A representative for Great Lengths told Allure they do not offer at-home removal kits, so you’ll likely need to ask your stylist how to get one or see if the stylist has other options. Soft gel removal will be familiar: file, soak, then lift off the product. The extensions are applied on top and underneath that hair, a technique Tran refers to as the “sandwich” method. The silk wefts are sewn into those tracks. There, all done. If you’re removing soft gel, the aim is to remove just the top coat — the shiny part of your nail polish — so that the acetone can work its way into the inner layers more effectively. The easiest way to start would be with your dominant hand first. The key is to keep your fingers soaked in acetone to remove the gel extensions. Hard gel is not removable by acetone. Welch explained to someone who lives with Hawn how to remove the extensions after sending an at-home removal kit to Hawn, which included a small pair of scissors to cut the thread, pliers to remove and unclamp the beads, and a bag to store the hair, which is reusable and lasts up to a year. “It’s like gold these days. President Trump extended the initiative to April 30, to slow the spread of the virus, although Surgeon General Jerome Adams believes social distancing guidelines will extend into May. Don’t overdo it. Depending on the extension, there are a few options. This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur. “If you have somebody who can help you, that would be the best way to go. “The tool literally looks like a set of pliers, which seems very scary. Here’s the problem: If you’re quarantined by yourself, the struggle is very real. But we are in very extreme circumstances and it is coming up with my own clients,” says Welch, whose clientele includes Goldie Hawn. 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However, if you have soft gel or soak-off gel nails, you will be able to remove the polish with acetone. Individual bonded extensions are popular because they are so versatile when it comes to styling. Don’t start from the top and run it through,” says Tran. But at desperate times come desperate measures. The key is to fully saturate the band and massage the product in. Use a clarifying shampoo and then a good mask. Then it’s time to put some elbow grease into it with a wooden cuticle stick (not a toothpick). That’s not advisable. Now your texting talons can brave another day. All rights reserved. “Start from the bottom [of the hair] and work your way up. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes for the gel to unlatch itself from your nails. “If you live alone and don't have help, you are going to have to use your sense of touch [to remove sew-ins],” says Porsche. Use nail clippers to take off the embellishments, or remove them with your fingers if possible. Lee suggests exfoliating your scalp. Colorist and extension expert Kacey Welch specializes in silk weft sewn-in extensions. Then, slowly take your scissors to cut the thread that’s attached to the weft of hair — not the weft itself. [1] X Research source These include things like jewels or other bling on top of your gel nails that need to be removed before soaking them. “While you are waiting for the quarantine to be over, I would suggest very low manipulation to your hair,” says Porsche. If you’re at the six-week mark, I would say hold out as long as you can and try to reassess the situation one month from now,” says Welch. If you’re by yourself, the best thing you can do is just keep using whatever brush your stylist recommended you brush your hair with, brush your hair very gently, and make sure your extensions are not tangling at your root area.”. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. The key is to keep your fingers soaked in acetone to remove the gel extensions. To keep your hair from matting or tangling, it’s essential to thoroughly brush your hair daily. “You need to push away any hair that’s surrounding the bond, get it out of the way, put the solution on the bond, and then you use, for lack of a better word, the plier-looking tool to break up the bond. Alternatively, a single weft of hair can be applied alone to a section of your real hair using the tape with a backing placed underneath to seal it in place. “If we're quarantined for six months, God save us all. “Once you get to the back, you will need to either use a mirror to see, or you can feel along the weft to ensure you are only cutting the thread,” says Porsche. For whatever reason, when it’s wet, it makes the bond harder and it doesn’t break up as easily. They have a store on Amazon and there is a removal solution and tool you can purchase that does work [if you need to take] desperate measures,” says Lee. “A lot of people think, Oh, if I get my hair wet and put a ton of conditioner on it and then put on the solution, it will slide right out. “I did a FaceTime consultation with the two of them and walked them through step by step to properly remove the extensions,” said Lee. “The Kacey Welch Method can last up to 12 weeks. If there are still more stubborn spots, soak a new cotton pad with acetone and wrap it around the nail again with aluminium foil for another 10 minutes. My favorite is obviously In Common [a brand Lee co-created with her salon partner], but any mask you have at home, put it on, let it sit, let it chill. For your daily updates on all things luxury, follow us at, If cult-favourite gin Monkey 47 is your drink of c, All-new pieces as part of Alessandro Michele's fir, Did you know? Leftovers are usually around the sides and cuticle areas, so be extra careful when removing it. You’re basically spreading it into your own hair so it will be slippery.” This makes it easier to comb through. But it’s a service that requires a professional for both installation and removal, as the bonds are more difficult to break up and take out. If you have a set of hard gel nails, you’ll only be able to ‘remove’ the colour by filing it down into a thin translucent layer and waiting for the rest of the nail to grow out. If [the comb] doesn’t go through, add a little more [of the product]. The good news is that tape-ins are typically the easiest to remove because of how gentle the application process is on the hair. Remove any embellishments on your nails using nail clippers. Let’s get this out of the way: In the grand scheme of things, there are bigger fish to fry than hair extensions. She suggests your hair be 100 percent dry so you can easily make the distinction between your natural hair and the extension hair when cutting and unclamping. Depending on your hairstylist’s technique, it is possible that she may have sewn your hanging braids together with thread or she could have fed your hair into the next braid, or they could have crocheted the braids into each other. By the end of 15 minutes, the gel extensions should loosen up. “If you have a full or partial sew-in and your hair has grown out, some of the things you would need are small scissors, a mirror, clips to hold back the hair, and a trash bin.”.

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