If you wish to use a subwoofer with stereo audio you should not connect it to a separate line output on your interface. If you have a passive subwoofer/speakers you would generally also be using an amplifier or home receiver to provide power to the speakers, so the stereo line outputs would go to the amplifier/receiver's L/R inputs. Noob question about connecting subwoofer to speaker system. The user guides for some of our larger interfaces will instruct you on how to set up in 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 for using multi-channel audio, but it is perhaps more common for customers to wish to mix in stereo with the aid of a subwoofer. If I connect it this way I believe the crossover knob on the sub is bypassed and I am then reliant on the speakers' decision. I have a pair of two speakers on my computer right now but I want a little more bass. However, usually the bridged wiring is labeled on the amp itself. connect after market subwoofer to home reciever, Why when I connect my subwoofer Yamaha YST SW215 with my speakers to my external soundcard, all I get is a low bass sound with no speaker sound. Step 3. Set your preamp or receiver to "Small" for your other speakers. If the subwoofer has two sets of spring clips (for speaker in and speaker out), then it means that other speakers connect to the subwoofer, which then connects to the receiver to pass along the audio signal. Avoid connecting the subwoofer with speaker wire. Need help connecting a subwoofer to a receiver without sub output, Connecting Logitech MX Sound 2.0 to subwoofer, Hooking up an active subwoofer to A/V receiver, Cross brand speakers and subwoofer connection. So aside from the subwoofer itself, you still need to consider some other factors before you do your set up so you can achieve best results. How do the headphone outputs work on the Scarlett 18i20? A subwoofer with speaker-level inputs is especially easy to connect to your older amplifier or receiver! If you find it in your device, that’s all about a direct input-output connection. Now, select Add Surrounds. Receivers With No Subwoofer Output. Connecting a subwoofer and speakers to an amp. Instead, you should connect the main line outputs you would otherwise be connecting to your pair of speakers, directly to the inputs on your subwoofer. Specifically, the subwoofer output may include the bass information from the front channels when those speakers can’t reproduce the bass frequencies. – The connections for the bridged subwoofer wiring depend on the amp. How to Connect a Powered Subwoofer. Solved! Select Room Settings. You should then connect the left and right outputs of the subwoofer to your monitor speakers. If you connect two speakers to one output in parallel, you won’t get any benefit. Step 2. One of these: Yeah, just need a cable to connect 3.5mm (mono) plug to most likely single or dual RCA plugs. Trying to Connect powered Mackie's to receiver. Step 4: Connect the Speakers The fundamental idea of using a subwoofer is that it can reproduce low frequencies. Parallel Parallel Parallel Well, first of all, there are two methods to connect more speakers. Select Settings. Is my Scarlett interface a 1st Gen, 2nd Gen or 3rd Gen? Many surround-sound home theaters and stereo receivers have an output designed for use with a ... Video of the Day. Connecting Logitech MX Sound 2.0 to subwoofer: Question Cross brand speakers and subwoofer connection: Solved! The subwoofer is hooked up to the receiver with a single interconnect cable. The best way to accomplish this is by using banana … The combination of bass information in the subwoofer output is determined by the bass management settings selected on the receiver. So I've got this semi-old JVC subwoofer in my basement. You must log in or register to reply here. How do I connect active speakers to an active speaker with no RCA output? Can I control multiple sets of monitors with my Scarlett/Clarett? Question Trying to Connect powered Mackie's to receiver. If you have further questions please Contact Support. Here is a diagram for setting up a common commercially available powered subwoofer. You should then connect the left and right outputs of the subwoofer to your monitor speakers. If you are using multi-channel audio where the audio being sent to the Sub or LFE is not already at full frequency range you will use the setup described in your unit's Manual. Question How do I connect active speakers to an active speaker with no RCA output? I will give the model number of the sub soon but I can't at the moment. Most home theater systemsuse subwoofers, but they are also known t… Step 3: Connect the Sub Output Port to the Amplifiers Input Now, connect the sub output to the input port from the amplifier. Head onto the back of your powered subwoofer and find the left and right high-level input ports. This means that the amplifier in the subwoofer receives the audio with the full frequency range and you can use the crossover dial/switch to control the frequency that is output from the subwoofer and the speakers.

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