We make every effort to help you make an informed purchase decision by providing you with complete product information (including dimensions and lead-times) before you place your order. Probably the cheapest paint possible that is not mildew resistant. Also, when mold is present, and only if your furniture manufacturer recommends it, you should consider adding bleach to your cleaning compound, as discussed in the "Deeper Cleaning" section above. You can sign in to vote the answer. For stains, finger prints, sticky spots and heavy dirt, use pressure. Our wonderful selection of indoor and outdoor rocking chairs will take you back to simpler times of enjoying every little thing. Using firm, even strokes, begin washing the rocking chair. Buying high quality furniture will ensure many years of use, and is significantly less expensive in the long run. That's what I do with my patio furniture, and everything else outside. Never use powerful chemicals without first checking your care instructions, and even then, never at full strength. If you don't want to invest in covers, you could alternatively consider bringing the furniture to an indoor location during extended times you will not be using the furniture, or during particularly inclement times of year. There are also come compounds that will create a shield, or barrier, between the wood and the outdoor elements. If you've ever visited one of our famous Old Country Stores, you've probably relaxed for a minute or two on one of the many iconic outdoor wooden rocking chairs lined up on our front porch. Try a heavier duty cleaner like 'Awesome' from dollar store and very warm water. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. A well-known name when it comes to rocking chairs is the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. It could be mold coming through the finish of the paint. There will be no charges made before we do so. The landlord and a plumber have both tried fixing it with no luck. Mold is one of many environmental elements affecting outdoor furniture in humid areas of the country. If you have ever spent time in one of their chairs, you undoubtedly experienced the comfort and suiting pleasure they give. I thought about painting them over but that probably wouldn't work in the long run either. They have weathered a bit with lots of black spots. Clean rocker regularly, just like any other piece of wooden furniture, using furniture polish or a damp cloth. If you find a lower price online, call us. Outdoor Rocking Chair Care & Maintenance . However, some people want to maintain the original color of furniture for purely ascetic reasons. So please don't be fooled by marketers of rocking chairs with too-good-to-be-true prices - you can bet those are cheap because they are made of cheap wood. Finally, as noted before - before instituting any cleaning or refinishing procedure, always first test in hidden areas. If it is the bug poop scenario you can sand it and it should come off. Get your answers by asking now. If they are tiny, they might be what's called 'frass' (bug poop). So it gets back to what we said earlier - don't make the mistake of buying inexpensive furniture that requires constant repainting to keep it from rotting. The woven seat of a Cracker Barrel rocking chair is totally flat. Trouble is, they're not very well made rocking chairs, and they're not comfortable compared with many other rockers. Some outdoor woods, including teak, brazilian cherry, and robinia will benefit - again, only if you want to do this for purely ascetic reasons - if furniture is weatherproof, it does not need to be sealed to go outdoors. But back to the point of repainting: even high quality paint will eventually crack, peel or fade, and that that time, you can add another coat of paint, or touch up the paint you have. In some parts of the country, that is during pollen season - on the coast it may be the hurricane season, when furniture is exposed to majority of the annual blowing seabreeze in just a few weeks. The cost of covers will pay off in saved cleaning time over the years. In those cases, adding a small amount of bleach to the water and dishwasher detergent solution will lighten and further clean your furniture. After a couple of seasons on the porch, low quality furniture will often rot and break.

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