Wish I could be of more help! (3). You’ll need 1 ½ cups of shredded zucchini for this recipe. And not only that, but this bread is made with whole foods. You are more than welcome, so happy you like it . It’s slightly sticky, kinda, gooey, and is just sweet enough to make me totally happy! Yes, I drain the zucchini noodles lightly- it depends how much (or not) water content there is. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely before serving. Wow this is really good! Hi! Hi Diana, you can absolutely make this into muffins! Mix on … Some gluten free breads can really fall apart on you. Thanks! That would depend on the brand and how it was processed. , hey, can i sub the maple syrup with powdered erythritol/stevia or does it have to be a liquid sweetener? Thanks for this recipe! Hi Kaylie! . ★☆ It turned out yummy! Hope the feedback is helpful. How much Pyure or Stevia would you recommend using in place of the syrup? Being a man I can’t wax too lyrical about how good this is.Suffice to say it was scrumpdiddlydumptious. Will keep you posted , Sorry it took me forever but let me just tell you that zucchini bread was delicious I’ve made it 3 times so far can we substitute zucchini for sweet potatoes? If not, any other options? Should I have left it in longer? It's Evelyn. . . Zucchini are perfect for making moist bread because of their high water content, but you still want to wring out the zucchini shreds for all they are worth to get excess moisture out. Pour the batter into a … I completely swore off sugar about six months ago, and I’ve honestly never felt better in my life. Thanks! © 2020 Healthy Substitute. Thanks for the recipe. Reduce speed to low and add the melted coconut oil. Experiment with adding your favorite mix-ins to this simple grain free, dairy free quick bread! The hot weather and no A.C. is not a good combo when cooking. really not a fan of eggy tasting bread.. Thanks! Any advice for when I try it next time? As the name of the recipe would suggest, you only need seven simple ingredients and about 15 minutes of prep time to get this bread ready. ★☆ In a large bowl or mixer, combine the eggs, coconut sugar, apple sauce, and coconut oil. Hi. I would love to know if the nutrition facts are for the whole loaf as well! Did you make sure to get all the ingredients in there? Can’t wait to try it. Packed with protein and whole foods, this easy to make bread is a tasty treat for breakfast and any snacking occasion. ★☆ It’s an easy quick bread made with almond flour that can be customized to complement a keto-friendly diet or baked into muffins for a portable treat. This recipe also keeps things low carb by opting to use Stevia as an all-natural sweetening option instead of refined sugar. Hi Helen, so happy you found me on Insta. all the best. It’s crumbly, moist, and just sweet enough. Thank you! Otherwise included everything and it was really nice. Yes, you can and it can stay solid . This bread is lightly sweetened with a bit of maple syrup. That sounds like a great idea! I don’t think it would taste very good, but if that’s what you like you may! Thanks , Hi Pika, no- I don’t think those would be a good sub, sorry. Can you use organic pure honey instead of maple syrup? I didn’t have a pan that size, so I made this recipe into 10 regular sized muffins and baked for a little under 30 minutes. This recipe is made with shredded zucchini, almond flour, coconut oil, eggs, and … The idea of making bread in only five minutes sounded very appealing. They just irritated me. Thanks:). Can you tell I’m happy? Maybe try it with a new batch of baking powder:). If it feels squishy it means it ‘s not fully cooked. I’m not sure if you have a recipe for it….. I’ll look . So yummy, so tasty! Unfortunately, no, because coconut flour absorbs too much liquid and reacts far differently. i have strong allergy for almonds, can I swap it with coconut flour? If your bread is getting too brown toward the end, just cover it lightly with aluminum foil, as it can still be soft inside. Sorry, if this seems petty/whiny. Hi Jazzy, unfortunately, no. I’m always on the quest to make breads that don’t crumble and don’t taste too “, I have a few more tasty bread recipes like my. They will be done when a knife inserted into the middles comes out clean. Looks delish and would probably make yummy french toast! Ha ha. Unfortunately, I have an allergy to almonds and when I eat almond flour I get rushes and my back is itchy like crazy so I made it with swapping almond flour to GF whole grain flour (Sun Flour Mills) and added 3/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum. Hi Helen, You can put it in a long pan, but it will turn out very thin and the cooking time will vary- be less! … And that’s not all! And I added some unsweet baking chocolate. Thank you for the gift of bread!!! However it did sink when it was cooling. Has anyone tried to freeze it? Delish toasted with butter! I’ve noticed this on other pages on this site as well. What kind of grain free flour can I use instead of almond flour?? Thanks Kaylie. Can I substitute ghee for the coconut oil? You could try cashew flour, but I have not personally tried it with this recipe. Sorry! Lately, I have been in a mood where I only want to eat foods that are easy to make. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Line an 8×4 inch loaf pan with parchment paper. Used honey in lieu of Syrup and also had no coconut oil so used regular olive oil. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Slowly add the coconut flour mixture and mix until well combined. Do I need to drain the zucchinis? Like a 9 by 5? Kaylie, this bread is Wonderful!!! I am diabetic, and am always looking for bread that will fit into my very carb restricted diet. The resulting zucchini bread is super low in carbs but it’s definitely big on flavor. The rest of the ingredients used in this recipe are pretty standard fare when it comes to making a homemade loaf of bread — a bit of baking soda, six eggs, and some pure vanilla extract. It’s just one of those things. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment beat the eggs and sweetener until pale and fluffy, about 3-5 minutes. I actually put it in a regular loaf pan (because I didn’t read the directions very carefully!) I have a few more tasty bread recipes like my 5 Minute Paleo Banana Bread and Rustic Grain Free Bread Rolls. Okay, this may sound funny, but I’m going with it. Thanks. I’m sure you’ll be blown away by how unbelievably good the zucchini bread turns out — especially considering how easy it is to make! Packed with protein and whole foods, this easy to make bread is a tasty treat for breakfast and any snacking occasion. Bake for 45-50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Mine might be a bit past it! Are the Nutrition Facts listed for the whole loaf? As you can tell I’m a very novice baker. And yes any ingredient can get old. I remember being a kid and loving bread with that kind of sweet glaze feel on top.

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