Here a few that we suggest: Another excellent resource for writers of all kinds is Duotrope's Digest, an online site to explore the writing market (fiction and poetry, both online and print) and track submissions. Chrysanthemum (all genres) The writer is paid $10.00 per haiku. Autumn issue published in October (submission deadline: 30 September) Once submissions close, all submitted work is anonymized for a blind review process. All submissions are final. bottle rockets press publishes the highly regarded haiku journal, bottle rockets, haiku and other poetry books, and offers haiku instruction and consulting. Eucalypt (tanka) Modern English-language haiku artists often take a more organic approach to haiku, one that is perhaps closer in its minimalist spirit to the Japanese tradition. Patrick M. Pilarski and Nicole PakanEditors — DailyHaiku DailyHaiku features the work of six authors presented over a six month time frame. Submissions received at any other time will not be accepted. Clicking on a link will take you to a new window with the journal's homepage while holding this page on your browser. Over the years, English Language haiku authors have transplanted the traditional Japanese structure into their own language with varying degrees of success. American Tanka (tanka) Sketchbook (all genres) Published once a year in the early fall, the print journal features the work of the previous two contributor teams. cattails is the official journal of the United Haiku and Tanka Society (UHTS) cattails publishes new and un-published works of English haiku, senryu, tanka, and haibun with translations in the poets’ original language. Red Moon Anthology (all genres, Red Moon Press) Please note: submissions are closed until further notice, and we will not be accepting any new submissions in 2016. We occasionally accept and publish senryu if it fits well with the upcoming cycle—we're fairly liberal with regard to formal boundaries—but our focus is primarily on haiku. Cattails (tanka) Presence (all genres) 50 Haikus is a literary journal featuring only Haiku poetry in open form. Frogpond (all genres) Haiku Pix (haiku, haibun, tanka) At DailyHaiku we strive to represent a wide range of contemporary haiku and have a bunch of fun doing it. If you'd like to dive a little further, there are many excellent online haiku journals, websites, and resources. Thank you for your interest in DailyHaiku! This haiku genre journal links site includes English-language journal websites, blogs and print-only publishers. Online Haiku, Haibun, Haiga, Tanka, Linked Verse Journals, A Hundred Gourds (all genres) One haiku is published per day on (ISSN 1913-3936), and each year a print edition is published in book format that collects the work featured in the online publication (ISSN 1913-3928). A short list may then be sent out to external reviewers for a double-blind review (we will notify you if your work has been short-listed). For further information about the structure of modern and traditional haiku (and related forms), a concise and extremely useful set of definitions has been put forward by the Haiku Society of America. Contemporary Haibun Online (haibun) If you have any questions about these guidelines, or wish to inquire as to the suitability of your work for this journal, please drop us a line. Daily Haiku (haiku, haibun, haiga, senryu, tanka) KYSO Flash (haibun, flash fiction, prose poetry) Blithe Spirit (all genres) This haiku genre journal links site includes English-language journal websites, blogs and print-only publishers. Multiple and/or simultaneous submissions will be rejected. Simplicity is the key here. Haibun Today (haibun) For when submissions do re-open, here are our guidelines: In the body of a single email, please include: Email submissions to: We accept submissions between February 1 and 28, and August 1 and 31 ONLY. Journals come and go, but most of these links are relatively long-lived. The Mainichi Daily News (haiku) The 5-7-5 structure continues to define haiku for many people, and, despite it falling out of use in modern times, it is still taught to students everywhere. @haikuwithabang Ink, Sweat & Tears (all genres) Roadrunner (haiku) Haiku Journal celebrates the art of haiku poetry. Contemporary Haibun Annual (Red Moon Press) Contact DailyHaiku here. Ardea (multi-lingual, multi-genre) Editors: Nicole Pakan and Patrick M. Pilarski. not published elsewhere and not under consideration by other journals or websites. No after-the-fact changes and no additions except those requested by the editors to comply with. Traditional Japanese haiku carry an unrhymed, three line, 5-7-5 syllabic (beat) structure with a seasonal reference. A publication-ready author photo at least 120px wide. Haiku should seem to say more than what is possible in three lines. Want to automatically get your daily dose of verse using a feed reader or feed-ready email client—e.g. Reprint requests will be forwarded to the respective authors. Haiku Journal (haiku) Regrets if a link no longer takes you to the journal which would indicate that it has either stopped publishing or has changed its webpage address. All submitters will receive a confirmation email when their submission has been received. Asahi Haikuist Network (haiku) Tiny Words (primarily haiku) Tiny Words Print Editions (primarily haiku). Moonbathing (women's tanka) Journals come and go, but most of these links are relatively long-lived. Any received submissions will be immediately returned to their authors. Each week, the work of a different author from the current contributing team is featured on this site. Keep it simple and beautiful. It is interesting to note that the word Haiku is both singular and plural. Atlas Poetica (tanka) journals, online journals, haiku, haiga, haibun, japanese poetry, There is some debate as to the definition of haiku and its "proper" form. South by Southeast (all genres) Summer issue published July (submission deadline: 30 June). The best and most concise definition seems to be: Haiku is a minimalist form of unrhymed poetry consisting of seventeen syllables or less. We publish 4 issues a year, with the following submission deadlines for haiku:. Lilliput Review (haiku, tanka, free verse) World Haiku Review (all genres), Print Haiku, Haibun, Haiga, Tanka, Linked Verse Journals, Acorn (haiku) Google Reader, Bloglines, Thunderbird, or Mail? All content copyright © DailyHaiku and/or the respective contributors.All rights reserved. Mayfly (haiku) Simply Haiku (archives only) Here a few that we suggest: The Haiku Society of America; Haiku Canada; The Heron's Nest; Simply Haiku (Simply Haiku Archives, 2003-2009) Modern Haiku; Roadrunner; chrysanthemum; Contemporary Haibun Online; AHA Poetry; The Haiku Guru; Ray Rasmussen's Website Through our special features section and invited poet series, DailyHaiku also aims to chronicle and explore the diverse and ever-changing landscape of contemporary haiku-related forms. Contemporary English-language haiku artists have largely abandoned the 5-7-5 structure,and tend to gravitate toward shorter syllabic counts more representative of the verbal length of their Japanese counterparts. The sites feature one or more of the main haiku genres: haiku, haibun, haiga, and tanka. The links do not include publishers' or authors' websites that produce/show print collections. english haiku, haiku poetry, poetry, magazines, ezines. The contributing team at DailyHaiku changes twice per year—once in April and once in October. It aims to showcase emerging voices alongside the works of established poets. Work should be "NEW", i.e. Are you interested? We are currently welcoming submissions of haiku, haibun, haiga/photo haiku, sequences, and special feature proposals. Shamrock (haiku & haibun) If you'd like to dive a little further, there are many excellent online haiku journals, websites, and resources. DailyHaiku is a print and online literary publication that exists to promote and preserve the written art of haiku. NOTE: We're OK with foul language, but be advised that we do not accept poems that contain racist, sexist, misogynistic, overly violent, homophobic, or any other hateful content. No submissions are paid, but contributors will receive one contributor's copy of the yearly print journal featuring their work. Go to: Definitions for definitions and examples of haiku, haibun, haiga & senryu. The sites feature one or more of the main haiku genres: haiku, haibun, haiga, and tanka. Send one submission only. Modern Haiku (all genres) The Zen Space (haiku, tanka, haiga) Spring issue published in April (submission deadline: 31 March). All contributed work will be also put into consideration for our yearly print journal. Journal of Renga and Renku (renga, renku) One exemplary week of contributed haiku each year will also be awarded the DailyHaiku Editors' Choice Award and featured prominently in the print edition. As part of our mission, to make art accessible to everyone regardless of income, Haiku Journal is published, in its entirety, online for the world to see. | Journal Links | Haiku, Haiga, Haibun Resources | Haibun & Tanka Prose Resources | Haiga Links Page | Homepage | Email |.

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