All images used for illustrative purposes only. Technology has aided Gersht in creating contemporary versions of frozen life, bringing the concerns of Latour and other still life masters into a contemporary context. This focus on absence recalls Rachel Whiteread whose work draws attention to unclaimed space through large and extraordinary casts. Ori Gersht is an Isreali born photographer who studied in England. Quinn’s work then situates itself amongst the great vanitas works of art history. Though sculptural, there is something digital, mechanised or other-worldly in the futuristic appeal of the work. The traditional still life was intended to capture a moment in time unnoticed or dismissed in its commonality, Gersht turns this on its head by using the camera to capture moments so dynamic and explosive, they are but a blur to the naked eye. The mirrored surface of each of the vials is ostentatious in their gleaming perfection. Feb 16, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Nick Goodey. On a much more lighter, even pastel note, we have Dutch photographer Krista van der Niet, whose compositions often include fruits and vegetables mixed with mundane objects such as socks, cloths and aluminum foil, giving it all a contemporary feel. Courtesy Robert Klein Gallery. Featured images: Jeroen Luijt - Pronkstilleven. In contrast to the classic origins of the still life which framed its select objects, Thiebaud’s composition extends beyond the pictorial frame, informing us that this is a cropped view of an extended table of food. Gersht studied Photography, Film and Video at the University of Westminister before graduating with an M.A. Modern & Contemporary Art Resource. Using a high speed camera and exploring technology, he immortalizes petals torn in pieces, giving life to one of the most famous still life series in the world. Balance and poise was always integral to Latour’s work; the scattering of clementine segments in the foreground of the painting draw the viewer in, our eyes gently steered by the artist by the play of light and shadow on the various subjects. A perfect example of the old technique getting combined with modern-age ideas is Mat Collishaw’s Last Meal on Death Row series of works. Gersht's still life was frozen in liquid ice and can be seen exploding… Thiebaud uses the still life as a pop art vehicle for his narrative about modern life, consolidating its contemporary relevance. Stripped of the anecdotal accompanying fruit or tableware, Quinn portrays the core and inescapable presence of death with a stark directness. Via Featured images: from the Blow Up series, 2007. The scenery usually involves a dirty table cloth, as if someone just got up and left their meal after a huge row with someone. Ori Gersht and Zadok Ben-Dvaid. Like the traditional still life painters who used to make several versions of the same scene, Quinn makes a head every five years, capturing the process of ageing honestly in his use of materials and process. De Waal’s breathturn works to the same effect. The spaces act as pauses, rendering his shelves of pots as analogous to a punctuated page of text. Gersht´s photographs allude to the inherent shadow of death and decay hanging over old master still life and vanitas paintings, complete with moths hovering above the explosions. Her photos often carry a dose of satire as well, which references consumerism and popular culture through a clever employment of objects within a carefully composed scenery. The Golden Age of the Dutch and Flemish culture offered, and continues to offer, a bounty of Vanitas still-lifes as one of the earliest examples of the genre in European painting, providing inexhaustible inspiration for contemporary art practices and still life artists of all genres. Edmund de Waal’s art is populated by his iconic porcelain vessels, the delicacy of which consecrate his title as master potter. Featured images: Richard Kuiper - De Zeepbel; Richard Kuiper - De Zandloper. His work tends to present exquisite images underscored by darker associations of conflict. Experimenting with the endless possibilities of light, self taught photographer Olivia Parker makes ephemeral constructions. For Sharon Core, the photographs of food and flowers she makes are not only inspired by the paintings of these very topics - they strive to look exactly like them, and they’re very successful at it. Mclheny is well known for his glass blowing, a practice whose rarity imbues each of his objects with a sense of preciousness. In this example, the compositional tension created by these demarcations is strengthened by the jug, which turns away from the first row of objects, complicating the sense of harmony one expects from a still life. This is the world that Wayne Thiebaud has thrown us into with his energetic and cheerful still life, a portrait of the seventies. Life is never far from death. Get an exclusive collection of articles like this every week, 10 best contemporary still lifesMoMA on still life, Lost (and Found) Artist Series: Phyllida Barlow, Artists At Home: Between Familiar Environments And New Perspectives, Portraits of America: Keith Haring’s Crack is Wack Mural, The Shows That Made Contemporary Art History: Primary Structures, Artland Interviews Aurélien Le Genissel, Director of LOOP Fair, LOOP Fair 2020. 2012 - This Storm is What We Call Progress, Imperial War Museum, London. Gersht uses the traditional passivity and stasis of the still life as a style from which to grow political and reflective thought. Quinn’s head is a contemporary ode to the genre – conceptual, serene and shocking in equal measure. Italian painter Morandi treats his still life works as portraits, his chosen domestic objects reimagined as a composition of figural elements, a gathering. Apart from the eerie subject, the pictures deliver a strong drammatic effect through an excellent use of chiaroscuro. Israeli artist Ori Gersht could have just photographed flowers against a dark background, based upon a 19th Century still-life painting by Henri Fantin-Latour. The melancholy of the memento mori is embraced here by French Post-Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne. Featured images: Taryn Simon - Agreement to conduct impact studies of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on neighboring countries. From the titles of her images, we can understand where they stood and at what moment in history of many nations. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 16, 2012 (detail), 2015. We discovered Jeroen Luijt at this year’s ART.FAIR in Cologne, as we immediately recognized his talent. The darkness of the background is foreboding and threatening to the vibrant green and red hues of the pears, the skull faces towards the collection of pears, producing a contrast between their sense of life and its own hollow structure. Featured images: Mat Collishaw - Last Meal on Death Row, Texas, Rudy Esquivel, 2011;  Mat Collishaw - Last Meal on Death Row, Dobie Gillis Williams, 2012. Gersht is perhaps best known for his work with slow-motion capture, wherein he produces images and video … There is a truthfulness to Thiebaud’s work that heralds the inventive flamboyancy of the home cook and the wholesome excess of the home of the era. ”Vanitas vanitatum et omnia Vanitas" was the writing each of these artwork carried, reminding the viewers of the transience and brevity of human life, power, beauty and wealth, as well as of the insignificance of all material things and achievements. Mclheny then reveals a shift in what is valued. His Blow Up series is based on a still-life painting by Henri Fantin-Latour. American sculptor Josiah McIlheny brings new depth to the still life, with the infinite meandering of reflections produced in his mirrored cabinets. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, the profound philosophic message, led the paintings to ooze in symbolism and to depict allegorical compositions in which every element had a deeper, hidden meaning. They sit as an untouched bounty of silver to be used for a best occasion which never arises, playing to the relatability and domesticity of the still life we are familiar with. In using art history to power his contemporary ideas of what a still life is and can be, Gersht pays homage to the greats that produced such a revered style, bringing their works into the twenty first century with startling effect. Death seeps out of the skull claiming the pear closest as its first victim, decaying or half eaten, leaving a misshapen form in its wake. This is the contemporary still life for the digital age. Ori Gersht is an Isreali born photographer who studied in England. Through this particular kind of narrative, these works warn about the irrelevance of all the beautiful, earthly pleasures, and provide us with a certain kind of unique aesthetics that many contemporary still life photographers picked up on. Featured image: Olivia Parker, Christophine, 2012; Olivia Parker - Not so still life 2, 2009-2010 / Artichoke 2, 2010.

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