James Lee Wall Photography. At the end of the day regardless of the medium you choose to use to make an image it’s still photography. As a fairly active member of the photography community and an avid film shooter, in fact it’s my preference over digital, I naturally tend to promote film photography as often as I can I post a lot of articles on the subject, I’m an educator of photography and in particular film photography and what I see as its benefits. James managed to take a perfect day and make it even better than I remembered. He believes photos should record the spirit of the occasion, tell a story, and grasp emotions of the celebration. He was on time and we had a blast being creative with him for our photos. Saying that, there are still start-ups and boutique companies, such as Lomography, Polaroid, Silberra, Ferrania, and others that produce film regularly. I have studied with and collaborated with incredible local and international photographers. I plan on using this blog to generate discussion around my work, film based photography, vintage camera reviews and anything interesting in the world of photography. Everything looked right out of Brides magazine! Without fail, I’ll get comments to the effect of digital is the future and it’s so much better than film or vice-versa. High-end media production made accessible. The same workflow with film could be 30 mins to several hours for capturing, three days for processing, 30 mins for scanning and another 30 mins for editing. Lee Media did our wedding video and it was SO GOOD! Compared to the mid-1990’s only a small portion of original film emulsions remain available and these are becoming more and more expensive each year. He was also a wonderful person to have around on the day, not in the way or difficult to work with at all. Couldn’t recommend him any more. He captured every moment of the day, funny, sweet or steamy. He’s easy to talk to, a hard worker, and, most importantly, makes a dang good product. Although several new films have been launched in the last 2 years, the problem with film photography is that many film manufacturers have discontinued more films than have been launched. BASEBALL Provincial Minor Little League 2018 TRIATHLON Victoria Self Transcendence Triathlon 2016 HOCKEY Vancouver Island Jr. B Hockey 2020-2021 NEW Vancouver Island Jr. B Hockey 2018-2019 Western Challenge Cup Ball Hockey 2018 Vancouver Island Jr. B Hockey 2016-2017 Cyclone Cup 2016 VIJHL All-Star 2016 … It was that sense of anticipation that was a big part of what drew me to photography, a few years later in high school I took a photography course and had my first darkroom experience and got to see images I shot appear on paper today it’s the biggest part of the draw for me today. Adam Woodhouse - James, stunning work as always! About 7 years ago I started specializing in weddings; the most challenging aspect of professional photography. He listened to our ideas and made us feel so comfortable in front of the lense. We can not say enough great things about James’s charming personality or the quality of his work, by the end of the day, he truly felt like family. I’m really looking forward to their summer wedding in Burlington. Thank you so much James! Excellence is our lifelong pursuit! in 1965 Photography has been a lifelong passion of mine. The interview added was so personal and worth every penny. In film, this is the result of the silver halide crystals not receiving enough light. in 1965 Photography has been a lifelong passion of mine. Think about your workflow. My favorite part of our wedding film was the part I was most nervous about: the interview.

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