Add about a 1/4 tsp of Mrs. dash per sweet potato used. Toss the fries in olive oil and they are ready for the oven. The first problem was the oven. These homemade sweet potato fries were one of the biggest hits at a recent Memorial Day BBQ party for 40 people (yes, Crispy Sweet Potato Fries for 40!) heat, cover and let cook for 2- 3 minutes. and it is all thanks to one secret ingredient that makes these crispy fries! Coat the fries in a mixture of salt, pepper and cornstarch. Perfectly Crispy Sweet Potato Fries. Potato always t… Baked sweet potato fries. But being a lazy person, I felt it took too long to make and burnt to easily. Having tried them, i was amazed how good they tasted. To make baked sweet potato fries, wash and peel the sweet potatoes then cut them into sticks. While it’s tempting to cut out the oil to save a few calories, you need it for the sweet potatoes to roast properly without burning. Pan Fries: A few weeks ago i was look at an instructable for sweet potato fries. Once potatoes are softened in thickest areas, drain any extra oil off, and add a pinch or two of cayenne and some brown sugar ( a tsp per potato should be about right). Yes, we are in full swing of fun summer recipes and today is no exception. Turn down to med. Crispy Sweet Potato Fries! Bake them in a single layer on a sheet pan and remember to flip the fries so that every side is crispy. Don’t worry—baked sweet potato fries are still very good for you, even with the oil added, especially when compared to fried sweet potato fries like the ones you’d have in a restaurant.

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