The contemporary bridges drop right on to any traditional vintage specification Telecaster® converting it to an adjustable 6 (brass or steel) saddle intonatable bridge removing the need for compensated saddles. They recovered a little in the late 80s, but never really reached the heights they were at. It can’t be denied that some players like the idea of a Telecaster more than the actuality. If you wanted to buy a butterscotch American Telecaster, it would cost you three times the price of the Player series. But, let’s not get too excited. I will have to admit this was the area where I thought would have a good old rant but no. It is a Fender — the feel of it and its styling. The Fender reputation went out of the window in ’65, and now we see endless attempts at recovery. The Telecaster headstock is in a traditional shape, and there are six standard Fender sealed machine heads. That twangy single-coil sound. Fender certainly seems to have made a bit more of an effort with this than some of the previous incarnations. Do you own a Fender Telecaster guitar? However, you may not be aware of the fact that you can change and replace your bridge in order to change the tone and the sounds you’re creating, helping you find the perfect notes for you to perform the song you’ve had in your mind for weeks, possibly even months! – CHECK HERE. A classic iconic style that is timeless. In fact, my ’83 Japanese made Precision is way better than the American equivalent these days. Many of us can’t deny though they lost their way post-1965. While this set doesn’t include the bridge itself, or any pickup mounting hardware, it does come with a durable and, quite frankly, utterly superior chrome-plated bridge plate with the six adjustable ‘block-style’ saddles that you’ll need in order to connect your strings. Black Friday Deals – Save Up to 96%! Since this is ‘full-contact’ hardware, this means the bridge can make direct contact with every component that your existing bridge does, ensuring there’s absolutely no lapse in your sound quality and fits perfectly ensuring there’s no ‘wiggle’ movement or fault, especially when you’re playing and jamming till the sun comes up! However, what we really love about this Telecaster bridge is the fact that each saddle in the unit is adjustable, allowing you to find the exact settings you’re looking for, as well as giving you the unique opportunity to experiment with your own sounds to see what else you can find! Some people, mostly Gibson fans, think the Tele is a one-trick pony with a lot of twangs and nothing else. They have done ok, because the pickups generate a good sound. So, let’s have a closer look at what Fender has done with this latest Telecaster…. But it is a good sound. Its my first time i have Bent Steel Saddles, compared to Standard MiM it take time to get string through bridge. I tend to think, ‘what have they done to it now.’ But there is no need to panic. I think for the sake of balance and to find a little fault that they skimped in the hardware area a little. A Tele lead tone will be bright and piercing, and it must cut through the combination with conviction. As soon as I write that about a Fender, a shiver goes down my spine. It take time before you can get string throught it. It all gets a little confusing. Description: Official Fender Player Telecaster Chrome Hardware Set- Includes Modern 6 Saddle Bridge, "F" Logo Plate, Fender Logo Tuners, Control Plate, Knobs and Output Jack- Complete Set- Genuine Fender. A Tele lead tone will be bright and piercing, and it must cut through the combination with conviction. They are not vintage at all. Thankfully. Anyway, here we have a Player series Telecaster to look at…. The question to be asked is this. For the final bridge plate to enter our list, we’ve chosen a model that can bring you just as much function as it can when it comes to style. Despite being one of the most premium bridges on this list, and indeed the market, this is really the only bridge you’re ever going to need, and it comes graciously with everything you need for the best sound and the best fit. Neck Pickup: The neck pickups on a traditional Tele are meant to have warm and smooth tones with a great deal of attack. Synthetic bone is a plastic. Or if you fancy something else from Fender, how about the Fender Duo Sonic, the Fender American Professional Jazzmaster, or the Fender Player Stratocaster. Make sure you’re taking into account and consideration things like your budget and the exact level of quality and performance that you’re looking for. If you’re shopping for your next bridge replacement, but you’ve got quality and durability in mind, then it might be worth turning your attention to this bridge assembly kit by Fender themselves. However, this high-quality build is a little different to many of the rest of the bridge assembly kits that you’ll find. Let’s just join the real world for a second. Finally, add the black scratchplate, and it gets ‘the look.’ And it does look impressive. Neck Pickup: The neck pickups on a traditional Tele are meant to have warm and smooth tones with a great deal of attack. No change over the last few years. As you were. If you’ve already started your search, you’ll see that there is a ton of options available, which can make it very difficult to choose the ideal one for you. So often they have with some other instruments. You know the sound that disappeared when CBS reared its head. But whichever you choose, you’re going to need a set of the Best Electric Guitar Strings and one of the Best Guitar Cables to go with it. The modern ‘C’ is just a traditional C shape with a slightly flattened back. Instead, here’s a handful of bridge pickups that cover every type of Tele sound you desire, from classic twang and sparkle to modern sizzling, meaty tones. It has through the body stringing with a hardtail bridge system. Strap buttons are fitted, and there is a very slight bevel to the edge of the body. The bridge though has block saddles, which will help the intonation and adds a bit to the overall sound. Gladly this Tele has Hard Tail Bridge (strings going through a body), in my opinion, this sits in the middle of ashtray and tune-o-Matic-bridge, being relatively comfortable. This is because of the slightly flattened ‘flat oval’ neck shape. I like how it looks and how it sounds. Note: If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you. If you are used to a Telecaster and already play one, it is going to feel slightly different. But more on the sound later. Have they cut corners on the hardware. This is good and justifies bearing the illustrious name of Fender Telecaster. Coming in at the lower end, more affordable end of the market, this is an ideal bridge for guitarists who are starting out, on a budget or need a quick fix; this could be the model for you. It feels tough and ‘road-ready.’. It does though, make it a little easier for a younger, less experienced player. Condition: Mint. The telecaster bridge will provide you the lead tone you’re searching for. Created to replace the old standard series Fenders, this is their latest idea to get players on the Fender treadmill.

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