Give Wayne 300 Junk, leave the decision to Home. For the boss battle, a longer-range weapon (G3A3 rifle, found on 13th floor before boss) could be more effective. grenade launcher. This item can commonly be found dropping off different enemies throughout the game as well as stolen from some enemies. The strength and range of each rifle makes up for its rather slow speed. ATK: Attack - How much damage the weapon can cause in a single attack. Weapons have "Base" and "Plus" parameters. A new RoF transferred to a weapon will simply replace an existing RoF, if present. Since most of the fighting at NYPD HQ is in closer quarters, you should replace the M16A1 with the SG550 rifle (dropped by Dogman boss) or MP5K machine gun (found in weapons storage); one does more damage and the other has a better rate of fire and shorter cooldowns. The book opens with a quick tutorial for new players, covering such topics as exploration, inventory management, and weapon capabilities. Given by Maeda on Day 5. Do not equip the Micro UZ/M10: The high ammo consumption and Random Rate of Fire will end up being more problematic than helpful, even though you would damage enemies faster. Its ability to steal stuff can help alleviate a potential item/ammo shortage. •Items There are two Ultimate guns in Parasite Eve. If you want to use a tool to move the Burst ability from the M870 shotgun (found in sewer labyrinth) over, do it. PARASITE EVE GAME MECHANICS GUIDE ...with tons of unique information... ===== GAME INFO Game: Parasite Eve System: Playstation Version: Japanese / US DOCUMENT INFO Name: Game Mechanics Guide Version: 1.1 Date: September 28, 2007 Author: Prince Thrakhath ===== INDEX ----- 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 The purpose of this document 1.2 How this document came about 1.3 Words and … More. Most of these model numbers (M9, M16A2) are actual firearms. Some weapons come with special abilities. Pistols are, without a doubt, some of the best guns in the game. The PPK (warehouse) has Quickdraw which can be useful, as there is about an 80% chance of starting the battle with a full ATB gauge. Give Wayne 300 Junk, then ask him for the Attack Rate: 24F (0.8 seconds) Give Wayne 300 Junk, leave the decision to Get the latest Parasite Eve cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, hints, guides, FAQs, walkthroughs, and more for PlayStation (PSX). With permits/card it (or the SG550 if you kept it) can have 5 slots. him, and you might get this.. Give Wayne 300 Junk, Their biggest contribution happens to be the unique elemental specials they come with, all of which can easily be moved to other, more powerful weapons. Either way, it's an upgrade to what you are currently using. Walkthrough. The M16A1 rifle given to Aya by Torres at the start of the day will be enough to carry you through the day. Play Queue. Nearly all models are actual, real-life pistols. Having high rates of fire is fun, but lower rates of fire actually do more damage per munition fired. Parasite Eve II. Heat and Frost are best ignored, they do less damage to at least as many creatures as they do more damage to, not good for "all-around" use. All three statistic bonuses (Attack, Range, and Bullet Capacity) are transferred with one (Super)Tool use. Cheats. Parasite Eve bases its NMC battles on the type of weapon, range, weight, and speed. Give Wayne 300 Junk, leave the decision to him, and you, Give Wayne 300 Junk, then ask for the pistol, Give Wayne 300 Junk and ask for the Rifle, Give Wayne 300 Junk, then ask him for the machine gun, Give Wayne 300 Junk, then ask him for the shotgun, Give Wayne 300 Junk, then ask him for the grenade launcher, Give Wayne 300 Junk, then ask him for the rocket launcher. Questions. Ultimate Weapons (Junk Sidequest) One of the main side quests in Parasite Eve to get a good weapon involves Junk. •Experience Chart Data tun be saved or loaded from either Memory Card slot. Note that RoF above 2 on anything other than a pistol or machinegun frame can be problematic against fast enemies, as the firing animation leaves Aya vulnerable to attacks -- pay attention to Attack Rate for cycle time! •Walkthrough That's right, that item which clogs up your inventory and prevents you from picking up useful stuff all the time. If there is no maximum number, it already starts at that. Parasite Eve Guides and Walkthroughs. A player can use tools to move these abilities between different guns. All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. Since rockets are scarce, save these for bosses if you're going to use them at all. The M870 (Chinatown sewers) and M500 (museum, fourth floor) both have Burst which can help damage multiple targets at the same time. BLT: Bullets - How much ammunition the weapon can hold. The MP5A5 is the standard firearm of the SWAT teams in Parasite Eve II, the MP5A5 takes 9mm rounds of all types, like any other handgun. The other route is to sink your upgrades into a strong pistol (M9-2 or PPK) and get up close and personal. The best weapon concerning power and range, the rocket launcher's only faults are the inability to mod the weapon, its extremely low speed and its low amount of ammo. Make sure everything is wrapped up before you face Eve. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. Give Wayne 300 Junk, then ask him for the Rocket launchers such as the AT-4 and the LAW-80 use the unique "rocket" ammunition. Parasite Eve Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. They're very well rounded and have great strength without sacrificing speed. Summary; Release Data; Game Credits; Also Playing; Collection Stats; Guides; Q&A; Cheats; Saves; Reviews. Aside from the rocket launchers in both fields, the rifles are the most powerful and longest-ranged guns in Parasite Eve. The base damage is lower, but a pistol's higher Critical% makes up the difference. Slots / Max: The number of special ability slots available. For example, if a weapon has an attack of "45+2", this means that while the total attack is 47, the player can transfer the "+2" to another gun using a Tool, sacrificing the source gun. Shotguns are slow but strong and all have the Burst ability, which allows Aya to fire at all foes within range after firing. The M8000 handgun (obtained by defeating T-rex) has a "command 2x" ability, which lets Aya perform two commands in one turn, and this should be modded into the main gun, although the player may want to use the M8000 as their main gun. This supposedly useless item is actually one of the most useful items in the game... in the right quantities. If no Special Effect slot is dedicated to this, RoF = 1. •RPGClassics Main Nearly all firearms in the game are associated with a model number.

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