MOE; Secondary; Secondary schools; Last updated: 17 November 2020. If your child has special needs, for example, hearing loss, visual impairment, or physical disability, choose a school with specialised facilities or resources that can support them. School Finder Blog. © 2020 Government of Singapore. Every child has different strengths and abilities. School Clusters. Moftah Publishing FZ LLC. MOE Kindergartens. School Clusters . In early December 2014, Teach UAE Magazine met with the students of year 4A and&. 1. This will give your child priority, but it does not guarantee admission. Find out more about choosing a suitable school for your child. How to choose schools. Look at the opportunities and programmes to develop their talents, strengths and interests. Prioritising schools with programmes and CCAs that match your child’s strengths and interests. Note: At least 20% of the places in each course, i.e. If your child is eligible for only 1 course, they are not allowed to choose another course. Gifted Education Programme Schools. MOE; Secondary; Last updated: 24 November 2020. Email:, For Press Enquiries Tips on choosing the right school based on your child's personality, learning style and interests. You should have a list of 6 schools ready before submitting your choices in the Secondary 1 posting. Choose a school type (for example, government, government-aided, independent, etc.) Schools Resourced to Support Mild Special Needs. Learn how to choose a school that supports your child’s strengths, interests and learning style. Explore schools. If your child is a Singapore Citizen, financial assistance and scholarships are available to help them attend the school of their choice. that suits your child. All Rights Reserved. Visit schools' websites to have a sense of the different schools’ culture, ethos and environment. The Al Dar Academies Group of schools is fast becoming known for their resourcef. Back to MOE Website. If your child has taken English and Chinese language as subjects in the PSLE, they may opt for SAP schools. School-Based Student Care Centres . The selected course will apply to all the school choices. Depending on your child’s PSLE score, they will be offered a course option. Choose schools which offer CCAs and learning programmes that can nurture your child in their areas of interest and develop their potential. How to choose secondary schools . For dual-track schools offering both Integrated Programme (IP) and O-Level Programme, affiliation considerations will only be given for the O-Level Programme. Read More! Some secondary schools may also have additional qualifying criteria for their affiliated primary school students. Listing the affiliated school as the first choice when applying to a school affiliated with your child’s primary school. THE MILLENNIUM SCHOOL SMILES. Learn about the process and how to prepare. Learn more about secondary school courses, Direct School Admissions and the Secondary 1 posting process. A Singapore Government Agency Website Back to MOE … However, admission is not guaranteed as it is still subject to the availability of places. Music Elective Programme. SAP schools aim to deliver a bilingual and bicultural education through a learning environment steeped in Chinese culture and language. This will increase their chances of being posted to one of their shortlisted schools. Information for parents on. Raffles World Academy . Express, Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical), will be reserved for students who do not benefit from affiliation priority. Read More! Choosing a secondary school for your child depends on their strengths, interests and abilities. Beyond academic results, help your child find out: What they are good at (their strengths). Secondary 1 (S1) posting process. Think about transportation options, such as how your child will get to school, and the travelling time. Students form first ever human … Last updated: 17 Nov 2020, Learn more on how to begin this conversation. Box 13325 Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) Students can access learning resources at their own convenience and is available to all students ranging from primary to pre-university level. Applied Learning in Secondary Schools. KEY DATES Mid Oct. Email:, For Advertising United Arab Emirates, For General Enquiries Your child’s PSLE score against the schools’ previous score ranges for their chosen course — for example, Express, Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical). What they like, value and enjoy (their interests) by observing how they spend their time. Talk to your child about their strengths, interests and learning styles. Programmes . Choose a secondary school. Explore types of schools and shortlist the ones your child is interested in. Beyond academic results, help your child find out: Explore schools that offer courses which suit your child's learning pace. MOE; Secondary; Last updated: 27 February 2020. Listed in Dubai, Ministry of Education, MOE, Schools, UK/BRITISH, Behind Ismaili Centre,Street 8, Oud Metha, Dubai, Listed in American, Dubai, Ministry of Education, MOE, Schools, Sharjah, Al Mizher 1, Street11 A St, dubai, DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Listed in Ministry of Education, MOE, Ras Al Khaimah, Listed in IB, Ministry of Education, MOE, Ras Al Khaimah, Ras Al-Khaimah - Ras al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates, Listed in Indian, Ministry of Education, MOE, Ras Al Khaimah, P.O. As the schools' cut-off points are based on previous cohort's PSLE scores, you should include at least 2 choices where your child's score is 5 points or more above the school's cut-off points. Email:, © 2020 School Finder. Other Links . Abu Dhabi Explore a list of primary, secondary and special education schools based on education level, distance and location, and what programmes they offer. If your child is eligible for 2 courses, either Express and Normal (Academic) or Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical), they must choose 1 course before submitting their school choices. Most students are placed in secondary schools through the S1 posting process, which takes place once the PSLE results are released. Language Programmes . Integrated Programme. Find out more about choosing a suitable school for your child. Art Elective Programme. Learn more on how to begin this conversation. KHDA CEO Dr. Abdulla Al Karam visits Victory Heights Primary School. Secondary. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Al Bateen Secondary School. Every child has different strengths and abilities. SIS will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on and will not be available during this period. School Type Emirate Emirate Abu Dhabi Ajman Al Ain Dubai Fujairah Ras Al Khaimah Sharjah Um Al Quwain Curriculum Curriculum American Canadian French German Indian/CBSE International Baccalaureate/IB Iranian Japanese Ministry of Education/MOE UAE Pakistani Philippine Russian SABIS UK- IB UK/BRITISH NC US For priority admission to the affiliated secondary school, your child must indicate that school as first choice. Types of schools. An interactive service provided by the Ministry of Education that uses Google Maps to show school population across the UAE, including government and private schools. Secondary schools offer various programmes, subjects and CCAs to develop students in various areas.

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