Don't get discouraged if a barn owl doesn't move into your new nesting box right away. Makes a Perfect Owl Gift - by Home-X, Kenley Bat House - Outdoor Bat Box Shelter with Single Chamber - Handcrafted from Cedar Wood - Easy for Bats to Land and Roost - Weather Resistant & Ready to Install, Bird Blinder Reflective Hanging Owl - Repellent Control (2 Pack), Melissa & Doug K's Kids Stacking Blocks Set With Sorting Shapes. No perch is necessary, and adding one will only give footing to predators. The plywood floor of the nest box rests on cleats that are secured to the inside, bottom edges of the front, back and side panels. Then, attach the divider (part F) to the inside of the front panel, creating an entrance area with an opening into the nesting area. You can use different designs for other species. Young owls climb out of the nest box onto the top of the box and flap-hop out on nearby branches. Add a thick layer of pine shavings to the nest box. Another option is an owl nesting box for a nighttime hunter. 7 Smokable Plants You Can Grow That Aren’t Marijuana Brian Barth. Repeat the assembly of the back panel (part b), forming a four-sided box measuring 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and 14-1/2 inches high. Even if you do not see or hear the owls, finding a pile of owl pellets is a good indication that the nest box is occupied. Mount the nest box inside the open-air building as high as possible, away from disturbances and out of the reach of predators. Since 16" wide pine boards are difficult to find (not to mention, very expensive), the front and back panels use two 7-1/4" wide boards (1 x 8), edge-glued together with weather-resistant glue. I can understand how they can be killed by cars, one of my childhood memories is one we say almost hit our windshield one night. How To Build A Barn Owl Nest Box. If Jackdaws use the box it must be cleaned out every year (wear gloves and a dust mask). At its highest point, the box measures 455mm. Repeat the process with another 24" long cleat along the inside, bottom edge of the back panel. Read on for construction plans for both indoor and outdoor nextboxes, or if you're short on time you can purchase a ready made barn owl nest box from the Shop. The secondary entrance to block predators is such a great idea. The interior dimensions of barn owl nest boxes can vary greatly. After all, an owl has to find the nesting box before it can use it to raise its young. Barn owl populations are declining due to habitat loss and a lack of suitable nesting sites. 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Then, measure and fit the cleats along the inside, bottom of the two side panels. The entrance measures 400mm, which makes allowance for the size of the adult birds (300-350mm) to enter and exit comfortably. To accommodate the divider (part F) yet allow the removal of the nesting box bottom, it is important to cut the floor into two pieces, one 8" long for the entrance area, the other 16" long for the nesting area. The owls don't like any branches blocking the entrance hole, though. Barn owls are cavity-nesting birds, raising their young in the natural cavities of old trees, in abandoned woodpeckers holes or even on rocky outcroppings. This owl nesting box has a slanted roof and a floor that incorporates an extended landing and perch platform. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. View photos of this and other Great Gray Owl nesting platforms in use on our Facebook page. The entrance hole is raised above the nest box floor to help prevent the baby owlets from falling out and down to the ground -- a common problem for baby barn owls. Build Directions. Conservation Northwest: The Northern Spotted Owl, Threats to Owls: / Wild Birding. Drive another well-placed screw through the side panel, securing the floor in place. "Owls Wanted", I like that and once again Anthony you have created excellence....not only in your DIY but all the information you supply on Barn Owls along the way. Depending on the sub-species, a barn owl's wingspan can exceed 40 inches across. Hang the box under the eaves to protect from rain, but also so that … Barn owl nest boxes are often set up inside an open-air building such as a barn, shed or an abandoned building, but barn owls will also move into a nest boxes mounted to trees or poles in suitable open areas near fields, woodlands and orchards.

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