I generally bake mine to around 180° and they're never dried out. The Plete To Burger Blends First We Feast. Wet your hands with cold water and very gently mix … Whenever I serve my Belgian meatballs, they’re always met with rave reviews. They should be thoroughly cooked, to at least 160°F on a meat thermometer. Burgers are good all year round, but especially in the summer. We keep your email address confidential. Feel free to share my recipes by way of links, ensuring credit to Marlene Cornelis or Urban Cottage Life.com. If … © Marlene Cornelis/Urban Cottage Life.com/Life Through the Kitchen Window 2011–2020. And, they last two to three months this way. ❧ relaxed hospitality ….. Pre-heat the oven to 375℉. You may not use the photos or text on this site without permission from me. I’m a home cook and recipe development enthusiast. Urban Cottage Life is a friendly place, but there are some disclaimers and rules. How To Make Delicious Beef & Pork Burgers. The meat releases some fat as it's browning, so a lot of butter isn't necessary. Put the meat balls on it with some space around each. I’ve been freezing raw burger patties for years. (Early as in my food photography skills were rudimentary at best.) ❧ scratch cooking Adjust the salt, pepper and nutmeg as needed. Cut according to the size of burger you want. Place all the browned patties on the prepared baking tray. Place all the ingredients except the butter in a large bowl. A meat expert and butcher with over 40 years experience in meat preparation and butchery training. I'm here to help people learn more about quality meat and how to cut it efficiently and profitably. I can't believe so few people have reviewed this recipe. Then, using a large fork or your hands, mix until... Divide the mixture into eight portions and form into patties… Your email address will not be published. The best meat to use in this beef and pork burger recipe is: For the Beef: regular ground chuck. Shape into eight 3/4-in thick patties. Press each of the meat balls down with the burger press. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The mixture of pork and beef creates a rich burger, and the hint of nutmeg adds an aura of mysteriousness. This technique means I can easily individually remove as many as I need. Divide the mixture into eight portions and form into patties. Line a baking tray with parchment paper. If you’re unsure about the seasoning, form a small patty from a tablespoon of the mixture and fry it so you can taste it. How to make burgers bbc good food 6 best venison burger recipes y jalapeno pepper jelly and basil how to grill burgers the best smoked how to grill burgers the best smoked. Modern Scratch Living is ….. Click Welcome! Somehow this doesn’t surprise me. I do my best to make sure the recipes I present are accurate, but typos and mistakes can happen. Take approximately ½-3/4 cup of meat and shape it until it is approximately 1cm thick. These Pork & Beef Burgers are a riff on a favourite family recipe. I’m not trained as a chef, nutritionist, dietician, or food storage expert and the information I provide here does not constitute professional advice. Not that it’s difficult to roll meatballs, mind you, but I was thinking of slapping that mixture of ground pork and beef scented with nutmeg into patties. Repeat for the remaining patties. Beef Pork Burger Ratio. I rarely barbecue these days, but I’m sure these patties would grill up beautifully. I've made it at least a half dozen times and consider it my go to burger recipe. Mixing the ingredients. Look for an 80/20 mix of meat and fat. At this stage, you’re not cooking them through. ❧ modern twists on classics The mixture of pork and beef creates a rich burger, and the hint of nutmeg adds an aura of mysteriousness. the word "lard" in the description made me pass over the recipe on my first search for a beef pork combo burger! I'm also a blogger. While you might want to cook a batch of these Pork & Beef Burgers right away, consider the convenience of having ready-to-cook patties in the freezer whenever a burger craving strikes. Looking back, I see that two of my early posts on the blog were for burgers. Serve on the buns of your choice with a selection of condiments and fixin's. Crumble beef and pork over the mixture and mix well. Once they’re solid, I transfer them to a freezer-safe container. (That’s what I did!) One day it occurred to me that I could get that same great flavour without all that rolling, rolling, rolling of individual meatballs. They just may become a favourite for you and yours too. The first was for chicken & turkey burgers, and the second was for beef burgers with wintry toppings. happen in the kitchen), food safety issues or ingredient costs if a recipe fails. Place all the ingredients except the butter in a large bowl. Cooking can be a risky business, so please educate yourself on safe techniques and practices. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Ground Beef And Pork Burger Recipe Cooks With Tails. Urban Cottage Life (formerly Life Through the Kitchen Window) is protected by copyright and all rights are reserved. In fact, they’ll be crowding round as soon as they smell that mouthwatering aroma as you pull a tray of burgers like these out of the oven. I'm Dave Lang. I’ve been preparing them as I learned to make those meatballs: browned in butter in a skillet and then finished in the oven. Ron D Rating: 5 stars 02/24/2019. to learn more. Spread out your burger mix into a level, neat rectangle. You can also use ground sirloin or ground sirlon for extra beefy … © Marlene Cornelis/UrbanCottageLife.com 2020. I make them fairly think but quite large (4–5 inches) in diameter because they'll swell up during cooking. Just make sure they're thoroughly cooked (to at least 160°F or beyond). Lay a sheet of clingfilm out on your work surface. Don’t buy the lean ground, you want a decent amount of fat in the burgers. When you taste one, you just may forget about the barbecue. Add four of the patties and brown them well on both sides. The directions are for cooking the burgers on the stovetop and finished in the oven, but you could make them on the barbecue too. For optional extra flavour, add about 1/3 cup finely chopped onion to the meat mixture and/or a few tablespoons of ketchup. Add all ingredients together in a mixing bowl and combine until well mixed. And although I don’t call them burgers, these Salmon, Potato & Lentil Cakes are a different spin on the burger concept. Pre-heat the oven to 375℉. Grill uncovered or medium-hot heat for 9-12 minutes or until juices run clear, turning occasionally. In a large mixing bowl combine the ground pork, chorizo, bacon slices, onion, garlic, parsley, cumin and black pepper. I place the shaped patties on a parchment paper-covered tray and put it into the freezer. Marketing. P.s. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And so my Pork & Beef Burgers came to be. Then, using a large fork or your hands, mix until everything is well incorporated. Learn how your comment data is processed. Over medium high heat, melt half of the butter in a large skillet. After all, if a Belgian meatball is delicious, how much better might it in a bun with classic burger toppings? Add your email address and we'll send new posts right to your inbox! You may print recipes for your own use. Serve on buns with desired toppings. Continue until you have finished all the burger mix. Not everyone will be able to identify that subtle flavour, but they’ll know they like it. I am not responsible for any mishaps you incur as a result of the information on this blog, such as injuries (cuts, burns, etc. Bake in the oven for 20–25 minutes. Line a baking tray with parchment paper. In a bowl, combine the beef, pork, mustard, egg (optional) Worcestershire sauce, miso, garlic powder and onion powder and mix. While the recipe is written for 8 burgers, you could easily stretch it to at least 10.

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