The level of engineering on the bridge and tailpiece is stunning, with "raw brass" saddles, screws and thumbwheels. Not to say that the McCarty S2 594s were cheap per se. Actually the LPC is around 4500 new and PRS is anywhere from 3.8k to 6k or more depending on wood etc. Vintage style meets modern PRS construction. There's a lot of spec here, so where's best to start? This build is exclusive to Core 594 models and these 2020 S2 594s. A little overdriven crunch reveals some classic SG behaviour – that bite, the growl, the effervescent. The switching options make for happy tone-hunting. The 594 and 594 Singlecut are maple-topped with a Pattern Vintage neck shape, while the 594 Thinline features a thinner, all-mahogany, one-piece body and Pattern Thin neck shape. S2 Thinline The regular McCarty, lest we forget, is 25 on the nose. They'll still blow your mind. It’s a guitar with a lineage from the PRS Mira, but this Thinline has the proverbial rocket up its backside. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? The wiring is modern-style. Where the Thinline pokes through the mix is in that midrange. Though much like their Pattern profile, PRS’s Pattern Vintage carve is slightly thicker to fill your hand in just the right way; we’ve found it works equally well for both thumb-over and thumb-under fretting techniques. Please refresh the page and try again. There are no treble-bleed caps on the volume controls but there is a pull-switch on the tone control for a coil-split. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The 594 is the closest PRS veers towards the classic ‘vintage-aimed’ Gibson recipe. Our third design here, the Thinine, is clearly aimed at SG territory. Who is the best acoustic guitarist of 2020? The Singlecut offers a lot of that hefty LP vibe but with the coil-split you will find some off-the-map tones. Its proportions are of a piece with PRS. The 594 is the closest PRS veers towards the classic ‘vintage-aimed’ Gibson recipe. But whichever you dress up this trio of S2 McCarty 594s, they are testament to PRS's ability to downsize without attenuating the awesome feel and tone of its instruments, and it is putting more and more pro-quality instruments within reach of the average player. It’s all about the details. Bath You will receive a verification email shortly. PRS’s first four-control layout was a different diamond shape. It translates well when the humbuckers are engaged – it's a warm, organic and supple tone, but with plenty of definition. Being able to mix, say, the neck's single-coil with the full humbucker of the bridge is a huge deal. The bridge has wide-topped brass saddles and is nickel-plated cast zinc. The warm, familiar tone of the S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut is further supported by its construction specifications and design. Each of the tone controls have a pull-switch to independently split the pickups. As with all the S2 (and SE) guitars, the ‘S’ pickups are PRS-designed and made offshore. Maybe that is part of its appeal; it wears the metallic blue finish well. It's thematically apt that the svelte, maple-free Thinline body is matched by a Pattern Thin neck profile that's super-speedy, measuring just 21mm deep at the 1st fret, with a mild taper seeing it widen to 23mm at the 12th (slightly less tapered than the Pattern profile as seen on the Core McCarty 2020 model). These guitars cover a lot of sonic ground, true to the McCarty 594 platform, whether played straight through an amplifier or run through a pedal board. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The S2 McCarty Singlecut 594 has a neck feel that maximizes your performance and comfort with PRS’s asymmetrical Pattern Vintage profile. Designed to fit fashionably with a tuxedo. On all three, the fingerboards are edge-bound and although the fretwire gauge is pretty much identical to that used on the Core McCarty in terms of width, it is marginally lower in height, again subtly altering the playing feel. We guarantee that the monetary investment in this PRS will be rewarded with tone, playability and jealous gazes aplenty! Starting at £1,649 for the S2 594 Thinline, with the S2 594 Singlecut and double-cut McCarty S2 584 priced £1,849, these are not guitars for beginners, but they are genuine US-built PRS guitars costing around half the price of the Core models, and similar to other US production line instruments from the likes of Fender and Gibson. The Singlecut's body is 3mm deeper than the S2 McCarty 594, and with both sharing a 13mm maple cap, that switches up the mahogany/maple ratio in favour of the former, and we'd expect that to play out in the Singlecut's tone. There are three guitars in the series: the S2 McCarty 594, the S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut and the McCarty 594 Thinline. All rights reserved. Increased versatility from controls and coil-independent splits. Smart switching makes for maximum versatility. And wasn't that the original selling point for the LPC? Indeed, the Singlecut shares much of the build and appointments of the S2 McCarty 594 and the Thinline. Although locking tuners are synonymous with PRS guitars (both vibrato and hardtail), all these S2 594 models go for vintage-style non-locking tuners. Bridge pickup to bridge pickup, well, it’s very close, both sounding less honky or spiky than the Seth Lovers or Burstbuckers of our Knaggs and Gibson references, a little more refined. The Singlecut might aim at the Les Paul, but the single-coil voicings open up way more subtle shades hinting at pre-humbucker P-90-like voices that are underpinned by a very solid tonal foundation: for older, snappier classic electric blues, it’s a combination that’s really appealing. The S2 594, meanwhile, parks itself on the Core McCarty's lawn. PRS S2 McCarty Thinline 594 – MusicRadar rating 9/10 (Image credit: Future / Neil Godwin) Measuring some 43mm deep, the Thinline is – as the name suggests – the thinnest build here. Well, how about a quick explainer as to the name. How do they fare in the flesh? It's a toss up for me but the LPC has the look.

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