How to Read Ukulele Tabs the Painless Way One of the hardest things for me to wrap my head around was learning was how to read tablature for guitars and ukuleles. Luckily, you don’t need to be able to read music to play your ukulele — you can play chords just by looking at the pictures. It's easy to find chords to strum along to, but when you want to, let's say, fingerpick, you're taking a journey into uncharted territory. They are read from left to right. How to Read Ukulele Tabs. Fortunately, once you get the hang of it, it proves surprisingly straightforward to read and write ukulele tablature (a.k.a. Here’s some blank ukulele tab (we’re taking this nice and slow). They start off with the basics then move on to the more advanced stuff. A chord diagram shows you exactly which finger you need to put where in order to play a certain chord. A chord diagram represents the top five frets of the […] Now, depending on which string line the number is on, you get to know what string to play the fret on. Whether you want to jam out to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” or “Hey Jude,” you need to become familiar with how to read ukulele tabs. You’re already well on the way to learning how to read ukulele tab. When searching for music arrangements on the Internet you’ll often find them in tab (or tablature or tabulature) form. I wanted to create a complete overview of reading ukulele tab, so I’ve written a number of posts covering the subject. Press the G string down onto the third fret and pluck the string. Remember that 0 means an open string. Ukulele tab comprises of numbers and lines. You just learned the secret to reading ukulele tabs. The second thing you need to know about how to read ukulele tabs is the frets. Strumming: DDUUDU / {the * Means A Single Strum Down.} To read the tab, first look at which string line the number is on. Then use your left hand to stop that string in the fret that matches the number shown. This tab is telling you to pick the 3 rd fret, which is on the A-string one time. Putting it Together: How to Read Ukulele Tabs Using a Melody. tab). Pretend that you see a ukulele tab with the number 3 on the bottom line. Here’s an excerpt from a song, Lovely Evening. If you didn’t already know that, I’d imagine that this is a bit of a lightbulb moment for you. {the First Line, Second FM Should Be DU With A Down Strum On F If That Makes Sense} {Unus Annus, Memento Mori} / [F, FM, F, FM] / F* FM How to Read Ukulele Tab. Those 4 horizontal lines relate to the strings on your ukulele. Grab your ukulele again! How to Read Ukulele Tabs: Putting Basic Elements Together. That’s it! Part One – The Basics: frets and strings, tab for chords.

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