Introduction of the Problem The main aim of Professional development is influencing the students’ results. Whole of the comment is in the hands of leader and he is the supervisor. Excerpt from Essay : Introduction Leaders have combination of styles that enable them to successfully inspire and guide their employees. Culture is influenced by leadership style and consequently, leadership style affects organizational performance. Differences between directive and supportive leadership styles. Introduction to Leadership Development Leadership development entails nurturing, encouraging, incubating, and mentoring prospective leaders. This study is an exploration of the Principals Leadership Styles – Part 1 . According to Baldwin (2008), leaders must be able to take their followers towards a direction they may not have pursued without the influence of the leader (pg. Democratic leaders encourage group participation in all decision making. In addition to these leadership functions, there are three different leadership styles. Leadership Concept And Leadership Styles Management Essay INTRODUCTION LEADER ... An autocratic leadership style is a centralised authority style which involves leader has all the powers like decision making and does lots of interference in team work. A leadership style is a leader's method of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. Various authors have proposed identifying many different leadership styles as exhibited by leaders in the political, business or other fields. Research has identified a variety of leadership styles based on the number of followers. Successful leaders can drive productivity and creativity while at the same time improve their business line. Leadership Styles. 236). This sample comparative essay discusses effective leaders, and how they are able to get their team members to accomplish tasks and achieve goals.. They work hard to build consensus before choosing a course of action and moving forward. Keyword: leadership style, transformational leadership, situational leadership, postsecondary education, online instruction INTRODUCTION There are many leadership styles represented LQ KLJKHU HGXFDWLRQ 6SHFL¿FDOO\ WKHUH DUH D variety of leadership styles used by online college instructors. Studies on leadership style are conducted [by whom?] Introduction Leadership style is designed according to a pioneer 's behaviors, which is enveloped under behaviorist theory. The most appropriate leadership style depends … Review of Literature Leadership Styles: Leadership is a social influence process in which the leader seeks the voluntary participation of subordinates in an effort to reach organization goals10. Inside of this class, distinctive examples of leadership behavior are watched and classified as leadership styles. Being a good leader does not necessarily mean you have to be liked. According to Research by asaecenter, leadership style is the way a person uses power to lead other people. A leader can be defined as a person

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