Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kasi nais ko na sana maging legal ang paghiwalay namin. Conceivably, there may even be no sexual intercourse to constitute infidelity? If your wife has proven that you have abandoned her without justification, her penalty is lessened to arresto mayor in its maximum period and prision correctional in its minimum period. © 1990-2020 DeBorja, Lamorena and Duano Law Offices. The woman you are suing is married to you. Adultery is punishable by imprisonment of Prision Correcional in its medium and maximum period ( range of 2 years, 4 months and 1 day to 6 years imprisonment). For the man, a wife has to prove that the act is scandalous to constitute concubinage. - Bail is the security given for the release of a person in custody of the law, furnished by him or a bondsman, conditioned upon his appearance before any court as required under the conditions hereinafter specified. However, once the ceremonies are over and the fairy tale ends, there are some grim realities that beset unfortunate married couples. Unfaithfulness is also punishable under Republic Act No. Curiously, sexual infidelity as a term was carried over as one of the manifestations (albeit may not be by itself according to some authors) of psychological incapacity as a ground for declaration of nullity of a marriage. It only lessens the penalty. Article 333 of the Revised Penal Code states that a married woman who engages in sexual intercourse with a man not her husband commits adultery. Ang unang dahilan na nag hiwalay kami ay ang pagnanais ko na umasenso at aking pangarap na magnegosyo kahit papano kasi nasa 30yrs na ako at ayaw ko nang intayin na umabot sa 40yrs. The Civil Code of the Philippines prior to the Family Code did not even consider sexual infidelity as a ground for annulment, although ironically our Victorian forebears could conceivably put their respective spouses in jail if he or she committed the specific crimes of concubinage or adultery. Article 334 of the Philippine Revised Penal Code states that concubinage is committed by “Any husband who shall keep a mistress in the conjugal dwelling, or shall have sexual intercourse, under scandalous circumstances, with a woman who is not his wife, or shall cohabit with her in any other place.” But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Bail Defined. We are located at the bustling Ortigas Central Business District in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Hindi kami magkasundo sa lahat lahat ng bagay bagay kahit pa sa kulay o pagkain. 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Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City, Philippines, 1605 , but these have to be fodder for another blog entry. if love letters, love messages can be used as evidence in the crime of adultery and concubinage?? Required fields are marked *. Adultery is punishable under Article 333 of the Revised Penal Code. +63-9953427642 (VIBER, WHATSAPP) At noong naghiwalay kami kalaunan nadiskubre ko na meron pala siyang iba kaya ganun na lang din siya kadecidido makipaghiwalay. Nicolas & De Vega Law Offices (NDV Law) is a full-service firm in the Philippines. Pero aminado ako na mas higit syang nag-provide sa lahat ng needs ng pamilya dahil din mas malaki ang kita niya kay sa akin. Nos. +(632)-86879851 / +(632)-86872565 Anu ang una kong gawin para isagawa ang annulment namin? He only needs to prove that his wife committed an act (s) of sexual infidelity. Totoo po ba na may libre na annulment? But anti woman’s lib as the original drafters of the 1920’s Revised Penal Code were, the crime of adultery on the part of the woman was easier to prove than the crime of concubinage on the part of the man. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. One of them is the infidelity committed by one of the parties. Pasok ba ang pakikipagrelasyon ng asawa ko sa iba? Bigamy should be out of place here because what is punishable as such is having two  marriages at the same time.It is not per se a sexually illegal act because it is not really a crime against the other spouse  as being more a crime against the State for messing up the marriage registration system by marrying for the second or subsequent time.

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