While both devices are forged from the same materials, their over… If Google is going to reach any sort of market with the Pixelbook Go, they’ll need to price it to sell. The Pixel Slate is the first tablet Google's released since 2013, and it's also been confirmed to be the company's last. We loved the Pixelbook when it was first released and still love it just as much today. Let’s weigh things out. There are a few niche cases where the Pixelbook Go makes for a worthy upgrade — most notably the 4K display — but there are also some places where the original Google Pixelbook is still superior — such as convertibility. The Pixel Slate weighs in at 1.6 pounds (2.9 pounds with Pixel Slate Keyboard) and measures 11.5 x … While any improvement is a good thing, this minor CPU boost isn’t worth running out and upgrading to the Pixelbook Go for just yet, but we’ll know more once it properly releases. Longer update support could easily be something of a selling point for the Pixelbook Go. Unless another really good Pixel Slate deal comes out, the Pixelbook Go is a good choice. On the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, the only way to get 16 GB of RAM is to buy the top-of-the-line model with an Intel Core i7 processor, each retailing at around $1,600. Our sources haven’t confirmed this to be the case, but visual evidence currently points to the Pixelbook Go being a traditional clamshell Chromebook. The best way to think of the Pixel Slate is first and foremost as a tablet. When the Pixel Slate launched, it was faced with a lot of software bugs in tablet mode. In late June, the company announced that it was officially done making tablets and is shifting its focus over to laptops. While Google didn't provide a reason for this decision, it's widely believed to be a result of the various bugs Chrome OS continues to have with the tablet form factor and the overwhelmingly poor reception that the Pixel Slate was met with. With last year’s Pixel Slate and this year’s Pixel 4 phones, Google has begun to depart from that style, deciding to no longer include the “window” design. While we know there won't be another Pixel Slate coming down the pipe, a Pixelbook 2 is expected to be announced at some point before the year is over. Learn more. Its aluminum and glass design still looks downright fantastic, the 12.3-inch LCD screen is sharp and colorful, and the backlit keyboard is comfortable and easy to use. Along with the thick bezels and lack of a fingerprint sensor, the only other thing that could prove to be a downside is that the Pixelbook is using older Intel 7th Gen Series processors. The Pixelbook Go also has a different shape because of its traditional 16:9 aspect ratio, which gives it a wider but more narrow frame than the Pixelbook and its 3:2 aspect ratio. It’s a fast, smart way to get answers and help with tasks. In real world scenarios, Pixelbook go will ultimately perform better than the slate and scaling in Crostini with the 1080p screen is better. The Pixel Slate has gotten a lot better since it was first released, but the fact of the matter is that Chrome OS still feels awkward on a tablet form factor. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about how stylish of a device the Pixelbook Go may or may not be. The new Pixelbook Go is not going to compete with the Pixelbook or Pixel Slate as it targets the mass market with more of a media focus while the … Going forward, however, just keep in mind that Google's already given up on creating future tablets due to the Pixel Slate's less-than-favorable reception. Just press and hold Pixelbook Pen’s button, then circle images or text on your Pixel Slate. Based on what we know so far, will the newer Pixelbook Go be worth the upgrade over Google’s original offering? P40 Pro and more, Google's already given up on future tablets. By comparison, the biggest change in the upcoming Pixelbook Go is that it will almost certainly not be a convertible. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Sure, the bezels are a little thick by today's standards and the lack of a fingerprint sensor isn't ideal, but those are about the only real issues we can think of for the Pixelbook. Not all of the UI elements were optimized for touch, animations in tablet mode were choppy, and everything just felt like it could use a few more minutes in the oven. Recently, people have been paying more attention to the fact that Chromebooks come with a built-in expiration date, usually at least five years away, after which your device will no longer receive updates. Discover the best Huawei Black Friday deals! Here are the best wireless mice for Chromebooks! Assuming Google prices this well-balanced mid-range model far lower than $1,600, it may be worth upgrading from the original Pixelbook to get more RAM. The Pixel Slate also delivers full support for the Pixelbook Pen, 12 hours of battery life, and the excellent build quality we've come to expect from Google's hardware. Chrome OS runs really well on the Pixelbook, including the full desktop browsing experience you get with Google Chrome. No one wants to be the guy pulling out an old, boxy cinderblock of a laptop in public. For what it’s worth, the Google Pixel Slate and the original Pixelbook have both been given an End of Life date of June 2024. It is the first to feature Google Assistant built-in as well as a dedicated button to launch the assistant. As a tablet, the Pixel Slate features an aluminum backing in “Midnight Blue” with a beautiful screen — more details on that later — on the front. Google Pixelbook vs. Pixelbook Go: Will it be worth the upgrade. Something else we're not too keen on is that you have to throw down another $199 for Google's official keyboard cover. If you want a Chromebook that you can use for school, work, and play, the Pixelbook delivers a better overall experience and is a much better value for the money. On that front, the original Google Pixelbook is a very striking laptop, because it manages to perfectly capture the classic “Google Pixel” style seen on the phones. While the Pixelbook is a laptop that can also be used as a tablet, the Pixel Slate is a tablet that can be used as a laptop. Got a tip or want to chat? But sometimes, a wireless mouse can come in handy when you're navigating through multiple documents and spreadsheets or playing a round of intense video games. The folio design that Google went for makes it virtually impossible to use the Pixel Slate with its keyboard on your lap, which isn't great for commuting. Now, it’s looking like Google has a new laptop, the Pixelbook Go, in the works for later this year. It has a great design, one of the best keyboards we've ever tested, and can easily be folded back into a makeshift tablet. However, the Pixelbook Go will use the exact same processors found in the various models of Pixel Slate, excluding the Celeron. As redundant as that sounds, it makes a big difference in day-to-day use. We don’t know whether or not the Google Pixelbook Go, being newer, will have an additional year or two of update support, or if it will be given the same June 2024 End of Life date as its close sibling the Pixel Slate. By far and away, the most exciting upgrade the Pixelbook Go offers compared to all Made by Google Chromebooks before it is the optional Ultra HD 4K “Molecular Display.” With this display and its traditional 16:9 aspect ratio, the Pixelbook Go is perfectly designed to watch 4K movies anywhere you go. If I could use the rest of this article to rave about the typing experience on the Pixelbook, I would. For an in-depth look at the difference, check out this comparison between the eMMC and NVMe models of Microsoft Surface Go. In the two years since the Pixelbook first released, Google has added a ton of new features to Chrome OS. Add that together with the fact that Google's publicly admitted that it's done making tablets due to the Pixel Slate's failure, and it becomes a harder and harder sell. It's a good typing experience, but only if you're using the Pixel Slate on a desk or table. If you're looking to buy a Chrome OS machine, it's hard to go wrong with Google's own products. While most Chromebooks feature eMMC-style storage, the i7 Pixelbook packed an impressive NVMe solid state drive. The biggest question mark on the Google Pixelbook Go right now is pricing. While the Pixelbook is a laptop that can also be used as a tablet, the Pixel Slate is a tablet that can be used as a laptop.

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