Before or after killing O&S. An additional way to save Solaire is, after killing the Centipede Demon, hit Solaire to make him hostile (Don't kill him) and proceed through Lost Izalith normally. Save Solaire Without Chaos Covenant. by ICEFANG on Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:16 am Now I'm quite sure many of you just switch covenants as they please, but as a dragon, I don't want to farm for 100 scales every time I switch, so I did some testing and found, it is completely possible to save Soliare without being in the Chaos Covenant. Play Download. Xbox 360 Nintendo Switch PC PlayStation 4 Xbox One. save hide report. I am on a SL1 char that is DarkWraith 2. This thread is archived. Continue on with the game, after you kill the sunlight maggot, go back to Anor, (yes, he'll still be there), talk to him, and he'll move to the sunlight altar and his story will go on. She had also already given me fire tempest from killing BoC. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. 81% Upvoted. Dark Souls. Do not talk to him in Anor. best. Sort by. I have killed BoC and have a +5 acended pyro glove from Quelana. Rescue Solaire Without Chaos Servant Covenant (Lost Izalith Shortcut Sunlight Maggot) 4:19 5.93 MB. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Remastered: Rescue Solaire Without Chaos Servant Covenant (Lost Izalith Shortcut Sunlight Maggot) 5:14 7.19 MB. Play Download. I just opened Lost Izalith shortcut without being in Chaos covenant which is what I understood to be the only way to do so. Also I … I don't want to lose my points in warriors of sunlight. 14 comments. Is Chaos Covenant required to save Solaire? Kill the bugs, then return to Solaire and proceed through his quest line. This is one end to the story of Solaire. Save Solaire without the Chaos Servant Covenant. It is possible to kill the required Chaos-Bug without opening the shortcut first if you use Poison Mist, Toxic Mist, Dark Fog or the White Dragon Breath through the door. Can you save Solaire without entering the covenant? I have found that you can still save him without joining the chaos covenant. Saving Solaire without the Chaos Covenant. share. This will not require you to join the Daughter of Chaos covenant, and can be done by any character.

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