Program a Universal Remote using Universal Remote Codes, Step 1. Using Insignia / Dynex TV 1, Using LG / Zenith TV 2, Using Mitsubishi TV 3, Using Panasonic TV 4, Using Philips / Magnavox TV 5, Using Samsung TV 6, Using Sony TV 8, Using Sony TV 8, Using Toshiba TV 9 , Toshiba TV 9 and Vizio TV 0. The 4 in 1 Universal Remote Control retains programming even when replacing batteries and has an extensive code library for most known brands. now remote is in setup mode. We provided more than one code for each device. This post outlines the codes below. You need Spectrum universal remote control codes to program your universal remote to your Spectrum TV or any other TV brand. Philips Magnavox televisions do not have a single universal remote code. RCA Universal Remote Codes List. Do you need the Magnavox universal codes for your TV? So follow the below steps if you already have the three digit or four digit or the five digit universal remote control codes with you then you can follow the below procedure. These remote code instructions are pre-programmed with the following RCA codes: VCR-000, TV-000, Cable Box-000, and AUX are programmed with the VCR Code 037.The simplest and fast running RCA Universal remote codes are listed down by using the brand name alphabetically. Spectrum Universal Remote Control Codes. The code is usually a 4-digits figure. Enter device into setup mode, Locate SETUP button on universal remote control, Press and hold the setup button till you see red light is on. We provided instructions to operate the remote, there are methods to program a universal remote control with your devices by using the specific tv codes for universal remote. The universal remote codes for this type of television are 002, 009, 109, 202, 209, 210, 310, 402, 408, 508, 510, 807, 901, 914 and 917. • Operate up to 4 types of devices including TVs (TV), DVD players (DVD), VCR players (VCR), satellite receivers (SAT), AUX, etc. This post outlines the codes below. RCA Universal Remote Codes For Magnovox DVDs:3142, 3151, 3157, 3352 GE Universal Remote Codes For Magnovox DVDs:1409, 0398, 0408, 0458, 0979, 0981, 0980, 0456, 0915, 0914, 0969 One Fall All Universal Remote Codes For Magnovox DVDs: 0503 0539 You can search for Charter remote codes for programming various brands of TVs. then stop holding the setup button. There are a number of remote control codes for Spectrum universal remote listed below. Remote codes and programming may already be done to operate your TV, VCR or cable box brand. A few different DISH Network remote codes for your Magnavox TV that you can try & one will successfully program your remote are, 566, 445, 500, or 981. We provided more than one code for each brand. Magnavox TV Universal Remote codes. There are a number of universal remote control codes for Magnavox listed below. It’s classic design keeps it simple to use and to program. So if one of the codes doesn’t work, please try out another code.

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