10. Thank you for sharing these ideas! If you make any using this instructable, please show us :D, 6 years ago So I needed smaller bags. Now open and apply glue along the flap. For example, you may want to use kraft paper or parcel paper to make a sturdy bag for holding something heavy. 6. I think I'll make tons of small decorative bags for my little gifts, thanks for sharing :D, 6 years ago A simple way to make creative and different paper bags for your small gifts. The image to the right doesn't show that the paper was actually turned on its side for the score lines. Now, push towards the bottom and pat on the flap so it will sit flat. 5. However, the smaller gifts were too small for these. Second, take just a piece of paper and work on that alone. Thank you very much, upcycle is the word! 2. Line the corner seams with the inside fold and press the down and flatten with bone folder. But it can be done this way too. And? Fold the ends over at the top of the cone and secure with a staple if you like. Cut along the bottom, near the end of the paper. Glue inside. This is perfect time to step into paper bag making business because of the ban imposed on use of plastic bags in various states of India. Add your small gift, put some tape on, a string and that’s it. This will be the seam for your small paper bag and it looks a lot nicer if the seam is in the middle instead of off to the side. About 2,5 cm’s from the bottom will be enough. Decorated papers should be faced down. Then, turn your paper to the landscape position or on it's side so it's wider than longer. Then glue along the side you want to be your bottom part. Or, if you’re in a hurry like me, just grab your iron and press it down with heat. Make sure that it's a rectangle. Very smart! Don't waste! Remember... you can use these as gift bags too! Fold the bottom portion at the 6 and a quarter fold line straight up and put your finger into the corner of the small paper bag to create a point. Now grab your creative scissors. and you published at the perfect time. Because you can use these as gift bags. While holding on to one corner of the paper bring the other corner up and around the apex of the triangle. Choose and gather your materials. But I ended up preferring the patterned ones. (P.S. Turn your paper on its side and score at 6 and and a quarter inches. Cut a large triangle from baking parchment. I want it to look more like the store bought one. The fold should be creased sharply. However, you should think about the bag’s purpose when choosing a type of paper. So I decided to put them to good use. Copyright © 2009-2020 Craft A Project All rights reserved. In this instructable I used white thin A4 paper. #addSiteTo{width:90%;font-size:85%;text-align:center;padding:8px 0;border:1px solid #000;margin:12px auto}#addSiteTo p{padding:2px 2px 4px;margin:0}#addSiteTo img{border:0;padding:1px 0}#addSiteTo .questionMark{padding:0;margin:1px auto;text-align:center;width:75%}#addSiteTo .questionMark img{margin:0 4px 4px 0;padding:0}. Make sure there is a margin underneath of about a centimeter. Lay it down and crease the sides well. Fold on all the score lines except for the one inch score line at the bottom that is above the 6 and a quarter score line. 12. You will never need to run out to the store and hunt down a paper bag for your last minute gift. Fold in half, but not all the way through. I had these awesome brown paper bags to wrap my gifts at the craft fair. So I decided to put them to good use. Then score it again at 5 and a quarter inches. Depending on what kind of paper bag you want to make, you want to keep in mind what you want it to look like, how sturdy it is, and whether or not you'd like it to have a handle. Next, turn your pattern over. Follow me: https://www.facebook.com/elotopia http://instagram.com/elotopia, Lady Gaga Cosplay - 2020 VMA's Halloween Costume. Fold your paper so the edges over lap slightly centering the seam of the paper in the center. I chose this zig zag pattern. - Decoration material (I chose ink and some watercolors which are not pictured). Or better yet, pull the bottom part of the paper bag back... refer to photo or video. But, if you are using snail adhesive or a runner type of adhesive you will want to wait to put the adhesive on until step three. And now cut along the top and you’re ready to go! Just have fun and be creative. I used the old «fold in half and cut along the crease» method. And apply some glue to the inside of the fold. You can use any type of paper to make a bag. And I'd say that you're gifted! If you are using sticky tape or the kind of adhesive I am using run adhesive down the right side of the paper. It's a very good idea, even for bigger gifts. Now, fold back the side of the bottom flap. You will never need to run out to the store and hunt down a paper bag for your last minute gift. Try to get the adhesive as close to the edge (without going over the edge) of the paper. on Introduction, Reply And, once you make your first one you will be making these in all sizes and colors. The paper should be placed in landscape orientation or long sides up and down; short sides to the left and right. And let’s work lengthwise. on Introduction, No mistakes, you've explained it beautifully! ), I made both versions! But I want to make it even better. I had a problem! Choose a material to work with. However, the smaller gifts were too small for these. I used inks and watercolors and I hung them to dry overnight. But please experiment, you can use anything you like: stamps, pencils, pens, just be creative with it. It's easier if you use both hands:). YAHOO! Great looking gift bag! Government is taking necessary steps in educating people about hazards of plastics and related materials, and in many states of India we see that use of paper carry bags have overtaken plastic bags. I also happened to have a lot of these paper sheets lying around. You can make paper bags out of just about any type of paper you want, including: brown kraft paper, patterned scrapbooking paper, and wrapping paper. Some turned out great, some not so much. First of all, decide what would you like your paper bags to look like: Plain or patterned? Then the bottom edge of the paper should be folded (2inches). I had these awesome brown paper bags to wrap my gifts at the craft fair. On the top flap the adhesive should go from the corner down to the score line and them across the top. Now you have a nice packet. If the paper is not the right size, cut it down. 8. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); A small paper bag is very simple to make! It's like folding your paper in thirds. 4. And, you will see that these are top- notch and very inexpensive! 10 Steps to make a Paper Bag. Did you make this project? Cute! I also happened to have a lot of these paper sheets lying around. 6 years ago I'm sorry if I made mistakes.). Since I can’t decide (ever! About: Just a random utopic girl. Here are a few simple steps on how to make a paper bag: Step 1: Gather Paper and Supplies. But first you should probably let the glue dry for a while. Because you can use these as gift bags.. And, you will see that these are top- … I could have done this easily before gluing the side, but I forgot. You'll need scissors, glue, a ruler, and a pencil to help you assemble the bag Coloured or patterned craft paper is ideal for this project. This will be the bottom of your small paper bag. on Step 10, And I forgot to say, nice pictures and very nice. Share it with us! You can make paper bags any size with this simple technique. 7. On the bottom flap you will want to put the adhesive on the corner up to the score line. 3. I had to trim my sheet lines since I didn’t want any of them to show. And, once you make your first one you will be making these in all sizes and colors. I can’t wait to see the ones you’ve made. Open up your small paper bag and push out the bottom. Don’t forget to press down! Cardstock is not recommended, however, because it is too stiff. on Introduction. 11. Now, the only reason I am doing it with one hand is because I have the camera in the other hand. Place the adhesive in the areas shown. 5 years ago I'm wrapping up my Christmas presents now. Don’t forget to press down! A small paper bag is very simple to make! Remove the tape liner from the adhesive and fold on the exsisting score lines. Place the cut out paper in front on a flat surface. On the sides you will need to push the middle score line in and line up the two othe side score lines. on Step 10, Reply Now open up your bag untill it is back to being flat.

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