Section II, or The Material Era, is comprised of 13 chapters and 93 subthemes. Self Transcendence-is the belief that there is a force outside of and greater than the person. When balanceis achieved, life becomes peaceful, joyful and harmonious. . These theories also share a focus on re- lationships, especially the relation between humanity and a Higher Power. Fowlers Stages of Faith Development Scientists and philosophers have done their best to overthrow the theories of common sense—as you’ll see by the ten examples below: Has this list opened your mind and stretched the possibilities of your perceptions? Category: Spiritual Theories Brida by Paulo Coelho ~ A Spiritual Review. They also describe incarnation and reincarnation of the spirit, its attributes, and the mechanisms of spiritual communication among others. theories or conceptual frameworks (Ruland & Moore, 1998, p. 170) or from established clinical guidelines (Good, 1998, p. 120). The Spiritual Theory is divided in 2 major sections: Section I or The Spiritual Era and Section 2 or The Material Era. No sense of … Brida, by Paulo Coelho is… Read more Brida … Posted in Book Reviews, Philosophy, and Spiritual Theories. “We are spiritual beings living temporarily attached to a physical body and evolving to greatest states of harmony.”. Tabl e 1 prese nts the ma jor theoretical Stage 7: Spirit. . For those with no knowledge in the spiritual science, the authors have created a Free Online Course in Spiritual Theory where those interested can learn the basic concepts necessary to better understand this proposal. Chapters 5 to 7 include a description of the events related to the loss of harmony of a gross mass of spirits, their fall to a lower vibrational dimension away from The Creator, and the catastrophic consequences that led to the fractioning of an uncountable number of them. However, as a scientific truth it can no longer stay out of this path since spiritual knowledge represents the other half of the story about who we are, why we are here, and what we are evolving into, among other factors. The midrange nursing theory of spiritual well-being in illness was derived from earlier conceptu-alizations in the area of spiritual well-being and also from the nursing model You experience Divine and Unity Consciousness. Basing his model on the theories of Piaget and Kohlberg, Fowler describes the stages through which individuals pass as their faith matures. The Nomadic Philosopher. Chapters 10 to 14 focus on describing: how and why all material structures of complexity—from biochemical systems to living cells—are inevitably associated with a spiritual component; where the intelligence of matter comes from; and how the fate of matter is determined by the spiritual component. These seven chapters will give the reader an idea about how we came into existence as spiritual beings and why we are now living a life hovering between love and hate, progress and destruction. Several things we take for granted as true are, in reality, patently false. ST is a scientific proposal that looks to explain the existence of the spirit, the Spiritual Dimension, and how they are related with the material world. This is probably the general conclusion emerging from The Spiritual Theory (ST), but in the process of explaining this conclusion, ST presents a detailed description of a wide variety of fascinating topics; they range from the creation of the spirit by The Creator and the nature of the different Vibrational Dimensions, to the origin of matter and the universe; from the role of the spirit in the origin and evolution of biological life to the mechanism of  incarnation, the path of information from spirit to matter and vice versa, and many more. The Spiritual Theory is divided in 2 major sections: Section I or The Spiritual Era and Section 2 or The Material Era. The authors present a very coherent hypothesis to explain how the spiritual particles fell from the spiritual to the material dimension; there they describe how the same mechanism explains the origin of incarnation and reincarnation at all levels of material complexity from protons and neutrons, to atoms and molecules, to cells and organs. Chapter 4 describes some concepts about The Creator, including the breathless experience of those mediums who have had the fascinating experience of describing His presence. The spiritual perspective discusses good and evil as they relate to suffering. In both works the use of mediumship or channeling has been crucial to access the Spiritual Dimension, a level of existence that is located way beyond the limits of the Material Dimension, hence, not accessible through conventional methods of scientific research. This first section depicts the events previous to the existence of matter and the universe and holds the key issues to understand what came later in the second section. Yes, it will. Here is a brief overview of theories derived from those broader categories. Pages in category "Metaphysical theories" The following 160 pages are in this category, out of 160 total. It tells of a journey of physico-spiritual evolution that ends in chapter 14 with the appearance of Homo sapiens and the incarnation of spiritual units like us. Some of us may quickly review these stages and determine that we are definitely in the final stage of both theories. It helps clients feel well and guides choices made throughout life. In chapters 8 and 9 the reader will find an interesting description about how the material dimension came into existence and where the Fundamental Particles of Matter originated. However, because you have learned to apply these profound skills and strategies, you are now uniquely prepared and empowered to address and resolve each new issue that … There is no longer any separation. Leave a Comment Brida by Paulo Coelho ~ A Spiritual Review . . Even an agnostic can develop spirituality without a firm belief in Deity. Chapter 17 explains the nature of the fluidic link, a structure responsible for the temporal union between spirit and matter; while chapter 18 describes the spiritual vibrational structure known as peribody. Section I or The Spiritual Era is composed of 7 chapters and 49 subthemes. Lizard People aka “Reptilians" Are Running the World - this is a very sci-fi, Hollywood variation on … It was precisely due to the spiritual fragmentation that Spiritual Particles originated, opening the way for the existence of matter and the universe itself. Article originally featured on and inspired by Insight and spiritual inspiration begin to grow, you hear the voice of the inner guru as the sixth chakra opens. A Christian might define spirituality as the quality of their relationship with Christ. No giver, given, or giving. He bases his stages on the work of Fowler. . Chapters 15 and 16 present a detailed description of The Mind and how this spiritual organ—key in the communication between spirit and matter—is formed along the evolutionary scale. This theory has been built based on facts about spiritual phenomena acquired initially nearly one hundred and fifty years ago by Allan Kardec and, later on, further developed by the Basilio Scientific School Association (BSSA), the school at which the authors came into contact with the spiritual phenomena.

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