Each of these can help prove parental alienation. Estrangement . Allowing the belief that the child has two dads or two moms to become ingrained in this child. A mother or father may wish to alienate the children to pay back for the pain experienced due to an unwanted divorce. Anytime a spouse or partner makes false allegations of sexual and/or physical child abuse against the other, they could lose custody of the child. This is done by using others (including the supposed second father or mother) to perpetuate this influence on the child. Parental alienation syndrome, a term coined in the 1980s by child psychiatrist Dr. Richard A. Gardner, occurs when one parent attempts to turn the couple's children against the other parent. A more direct comment would be, “your father/mother left because he/she didn’t care enough about you to try and make the marriage work.” Either statement is meant to cause the child to feel anger toward the other parent. The child was not permitted to see his mother until he satisfied the court that he was meaningfully engaging in reconciliation therapy with his father. The other is the victim of the alienation. In the recent case of A.M. v C.H., the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld the trial judge’s decision to remove an alienated child from the custody of his alienating mother and place him in the sole custody of his alienated father. Telling a child to call the alienating parent's significant other "Dad" or "Mom", depending on which parent is doing the alienating. One of them is likely the culprit and the alienating parent. Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is the unhealthy coalition between a narcissistic parent and his or her children against the targeted, non-narcissistic, non-abusive parent. It is an attempt to use the child to get back at the other parent for causing emotional pain. There are also the children as witnesses and the subject of alienation. The mother and father are obvious witnesses. How do you prove parental alienation when the teenager is completely alienated? Or they may attempt to alienate the children due to mental illness that keeps the parent from putting their children's best interest before their own. False Allegations of Child Abuse: Child abuse allegations are taken very seriously. Child Abduction: You may be shocked to learn that child abduction is the second highest reason why a father or mother loses custody of their child.

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