The Marantz SR5014 packs a long list of impressive features. The review should provide the readers with some ideas on whether this receiver is worth considering in the mid-priced home-theater receiver category. Any ideas as to how to fix? The company seems to be in the groove with this faceplate design and why not? What these virtual tech does is that it can create virtual speakers in space where there are no actual speakers present and create the illusion of sound with the use of special algorithms and processing. For this year we get slight improvements in the likes of Dolby Height Virtualization, HDCP 2.3, eARC and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM).With 7.2 channels and 100 watts of power the receiver can be perfect for any kind of small or medium sized room while features like HDMI up-scaling, Bi-amp and ECO mode complete the list. Good precision, great imaging, enough power and excellent handling of space were some of the qualities we saw during this test making the SR5014 an excellent choice for all music lovers. At the beginning of the review, I mentioned that I approached the SR5014 receiver with high expectations. Just a quick glance at the Marantz SR5014 receiver, you will know that it comes from the Marantz family of products. I’ll be running 5.1.2 in the main room. How Much Amplifier Power Does your Home Theater Need? This way Dolby’s virtualizer will be enabled. The SR5014 is a 7.2 channels receiver with 100 watts per channel, supports all the usual audio tracks, up-mixing and virtual technologies and comes jam-packed with features, streaming services and extra functions that Marantz is used to add to most of their models including HEOS, Airplay 2, voice control, High Resolution Audio, Audyssey auto calibration and custom integration among others. In order to enable it you will have to first go into the main menu, in the Audio section and find the surround parameter. © Copyright 2020 Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity /, Show Reports, Film Festivals and Concerts, MartinLogan Balanced Force 212 Subwoofer Review, Starke Sound A8.350 Multichannel Power Amplifier Review, STAX SR-007A Electrostatic Headphone Review, SR-L700 MKII Earspeaker Review and the SRM-D10 Portable Driver Unit for Earspeakers Review, ELAC Uni-Fi 2.0 Loudspeaker System Review, What We Are Watching Vol. The network connectivity of the SR5014 is quite comprehensive. In 2019 Marantz released 4 new models in total, 2 full size and 2 slim models, and the SR5014 is the lower of the two full sized ones with the SR6014 being the other one which we have already tested and you can read our review in the name link. Thanks for your attention to details and your clear writing sir. The SR5014 did not have the last word on vocal smoothness, treble airiness, and image depth in this comparison. If you use Apple devices there is also Siri that you can use through the Airplay 2 app while we also find the lesser known Smart Home Voice Automation. The Wi-Fi setup is part of the initial setup step-by-step on-screen guide, although you can always set it up separately by accessing its menu. It offers and packs an impressive list of features, including advanced object-based audio formats (Dolby Atmos and DTS:X including their virtualization technology), 4k ultra-high-definition video processing capability, 24-bit/192-kHz digital-to-analog audio processing, full HDCP 2.3 HDMI support, and built-in HEOS feature, which allows for multi-room audio control and digital music streaming. So I’d like a receiver that can make the most of the music. Finding good reviews does not come by easily so i must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and bringing up this review to help others with good information like this. On the audio side, connections for digital coax, optical, stereo analog, phono, and multi-channel inputs are provided. Even though the receiver is only a 7.2 channels one and belongs to the bottom of Marantz’s full sized offerings you shouldn’t be mistaken that what we have here is a premium device. If you also take the higher than the competition price that we almost always find these Marantz units then it’s clear that the SR5014 has a rough road ahead of it. One such model we will be looking today in our Marantz SR5014 review and as this model is the only full sized receiver in Marantz arsenal that supports 7 channels it will be interesting to see if it can push to the top of this very competitive category. In a similar fashion we get Airplay 2 for use by all Apple guys. This was not the kind of performance where the surround effects supplement the front soundstage as the camera is literally stuck in the middle of the action and with fighter planes roaring, machine guns bursting and anti-air flank explosions all over the air we got a hectic audio extravaganza with the receiver being able to keep good separation between the channels, precise channel shifting as the camera pans around and very distinct dialogue in the center channel that was never overlapping with the rest of the action. Give your home theater legacy Marantz sound with the SR5014 7.2 channel 4K Ultra HD AV receiver. If this was a wise move or not remains to be seen. I did not have a means to specifically measure its video performance, but I did not notice any degradation of video when passed through the receiver. Actually there is as the SR5014 come with HDCP 2.3, eARC and ALLM functions that are only available in the newer model. Marantz made sure to include all the major voice control platforms and this means support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So, the Marantz SR5014 truly accommodates users with operational convenience at your fingertips.

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