We judged the dogs — purchased in D.C. from national retailers including Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Safeway, Giant, Costco and Target — on four factors: taste, appearance, seasoning balance (a good blend of sweet, spicy, salty and smoky), and “snap.” You know snap — it’s what it should feel like to bite into a hot dog. We just recently got one a few towns over and it's a little put of the way, but honestly, the prices and quality of the food, along with the selection in the store is well worth the drive of maybe 20 minutes at most. Get Voraciously’s Plant Powered newsletter and start cooking the way you want to, A guide to grilling basics, from prep to cooking and cleaning, We tried 15 frozen pizzas, and the worst one might surprise you, The most unexpected (and welcome) guest at your next cookout: Carrot dogs, This aromatic butternut squash and pear soup is a nourishing salve for chilly days, I made Kamala Harris’s cornbread dressing — and filled in all the details so you can make it, too, Seasonal salad recipes to add color and crunch to your holiday table. Yes, there decidedly is, some tasters said. These Kahn's Beef Franks were purchased at Giant Eagle in Lakewood for $4.99. Or next to a pool. 11 Coleman Premium Foods Uncured Beef Hot Dogs. Maura Judkis is a features reporter for The Washington Post. They had “discernible garlic and onion.” “Nothing spectacular, but it’s what I need in a hot dog.” Here is an oddly-specific thing I learned about one of my colleagues’ preferences: “I appreciate the pronounced dimple at the tip” of this hot dog. “This dog needs more snap. (Ba-dum-tss. “I like the density,” one taster said, and another praised it for an “excellent snap, thick without feeling like too much of a mouthful and with just a hint of spice. [Get Voraciously’s Plant Powered newsletter and start cooking the way you want to]. Mia Ulery noted they were "natural tasting, with a nice firmness to the meat.”. Everything about this dog rocks,” said Anna Callahan. Open Nature Uncured Beef Franks Score: 71 The remarks on this one were pretty middlebrow. Cette semaine, on s’attarde à la saucisse à hot-dog! (tie)Dietz & Watson Deli Beef Franks Score: 67 Is there such a thing as too much snap? Check out the full reviews of the best hot dogs from Good Housekeeping. Okay. It has a 93 score, which is outstanding on Lidl’s scale. Condiments were strictly prohibited. (another tie)Ball Park Beef Hot Dogs Score: 68 The nicely charred hot dogs earned a nickname: “These boys are Charizards!” said one taster, referencing the hot dog-colored fire-breathing Pokémon. BUY IT: Hebrew National Kosher Beef Bun-Size Hot Dogs, … There are eight per pack. Niman Ranch Uncured Beef Franks Score: 57 Tasters loathed — and I mean loathed — this hot dog’s sweet flavor. These Sugardale Beef Franks were purchased at Giant Eagle in Lakewood for $4.99. “In a bun — and with condiments, ideally — this is a well-balanced, tasty hot dog,” said one taster, and most agreed. These hot dogs were, by far, testers' least favorite. A good hot dog isn’t too soft or mushy. Tonight I made them up for dinner, along with some seasoned potatoes, vegetarian baked beans, and some melon. Food options are great and if I want to buy cheap, non name brand products I’m good. Even if I want to spend on brand names, it’s hit or miss on prices. Tonight I made them up for dinner, along with some seasoned potatoes, vegetarian baked beans, and some melon. It is “uniform with a nice sweat going” and “thinner than the others, the Kate Moss of this tasting.” It has a “good snap, but the casing is more on the rubbery side,” one taster complained. 12 Whole Foods 365 Uncured Beef Hot Dogs. There are six in the package. There were mixed thoughts on these hot dogs. The hot dogs were sampled plain and without a bun to let the frank take center stage. ", Jimmy Dolan said he'd eat them "only if there are no other choices.". Multiple people commented on the saltiness of this hot dog, but overall it was a fan favorite. “This is an absolute unit.” It might be too big, one taster feared: “The proportion of dog-to-bun feels off.” They’re “beefy, plump, a little more umami than others,” but with a “salt-to-spice ratio [that’s] slightly out of whack.” It, um, “looked more like human anatomy than any other hot dog,” which was a pretty alarming comment from a taster, until you realized that, whew, she was talking about the “#hotdogsorlegs challenge.” “I appreciate the thickness, but the color verges slightly too much toward orange.”, 6. These Coleman Hot Dogs were purchased at Giant Eagle in Avon Lake for $5.99. Lidl’s bags are smaller which is not a bad thing if you want them in a lunchbox or a snack. Check out the full reviews of the best hot dogs from Good Housekeeping. Every Monday for 10 weeks. Vanisca Ford found it to have "firm meat with a subtle flavor and nice texture.”, Macrina Garcia noted "this dog has a great casing and excellent color. ", Rachel Keck, however, thought they were "yummy!". Jimmy Dolan noted it was all-around a "good tasting dog. Reporter covering culture, food and the arts, How to make the most of Thanksgiving leftovers, How to make dal makhani, the most luxurious and creamy dal of all, This cocktail can keep you warm around the fire pit — and you can make it there, too. Snap-wise, they were lacking: “Could be snappier.” “So soft it could be gummed by a salt-loving toddler.” “Melts in my mouth, and not in a good way.” “Too mushy and oily for me.”, Safeway Signature Select Beef Franks Score: 68 Smoky and plump, and they fill out the bun. “It doesn’t really taste like beef.” “It’s like buying a 24-ounce Bud Light at the ballpark: It’s something to hold, and it will help fill you up, but it doesn’t taste like much.” One taster simply said: “I hate this.”, 14. One week later, we still feel kind of puffy. Did we leave any out? Our 8-week guide will show you that baking really is a piece of cake.

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