Pictured: [1] Elroy Spelbos. With a true mastery of exposure maneuvers (from settings to ND filters), the resulting images of this fine art photographer are always slow-paced and hauntingly subtle. Long exposure photography is a good excuse to photograph light trails.Light trails look like very long streaks of colourful light. 12 Tips to Master Long Exposure Landscape Photography, Unexpected Ways for Photographers to Use Light After Dark, 10 Unconventional Tips for Photographing After Dark. Hopefully one day I’ll get myself a copy of “The City is a Novel“, which includes the work from “City of Shadows”, and more work from other cities like Havana and Venice. “I started to focus more on that theme, and today my shots of driving cars are among the bestselling ones.” In general, he says these images tend to perform better than his more traditional long exposure landscapes. “I’ve used long exposures on most of my natural landscape images,” he adds. I think the effect of a long exposure time on the sky (if there are clouds in the frame) and on water is appealing to people.”. 35. Long exposure photography is one of the most trending types of photography captured by most of the photographers around the world. The work of Chris McCaw is almost surreal, something totally unique, yet simple to understand. This series is called “Theaters“. Andrew Stawarz (images via: Andrew Stawarz) Andrew Stawarz is a British photographer who takes stunning long exposure photos of urban scenes in England. Malik has drawn the same conclusion. These photos can convey, for example, the passage of time.” There’s also a practical reason for using slow shutter speeds for commercial photographs that include people. Image by Katrina Brown. These images were taken at simple urban spots where it was common for people to gather in. You can also capture such types of shots using these amazing and cool long exposure photography ideas I have provided in this article. Long exposure is great for when we want to show motion blur. And this is my all-time favorite from Moore. You're welcome to browse images, order photographic prints and read the blog pages which give valuable tips to advance your own night photography, light painting and long exposures. A sturdy tripod is probably the most important piece among long exposure photography gear. Libassi urges everyone who follows in his footsteps to “think of the final image as a gift.” He continues, “You might spend hours on location and go home with no usable images in the end, but what really counts is the experience—just being out in nature and enjoying the moment.” The real trick, Spelbos says, is to experiment and see what works for you. Today we bring you an enticing article about long exposure photography. The images of City of Shadows (and other recent works) result in a peculiar yet recognizable mass moving in the scene. Shutterstock photographer Radek Standera has a series of images featuring light trails on forest roads, and they’ve been a hit with image buyers. Settings: Focal length 24mm; shutter speed 4 sec; f9; ISO 50. There’s a learning curve for photographers when it comes to long exposures, so take your time. Federico has a decade of experience in documentary photography, contributes some free images to the community and is a University Professor in photography. When we analyzed the images over at the Shutterstock Instagram feed, we noticed that long exposure road scenes were among the most engaging photographs posted. Long exposure photography is something that has the potential to create some amazing results. “I think people love these images because they have effects like silky smooth water and moving clouds.”. Just read these easy tips for photographing the night sky or photographing stars in the mountains. To learn more about shutter speed, be sure to check out this video tutorial. As I noted above, it's really just a matter of using an ND filter and being able to calculate (or use an app to calculate) the correct exposure time. DISCOVER how to take these kinds of Long Exposure Images: 8 TIps for Long Exposure Photography […] Libassi has noticed other long exposure photographers using models in their pictures, and Shutterstock Contributor Wojciech Dziadosz thinks the future of long exposure photography might lie in the presence of human beings. Image by Yunus Malik. His career as an artist has been unique indeed, with constant challenges. Make sure your tripod feet are stable and secure on solid ground, and not sinking slowly into sand, snow, or anything else “squishy”. On to the Long Exposure Photography Tips… Tip 1: Whilst a tripod is considered a baseline requirement for many landscape photographers, it is even more important when shooting with a 10-stop filter.Exposures can easily extend to greater than a couple of minutes, so it is vital that your tripod is as sturdy as can be. Settings: Focal length 18mm; shutter speed 15 sec; f16; ISO 200. This site features my portfolio of photographs created using long exposure techniques. Shutterstock Contributor Elroy Spelbos has also tapped into the meditative quality of long exposure seascapes, and it’s paid off. “I can spend hours shooting a single rock in the sea and completely ignore a gorgeous sunset happening right next to me,” Libassi continues. Photographers of the 21st century have an almost infinite array of choices when it comes to shutter speed, so you might wonder when a long exposure is necessary. His style was influenced not just by artists like Alexander Rodchenko and Kazimir Malevich, but also by the social context of the final days of the Soviet Union. Below, we discuss the applications of long exposure times and dig into some of the trends we’ve noticed recently. If you would like to explore long exposure photography for yourself and take your skill set that extra step, then you should take a look at Kent Dufault's excellent guide to long exposure which is on special for Light Stalking readers this week. Stair trails, like light trails from cars, are the result of leaving the shutter open as celestial bodies move across the sky. “I have seen long exposure landscapes and cities, but with a long exposure, people can be shown in a completely different context. [2] Andrew Shiels. It is quite famous, trendy and … Long exposure to remove people from the image 1/250 sec.

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