In zones 7b through 8a, however, it’s only root hardy. You want to put about half a dozen seeds, about 1/4inch (5mm) deep in seed mix and then keep the soil moist. How to grow Mexican oregano plant Keep in mind, you have to divide Mexican oregano plants every 2-3 years if you plant them in a container. Then plant them 12 inches apart. They need moderate watering. When it comes down to propagation of Mexican oregano plant, there are two basic options available to the gardeners; Propagation by Seeds; Propagation by Cutting; Propagation by Seeds. Growing Mexican Oregano Plants. Mexican bush oregano (sometimes referred to as rosemary mint) can’t be grown everywhere. From Cuttings. From Seed – to grow Mexican oregano from seeds we would advise starting off indoors in seed trays. The leaves grow somewhat sparsely on the stems, so multiple plants are a good idea if you’re looking to use your plants frequently for cooking. This means that all the top growth will die back in the winter, with the roots surviving to put up new growth each spring. Remove about one-third of the leaves from the bottom of the stem. In fact, Mexican oregano hardiness falls between USDA zones 7b and 11. The roots aren’t … Using a clean, sharp knife or other cutting implement, cut an 8-inch stem of new-growth softwood. Growing Mexican oregano is very easy. Germination takes 10 – 14 days on average but will sometimes take a little longer. In order to propagate Mexican oregano plant by seeds, you must first acquire good quality seeds. In the early spring, dip out the plant and cut the half with a root ball. To grow Mexican oregano, there are 3 methods to grow it, they are growing with the seed, with the stem and division. In what ever method you need to grow it, just prepare your garden or container and fill with loamy soil, then sow the seed or plant the stem or the division. What is the best place to get Mexican Oregano seeds? The plants prefer full sun and need lots of space as they tend to spread out. If you are planning to grow Mexican oregano in containers, you will need a pot at least 12 inches wide and deep. If your friend has a Mexican oregano plant you can divide from his plant.

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