JoS can be criticizing society and the laws that have been put forth and approved by the government. Let’s go through it … PART 1: JESUS OF SUBURBIA. That people become lost in the world's natural highs (cocaine, Ritalin) to escape, because even with "direction", people are lost. JoS says that St Jimmy blames mom and dad for everything bad. He wishes for something better but he cant seem to find that something. JESUS OF SUBURBIA: JoS is just a troubled teenager in the suburbs (hence, Jesus of Suburbia). Who am I?” What’s the use of filling this void with therapy, we are all different, and there is no way to be perfect, who wants to be perfect? (Part 5, Verse 1, Lines 1 and 2) - JoS calls his town a hurricane of lies because nobody ever told him the truth. (“Lost children with dirty faces today”) Also he says he a rocky road not knowing where to go, on a road with signs “leading to nowhere”. (Part 3, Verse 6, Lines 5 and 7) - JoS is talking to “Dearly beloved…” which is alluding to his girlfriend (Part 4, Verse 1, Line 1) Hyperbole - A hyperbole is used in the fifth part of the song: “And I walked this line a million and one fucking times”. And he decided to run away and try to find something worth living for. Just sayin' .. (Part 3, Verse 6, Line 3) - When JoS says from the cradle to the grave, this is a metaphor saying ‘from birth to death’. Some tell stories, some are just for fun. He knows how hard life it is and goes to the goverment and gives out and the goveners are giving excuses so he could leave. In this verse, he tries to convince himself that the way he is now acting is the way he should and always should have. In the first two lines, JoS is talking about the kids in his town, and how they are all like him. It was about Billie Joe Armstrong's dad who died in September twenty years before the song. He gets depressed that Whatsername left him, so that is the idea of WMUWSE. One such nomination was for “Best Rock Song”, which it lost to U2’s “Vertigo“. But JoS doesn’t care if he is leading a bad life and making wrong decisions anymore. Mostly it sounds like they were friens, though JoS did love her. I'm better now of course, but the song just means a lot to me still. (Part 4, Verse 1, Line 3) (*NOTE*: I am not sure if this is actually considered a metaphor) - JoS refers to the space that’s in between. He lives in a poor town and nothing is working out in his life so he turns to drugs and joins a gang. This is a metaphor for people’s thoughts about their homes and how much they trust in them. I'm the son of rage and love The Jesus of Suburbia The bible of "none of the above" On a steady diet of Soda Pop and Ritalin No one ever died for my sins in hell As far as I can tell At least the ones that I got away with And there's nothing wrong with me This is how I'm supposed to be In a land of make believe That don't believe in me Get my television fix Sitting on my crucifix The living room or my private womb … Apparently, it is a brand name for a central nervous system stimulant to treat kids with Attention Deficit Disorder. “We are the kids of war and peace” means that the teenagers in the town are basically the troublemakers. The second line is just introducing the listener to the narrator by telling us what he likes to call himself. The next two lines tell us about JoS’s faith in religion, or in this case lack of faith. An outstanding scene-setter. You can tell by the music video that it really does affect him if you look at his facial expression during this part of the song. In "ROCK N ROLL GIRLFRIEND", JoS tells the long gone St Jimmy that he has a new life and he is enjoying it. In "WE'RE COMING HOME AGAIN", JoS returns home to his fellow rebels in the suburbs. During WE ARE WAITING, JoS feels he's waiting for something but doesn't know what. The next verse is JoS explaining why he has to leave home. The rhyme scheme is different for each part of the song. JoS is moving on from his "St Jimmy" phase. He calls it a dead city because nothing exciting ever happens in his town. ST. JIMMY: JoS finds a new "identity", which is a person who goes by the name "Jimmy", which is JoS's real name. (Part 1, Verses 2 and 4, Line 3) - JoS calls the gang the center of the Earth because it is what he does all the time and it is basically his life. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. In fact, it could also be interpreted as obeying the rock n' roll religion.

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