This report can be classified into four main sections: The first section examines Pakistan’s madrasa landscape. It will be given to all the functionaries, members, boards of studies, examination system, financial Regrettably, the education system of Pakistan is unable to produce highquality students, able and willing to build a modern society. The Wafaqs have been so averse to any government regulation and monitoring mechanism that they never accepted the establishment of Pakistan Madrassah Education Board (PMEB) and despite having representation in the Board of Governors (BoG) of PMEB, none of the Wafaqs or ITMD representatives ever attended any of PMEB meetings. When the government literally agrees to our demands, we will prepare a model draft/ordinance within one week. MADRASAH EDUCATION: What Creative Associates has learned 3 on the finding that Osama bin Laden had supported and recruited from madaris along Afghanistan-Pakistan tribal border area, the media characterized these schools as dangerous breeding grounds for terrorism; fanatical in Madrassah Education in Pakistan Mainstreaming and reform is the way forward. To tackle this issue, one sector is the quality of education in religious schools. Pakistan Education Statistics 2013-14 paints bleak picture of pupil-teacher ratios in Islamabad, KP. Lecturers provided students with certificates that constituted permission to repeat their words. The education system of Pakistan is divided into three broad categories; private, public, and madrassah systems. International Literacy Day is observed around the world on 8 th September every year. XL OF 2001 [18. These institutions functioned until the 20th century as theological seminaries and law schools, with a curriculum centered on the Qurʾan and the Hadith. the Madrassahs System. ORDINANCE NO. Muhammad Atif Sheikh. The government may establish a Pakistan Madrassah Education Board, which will have the same function as an examining University. Updated: Tuesday July 19, 2016 / AthThulatha Shawwal 14, 1437 / Mangalavara Asadha 28, 1938, at 12:18:07 AM The Pakistan Madrasah Education (Establishment and Affiliation of Model Dini Madaris) Board Ordinance, 2001. The education sector is divided into two parts: one is modern and other one is religious, i.e. The importance of Madrasah education for the Filipino Muslims and the problem of mainstreaming it to the larger national system of education was first noted during the martial law years.Perhaps, the Moro rebellion in the early 1970’s might have forced the government’s attention on the importance of Madrasah education.
12. It attempts to assess the number of madrasas in the country and scrutinize the available data on the number of students enrolled in these Pakistan is a country facing acute security problems. Four Islamic sects run their own schools. An Ordinance to enable the establishment of Model Dini Madaris to improve and secure uniformity of standards of education and for the integration … The basic purpose behind observing this day, on the one hand, is to reiterate the strong resolve to make all-out efforts to promote education while also analyzing, on the other, the efforts made in the … Madrasah, institution of higher education in the Islamic sciences.

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