Progress Report 99 Progress Report 70 West Indies and Costa Rica Thus it begins the game Paternal Autocrat. To complete the login process, please enter the one time code that was sent to … Last week I covered the two paths of intervention in the collapse of the League of Eight Provinces - but this week we’ll be moving into what happens when Wu Peifu and the Zhili refuse to intervene. Azad Hind, meanwhile, can support the uprising… and, if it is successful, British India will have lost an ally as elections put in either a Social Conservative or Social Liberal native government. Unlike British India’s other allies, Nepal doesn’t have a crisis point prior to the outbreak of war with Azad Hind. Progress Report 110 That's it for today! Progress Report 112 The power of either is tracked, and opposed by the Nepal government, but if their power becomes too great they can overthrow the Rajas - replacing it with either King Tribhuvan and a democratically-elected government or by a Radical Socialist government under K. I. Singh. The South Africa Rework The National France Rework - Part 1 Just wondering what is going to happen to the German focus “sale of Ceylon”? Egypt Rework #heartsofiron4; #kaiserreich; #alternatehistory; Shortline614. Created Feb 25, 2013. Progress Report 13 I did the current version of India, which was one of my first projects on the team… and, really, was a more-or-less direct translation of India as it existed in Darkest Hour. Progress Report 42 Sweden, Bolivia, and Colombia AI and Localization Progress Report 81 GFX Unlike in current KR, Ceylon is still under British control (Germany’s interest in the area is now represented by its control over the port of Pondicherry, in Madras). Progress Report 35 Progress Report 94 The Patagonia Rework At that point, Pakistan will transition from Paternal Autocrat to Market Liberal, with the country’s first elections planned for mid-1937. This proved a flashpoint for a widespread Indian revolt. Reworking Canada Without going into too much detail: both. Progress Report 104 Combined Syndicates of America The Ma Family Domain For hundreds of years now, the Islamic world has been awaiting for Hazrat Mahdi (as), who will be instrumental in people attaining… Hello! INC leaders declared they would return to retake the “temporarily occupied lands of the south” as soon as the ceasefire ended… but, to date, that offensive has not materialized. Progress Report 89 The Kaiserreich 4 Team are proud to present the most popular alternate history mod for Hearts of Iron II, Darkest Hour and Hearts of Iron IV! This PR will just run you through the changes to the region’s lore and then touch on an overview for each of the countries. Uruguay & Paraguay Progress Report 41 The Qing Empire - Part 2 Progress Report 92 The Romania Rework India and Fengtian The Horn of Africa Progress Report 82 Fearing that an official end to the war with Germany would bring the reinforcements Isaacs so desperately needed, the Indian National Congress formed a coalition that brought together Muslims, socialists, and nationalists, and with the blessing of spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi. Progress Report 48 The Naval Rework The execution, however, instilled enough fear that many princes turned to the British for protection, and thus that summer the socialists led a retaliatory campaign across the north and east despite the INC’s denouncement of their actions. Progress Report 107 Riga, Latvia, and Estonia The South America Rework Progress Report 108 Norway and Austria The coalition had its periods of instability, most famously during the Red Summer of 1922 when socialist rebels executed the Maharajah of Travancore along with most of his family. Progress Report 78 Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. South America and Carlist Spain The unrest was enough that the British government elected to not pass the Government of India Act in early 1919. Will all possible tags in such a Civil War try to reunite the whole area, or will there be the possibility of some (maybe some Princes?) The India Rework AIML leader, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Albania and Bulgaria Progress Report 60 The CSA Progress Report 117 Cookies help us deliver our Services. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While no ally of British India, the one thing in Pakistan’s favor is the knowledge that, if Azad Hind strikes, British India will likely do the same. Progress Report Hello and welcome to this week’s Progress Report, where we’ll be finishing off covering the Qing Empire. Sichuan The Qing Empire - Part 1 Watch; Next video playing soon. There is no larger colonial structure any longer, so Viceroy Rufus Isaacs has remained in office and spent the last 15 years doing his best trying to hold things together. Progress Report 38 The Left Kuomintang Click to cancel. Progress Report 11 Liberia and Mittelafrika National France Progress Report 53 See you again soon! Progress Report 10 Progress Report 101 The issue remains a hotly-debated one for the newly-forming government of Azad Hind to determine… complicated by the continued presence of the British to the south, the colonials who refused to release their grasp on India even after the United Kingdom finally fell to the syndicalists. Shortline614. King Tribhuvan is technically still its monarch, but he is kept a veritable prisoner within the royal palace and his democratic-seeking allies in the Praja Parishad under close watch. The United Kingdom Shortline 614 1,019 views. We are still pretty early in the coding process. It will be the second of British India’s allies to face a crisis point, when in early 1938 the leading party in the Hyderabad Assembly, the pro-Muslim Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) becomes led by Bahadar Yar Jung.

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