Make a point of establishing the answer to questions like: is it possible to contribute to other libraries? Shooting for Stock Photography Sites A Post By: Natalie Denton (nee Johnson) Love them or hate them image libraries are a great way of generating an extra revenue stream, and because the websites don’t discriminate against people who aren’t classed as ‘professional photographers’, advanced enthusiasts and amateurs have just as much chance of selling as the pros. A clear, strong emotion as a dominant theme will enable an image to be used for a number of different scenarios. Earlier we warned about excessive artiness, but you can flex your creative muscles a bit more with images of the natural world. That’s why stock images that illustrate emotions tend to be fantastic sellers, because while social norms and political establishments change, the range of human emotions tends to stay the same. If the download rate is poor or there is a vast quantity of similar frames then it is probably not worthwhile submitting large quantities to this area. 12 Tips for Shooting Simple Stock Photos That Sell. The emotion here is tension, and it’s recognised immediately because you’ve kept the composition simple. Good keywords shouldn’t make assumptions about what could happen in a situation (such as ‘divorce’ on a photo of an arguing couple) but they can be conceptual – for instance, terming a frosty landscape ‘winter’. Although it doesn’t zoom, it has better glass than a kit lens, and creates sharper images. Recent author and tutor too. Ask what pictures they come across in their work. If you think of traditional high-street businesses, the successful retailers usually specialise in one thing, be it shoes, greeting cards, phones… you name it. The best camera for beginners in 2020: perfect cameras for learning photography. Getting that quote in advance not only saves you money long-term, but it helps you to plan these inevitable legal headaches into your budget.”. It’s a handy setting for stock photography in particular since you’ll want to give buyers as many options and as much variety as possible. This will display the most sought after images, allowing you to gauge the level of talent you are up against. One misuse of an image, and a complaint by the model can erase any profits you’ve made from it. The best tip for that, of course, is to shoot as much as you can to develop your eye. A bright picture is attention-grabbing. But don’t start listing every city you know in Texas. Before starting any stock photography business, you need to decide what you are going to be photographing. You need this form to protect you, should the model change their mind at a later date. Is the theme still really obvious? Darktable: Is This Free Lightroom Alternative Right for You? “The best thing to do is work out a flat rate with a lawyer on how to deal with these situations before they ever arise,” he says. This will get you reprimanded. Instead, they’ll scan your shots on a contact sheet, and if they can’t immediately tell what’s going on with the shots, they’re more than likely going to end up in the bin. Create a database to help keep track of the images you have submitted to which sites and under what terms and conditions. think of the natural world as a canvas – a base on which to make illustrative points. They look at what I shoot and try to duplicate that, but what they don’t realise is that they’re putting themselves in a line of competition that is so tough, they won’t get many sales.”, You can find niches everywhere, “through special access and knowledge you could do better than pros like me. Also, never give your image a keyword that’s a common search phrase, such as ‘romance’, if it doesn’t apply. Some libraries display lists of required and non required images with the submission guidelines. If you want to photograph a football team, why not just approach a local Sunday league team and ask to shoot their next match? Even though he’s currently selling two million images a year, he’s adamant that a stock photographer just starting off – or even an amateur shooter – should anticipate a legal challenge every couple of years. If your subject is still classed as a child, only their legal guardian can sign the model release form. Every single photographer who makes five to six digits a year selling stock photography invests heavily in marketing. Images with lots of ‘negative space’ will appeal to retailers, but also to greetings card companies – these are among the biggest and most consistent buyers of stock. Dated technology is as obvious as dated clothes and news stories. While spending money on ads might be one way of promoting yourself, marketing your particular area of expertise is a better way to achieve a good following and sales. However, it typically doesn’t offer the best quality, so it's best to invest in a prime lens. Your Guide to Photography User Agreements. Clients won’t use an image that has corporate branding everywhere. Decided to go full time after 500 total images for sale on Shutterstock. The design community is one of the largest demographics buying from these sites, so ask yourself what a designer would want from an image. While many stock photos are well-lit and feature (extremely) happy people, you may find a niche that needs a darker environment to portray a less sunny, more complex idea. People are best used large in the frame to express a mood or concept – check out annual reports and other types of corporate literature. Natalie Denton (nee Johnson) is the former editor of Digital Photographer magazine, and is now a freelance journalist and photographer who has written for dozens of photography and technology magazines and websites over the last decade.

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