It would have been PR suicide to take action against a charitable campaign upholding a fundamental Olympic principle. Also, you mustn’t try to give the impression that you are an official sponsor of the event, a supplier to it or in any way associated with it if you are not. Celtic Manor resort owner Sir Terry Matthews was quoted saying "it's just disgraceful that genuine backers of the event can be usurped in such a fashion". Even though it includes no definitions, the provisions relating to ambush marketing have not even been debated so far; the limitation of commercial speech going without comment. This blog originally appeared on the LeonFarrSport Blog. Major sporting events are now often accompanied by specific domestic legislation, including the imposition of "clean zones" banning all unauthorised advertising within a certain radius of the venue(s). To prevent ambush marketing occurring in and around the sport stadia themselves, event organisers may negotiate contractual terms obliging stadia owners to take a proactive approach to preventing ambush marketing by fully controlling advertising in the vicinity. While in England there is no law to prevent “ambush marketing” for EURO 2020, there is a Bill before Parliament for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games in 2022. They’re likely to be protected by trademarks and even if they are not, they will have a strong reputation and will therefore be protected by the laws of passing off. The initiative is to prevent ambush marketing of Pepsi’s sponsorship. Ambush marketing – also known as coat-tail marketing or predatory ambushing – is the practice of hijacking or coopting another advertiser’s campaign to raise awareness of another company or brand, often in the context of event sponsorships. However, the Ryder Cup has hitherto been unable to command enough global influence to warrant the passing of specific legislation. While in England there is no law to prevent “ambush marketing” for EURO 2020, there is a Bill before Parliament for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games in 2022. The main difference between the two ends of the scale is the amount and value of the intellectual property associated with them. Time to End Ambush Marketing. When you look at the amount of work that went into the erection of the sign, it is difficult to … It covers any attempt to try and associate yourself with an event when you’re not authorised to do so. Some people will jump on the bandwagon of some events and get away with it, while someone else tries it once and gets caught. For the latest article in his marketing series, Grid Law founder David Walker returns to explain the legalities of ambush marketing and how small business owners can ensure they remain on the right side of the law. Primary among the steps necessary to protect against ambush marketing is to ensure that the event organizers have effectively protected, usually via trade mark registration, the principal visual identifiers of the event, from the names and logos to the obligatory mascot and merchandise… Although Emirates was the official airline partner, Lufthansa gained a large amount of exposure as a result of the stunt and subsequent marketing campaign. In fact, the term “ambush marketing” landed sixth in the Global Language Monitor’s “Top Words of 2010,” solidifying its reputation as an emerging marketing method. At the other end of the scale are seasonal events and celebrations. Who controls the surrounding land? This is the second in a two-part series examining ambush marketing and the challenges of effective rights enforcement for Sports Rights Owners (SROs). For example, the café of a gym I belonged to would often offer special snacks and smoothies named after particular events or the athletes taking part in them. We could spend a fortune on this, so when an opportunity arises to catch their attention for free, we jump on it. Of course, by then, Paddy Power had gained widespread exposure including spectators and a television audience of millions. At least then, Emirates would have been in a position to respond appropriately and strengthen their campaign. They were also gifted the opportunity to transport the players to the tournament due to landing restrictions on Emirates. Major sports events: how to prevent ambush marketing 41 global.5 Although many have sought to define it accurately they have all encountered the problem of its legality. American Apparel can legitimately argue that, unlike most ambush marketers, they did not seek to latch on to the goodwill of the Sochi Games. To explain why, let’s look at the two ends of the scale, before we tackle the grey area in the middle. AMERICAN APPAREL - SOCHI WINTER OLYMPICS 2014. provided you comply with general principles of advertising and marketing. Special legislation was enacted to prevent any unauthorised associations with it. Establishing strong communication channels with the local council and neighbouring landowners at an early stage may have helped prevent the ambush. In general, it’s very difficult to prevent ambush marketing – especially when you or your sponsor if facing a by-association-campaign. Some activities such as the packaging companies use for their products may be difficult to control but other things such as use of advertising space around venues during events, may be easier to manage. This practice is known as “ambush marketing” and it’s often thought of as the battle ground between big brands over big events such as the Olympics or football World Cups. As a lawyer, I’ve seen too many of these opportunities backfire on businesses and I don’t want that to happen to you. to prevent ambush marketers from com-promising their brand identity and the integ-rity of their sponsors’ brands. This would be misleading and misleading advertising can be a criminal offence. (For more on this, see my previous article – Promoting your business: The line between impact and illegality). So, as a business owner, what can you do to join in the celebrations? Non-sponsor American Apparel agreed to manufacture some of the clothing for the campaign, and in doing so achieved a strong  association with the Games. A report recently published by the Global Advertising Lawyers’ Alliance (GALA1) shows, with respect to the current millennium, a significant increase of the practice of ambush marketing in relation to … Rule 40 restricts athletes and others from openly endorsing a brand that is not an official sponsor of the Olympic Games, shortly before and during the Games, in advertisements, social media and on personal blogs.

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