$8.95 +$3.67 shipping. 70 $16.70 $16.70. Free shipping. 30% off. Plant in full sun or part shade in well-drained soil. LIVE Plant Cuban Oregano, Oregano Brujo, Mexican Mint, Spanish Thyme. Also commonly used in Italian and Greek dishes. i contacted them by e-mail and they confirmed it was lippia graveolens. Oregano grows in just about any soil location if it offers full sun. Pinch out flowers to p 2 Well Rooted Plant 5-10" Cuban Oregano - Mexican Mint - Spanish Thyme Live Plant. Hot & Spicy Oregano has a nice round, mounding habit. started in hotbox during winter. $11.70 $ 11. Only 10 left in stock - … Lowest price in 30 days. FREE Shipping. Mexican Oregano shares the pungent flavor of other oreganos, but it also offers a mild citrus and licorice flavor, making it a favorite for Mexican and Latin dishes. Hot and Spicy Oregano is true to its name; its especially pungent, which makes it a good choice for spicy Mexican dishes. tall after one season. $16.00. this plant can be grown from seed! 3.8 out of 5 stars 10. Edibles . live cuban oregano herbs great cooking great taste organic plant will grow tall. my plant is about 18 in. got seed in bag of mexican oregano from the spice house (www.thespicehouse.com), but you will need at least 5 power glasses to find seed. Its flowers attract pollinators. Buy your herbs and vegetable plants from the vegetable growers themselves! Positive Make Offer - LIVE Plant Cuban Oregano, Oregano Brujo, Mexican Mint, Spanish Thyme. The huge selection of vegetable and herb plants that Thies Farm & Greenhouses offers for sale are the very same as the ones we plant in our fields. We grow our Mexican Oregano Plants organically and guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

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