Install a Safe. Some remote monitoring systems also allow you to turn specific security features on or off with a simple touch of a button. Motion lights are great for homeowners, so why not use them for your business too? Victims of mass marketing frauds are lured with false promises of significant cash prizes, goods, services, or good works, in exchange for up-front fees, taxes, or donations. Alarm systems for such risks should be provided with line security to prevent compromises of the system. Small Business Crime Prevention Guide. Skylights and other roof openings, transoms over doors, and air vents should be protected by a grille or burglar bars, or otherwise secured. You can also choose motion-activated cameras that will instantly turn on as soon as they detect anything moving. Choose from easy options to pay your bill, View your Proof of Insurance card from anywhere. 5. Windows are sometimes an easy access point for burglars so consider installing locks on the windows too. Most business burglaries occur after hours when the sun goes down. 3. A quick and effective response to cyber incidents is critical to minimizing the resulting harm and for expediting recovery. The combination should be changed on a regular basis. Padlocks used to secure sidewalk and basement openings, fence gates, and grilles should be of substantial construction and have hardened shackles to resist sawing or cutting. The Lighting Handbook, published by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, provides information on lighting systems and recommended illumination levels. A sign indicating that the premises are protected by a burglar alarm system should be posted in a conspicuous location. Opt for extra loud alarms that scare burglars away before they can take off with your inventory, assets, and other goods. With all the blood, sweat, tears and, of course, money, that goes into starting and maintaining a business there is nothing more important than security. A pan-tilt-zoom camera works well if you want to scour the area around your building. You … You can also put glass breaks on doors and windows where a burglar may try to enter. Burglary-Resistant Safes. Side and rear doors should be of solid-wood or steel construction and installed in reinforced steel frames. A high-quality security system pays for itself by eliminating the need to pay salaries for security guards. This service usually utilizes an app that connects to your cameras remotely. Procedures should be established for collecting keys from terminated and/or departing employees. All equipment should be marked with a serial number or other identification. With the right support, any dream is possible! Outward swinging doors should have hinges with non-removable pins. Much like the cameras mentioned prior, these lights will instantly illuminate as soon when any movement is detected. 4. Side and rear doors should be provided with supplemental protection, such as an iron gate, police bar, or four-point locking device. If not, you'll need to create a My Account for 24/7 access to your claim. The standard, ASTM F-567, Practice for the Installation of Chain-Link Fence, published by the American Society for Testing and Materials, provides requirements for the installation of chain link fencing. Likewise, building alcoves and overgrown foliage could provide the burglar with cover to work without fear of being seen. If there is a premises alarm system, the anticipated response by the police or alarm company personnel, assuming the system cannot be compromised (i.e., turned off). Hollow-core wood doors or panel doors should be replaced or be reinforced on the inside with sheet steel panels. CP-61-10. A walk around the property should be taken, before leaving, to see if everything appears normal. Research into the crime indicates that burglars look for places that offer the best opportunity for success. Protecting Your Business, Not finding what you're looking for? Window displays should be arranged to provide for visibility into the premises. Hasps should also have a hardened staple and be solidly mounted. Side and rear windows should be protected with ironwork, such as burglar screens or bars, installed on the inside behind the glass. While bars installed on the exterior may serve as a deterrent, they are more easily attacked by the burglar; installed on the inside, however, the bars are harder to attack - the burglar would have to break the glass before attacking the bars or their attachment hardware. Head to our loss control and risk management page to learn more ways to protect your business. Keys are subject to being lost or stolen, resulting in a situation where an unauthorized person may have access to the locked premises. By setting up secure control points, you can gain better control over who is allowed in and out of your business at all times. Replace your current locks with extra-strong locks made of steel and thick, heavy-duty components. 1. Windows should be kept clear so that the view into and out of the premises is not obstructed. Try heavy grates made of metal to cover your windows if the business is located in a high-crime area. As soon as the glass breaks or shatters, it will trigger a loud alarm and notify your security monitoring company. Larger merchandise can be secured in a security cage or other enclosure. Jersey City, NJ: ISO Services, Inc., 2008. Make sure that only authorized employees have access to keys for your building. The remote monitoring option isn’t available with every service, so shop around until you find a company or camera that provides it. The number of people with access to the safe or vault combination should be kept to a minimum. This staple passes through the hole, and it is secured with a padlock. Simply adding this layer of security can often deter potential robberies and break-ins from happening in the first place. Austin, TX: TDI, 2010. Your business is important to your livelihood and to your employees, so it’s essential that you can protect your assets from criminals. The alarm system should be tested regularly and maintained properly. Some basic questions to ask include: The next step is to look at the business as if through the eyes of a burglar. For businesses at high risk to burglary, such as jewelers, or where the values are high, the safe/vault alarm system should be monitored separately from the premises alarm system (i.e., by a different central station alarm company). 2. Is it obvious that there is cash or valuable merchandise stored inside the premises? For a discussion of these classifications, see Crime Prevention Report CP-61-10, Burglary-Resistant Safes. The right type and class of safe should be chosen for the values to be protected. This latch uses a strip of metal on a hinge with a hole on the other end. If you want to protect your business from break-ins, it’s a great idea to invest in a safe. Trim trees and bushes so that burglars won’t have anywhere to hide without being noticed. A study by Temple University found that, in 50 percent of commercial burglaries, entry was gained through a door. With high-definition cameras, motion detectors, and remote access, you can easily keep tabs on your business after hours. The information contained in this publication was obtained from sources believed to be reliable. A high-quality security system pays for itself by eliminating the need to pay salaries for security guards. 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