===>>> oh my jac ... and you are wondering if its a soil issue .. lol. Any ideas? Some plants are very sensitive to halogens (chlorine, flourine, astatine). Phytophthora root rot and phytophthora canker are fungal infections that result from soggy soil or over-watering. He said that he really like the exterior of the house as is and all he would do is add a pergola to the right of the doorway. Does this look like a pest problem, root rot? I sprayed with Seven. (4) Consider same white lattice fence ()slightly higher than current) to replace current natural lattice fence in back of new furniture OR replace natural lattice with garden wall in interesting color such as I've been seeing on this site, maybe with short lattice strip across top. Thoughts? Wondering if this thing is suffering from low iron.Here's what I'm trying: I 've transplanted it close to a shadier place along the same fence but under a Spartan Juniper.I've found Plant Prod water soluable Chelated Iron at a local building store. The fungus spreads by moving water, so avoid overhead irrigation when possible. My second would be have any chemicals been used near them? I planted them (my husband dug the hole) and I followed instructions to mix half original soil with half potting soil I bought to throw back in the hole. It still gave me color in fall but there's something just not right. Hahaha I've always said my neighbor has an awful lawn and he is a landscaper! This another pieris whose leaves haven't fallen yet but are turning brown... And here is the lot of them planted approx. If you suspect phytophthora, look for reddish-brown cankers at the base of the branches. Other possibility is lacebug infestation which causes leaves to turn yellow and then ghostly white. 5 feet apart from each other. He also suggested large lanterns on either side of the garage door. The phytophthora fungus causes whole branches to wither and die and a general decline of the Pieris japonica. I will keep watch over them and see what happens next spring. So I had someone who specializes in exterior remodeling come over and he loved our house. Planting common bamboo in a container keeps it from "running", but it will also keep its overall height lower. Very strong stuff. Other possibility is lacebug infestation which causes leaves to turn yellow and then ghostly white. Please help! thank God you didnt start sprinkling them with vinegar and oil.. and a little feta ... again.. the 30 to 60 is not relevant ... IMHO ... if it were minus 30 to 60.. well .. lol .. do you know how to gauge when to water.. insert finger 2 to 3 inches.. do not water again.. until the soil is dry at 3 inches... and frankly.. that MIGHT NOT BE UNTIL SPRING ... its not a calender or a guessing thing.. insert finger ... when it is dry .. water until it is damp at 3 inches ... i am not happy that you amended the planting hole ... but what can you do now.. if the plants are warrantied.. you do what the warrantor tells you to do .. the future is all in the buds.. i have had evergreen plants.. lose every single leaf/needle the first winter.. and bud out and take off like normal.. the following spring.. i dont grow them.. but i am pretty sure .. they will take the minus 17 of z5 MI .. so quit worrying about 30 degrees.. He said that when we do replace it, we should replace it with cedar. Houzz Call: Please Show Us Your Summer Garden! South shore Long Island- then subsequently suffered a snowstorm, and weather that alternates from 30 degrees to 60 degrees any given day. Check the leaf undersides. Dig one up and check. He also liked the large hedges and said to just trim them down a foot in the Fall. On the bright side, I think these plants will probably look quite odd for a while, but will leaf out normally next spring. Gives our backyard complete privacy. I don't want to start adding things without knowing what's wrong.

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