competitive environment, in which skill alone is not sufficient to win matches (coincidentally so as certain spells like Hocus Pocus grant abilities otherwise only found with items such as the Super Star and Timer). Based on the Hero's long-range standard sword attack from, Performs a two-handed downward slash in front of him, resembling. All variations of Zap (with the exception of the first half of Kazap) are disjointed hitboxes and not projectiles, meaning that they cannot be reflected or absorbed. Frame Data Notes. Lifts sword in front of him with a small smile. Additionally, Kazap has super armor frames, allowing it to resist oncoming attacks. Reaches out with his left hand. Note: All numbers are listed as base damage, without the 1v1 multiplier. A three-hit neutral attack, with the first two hits being slashes going straight up and straight down, and the final hit having him swipe his sword inward. Charizard is not announced in the loading screen. Cost: 1MP. Gains 4.8 MP once the opponent is thrown. Somewhat resembles, Thrusts his sword downward with one hand. This page was last edited on November 24, 2020, at 13:36. 12.0 9 11 -- -13 13—36(detector) Rising Falling. Random critical hits from Smash Attacks have also stirred conversation regarding Hero's skill factor, though not quite to the same degree as Command Selection. Starts with two charges, and resets to two after Hero is KOed. A flame projectile sent forward. The Hero possesses a unique MP Gauge, storing up to 100MP, which depletes whenever he uses a special move. The instant before the explosion pulls opponents in if they're close enough. The Hero is the third playable character to feature a non-playable character in the panoramic artwork with them, featuring Slime alongside him. If the body or hilt connects, Hero will gain 22.4 MP on hit and 15.456 MP on shield. However, it has noticeable ending lag, which doesn't grant it any true combos. Zap can be charged into Zapple, which grants even more range and damage while being a vertical KO move at high percentages, or Kazap, which results in a attack that sacrifices speed and range for power, being able to KO most opponents center stage at a mere 50%. So far the Hero has not received any significant buffs or nerfs in game patches; the majority of the changes made to the character have been bug fixes and other adjustments to align him with the rest of the cast. 1. Cost: 16MP. Slashes in front of himself, then behind himself. The Hero's smash attacks all share a unique perk: they have a 1/8 chance of striking with a critical hit, doubling their damage output and significantly increasing their knockback, allowing them to KO at extremely early percents. Arm invincibility on frame 10-11. Kafrizz: The strongest version of Frizz that appears when the move is fully charged. Mobile-friendly Frame Data for Hero in Super Smash Bros. Contrary to his weight class, the Hero sports a tall frame—in tandem with his sword—that gives his attacks more reach, yet renders him vertically susceptible to combos; additionally, he sports an above-average damage output and KO potential, giving him attributes similar to those typical of a heavyweight.

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