My son is 2 weeks now. Same thing happened to Hailee. PaprikaLady. Belly button is not healing HELP PLEASE!!! Nappy time: Fold down the top half of the front of the nappy to avoid irritating the healing belly button. Yes. We took her in for her month shots. The umbilical cord is such an integral ... so always visit your doctor or early childhood nurse if you suspect that your baby’s belly button is not healing as it should. Cleaning and caring for your baby’s belly button This might be clear, sticky or brownish, and it might leave a mark on your baby’s clothes or nappy. healing process of the belly button (umbilicus). It is most common in the first few weeks of a baby’s life. Hi All, I am glad to move from pregnancy to Baby and New Mum section:hiya:. However, don’t get overly excited because there are still some important reminders to ensure that you won’t harm your baby’s belly button … While the stump is drying up and just after it falls off, you might notice some oozing around the baby belly button. I would ask about the nitrate. Neither you nor your baby will feel anything when this happens, as there are no nerves in the cord (NHS 2015). My now 8 weeks old baby's belly button didn't healed until 5 going 6 weeks went to the doctors and was told to keep it dry wash it with warm salty water, let it air dry and fold the nappies. Newborn belly button care Once your baby’s umbilical cord falls off, the opening was supposed to heal and you’re baby is now ready for belly button care. It should slowly come off on its own and if you remove it forcibly, chances are you may cause the skin to bleed or rupture. sign in register. She will cut your baby’s cord herself, or your birth partner may wish to do this. He also said to not let her cry a lot. Shortly after your baby is born, your midwife will clamp your baby’s umbilical cord ready for it to be cut. Posted 02/08/2016. Fresh air will help it heal quicker. Removing: Don't remove the stump from the baby's navel. His clump for his belly button is removed by midwife 3 days after his birth then the remaining bit fell off nicely. Reply. they touched her belly button with a q-tip. Fold your baby's diaper away from the stump (or buy newborn diapers with a cut-out space for the stump). General care of the umbilicus / belly button: • Keep the belly button clean and dry: This is a normal part of the healing process. Give your baby sponge baths instead of tub baths. It might also smell a little. Two days later the problem was solved. They said that they would fix the problem. editors' picks. Guest Posted on 15-07-2008 at 9.24PM . They said it is painless, but the belly button turns black for two days after. It had nitrate on it. How to care for your newborn's belly button. safety. This exposes the stump to the air and prevents contact with urine. Sue02qtl. Clothing: Try to avoid covering the stump too much. It usually looks like a soft pink or red lump and often is wet or leaks small amounts of clear or yellow fluid. Keep the umbilical cord stump clean and dry.

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