The only PRS guitar that I've ever owned was a Starla and I kick myself every day for selling it. The electronics are mounted on the pickguard, just like the US versions. It was a fantastic guitar! This may be controversial, but they are the sound that I have searched for nearly thirty years to find. The Mira and Starla models have a large following in the classic US-built PRS line up. 1 of 2 Go to page. atomicmoondog Member. The Mira comes loaded with PRS SE 85/15 “S” pickups, whereas the Starla comes with the DS-02 treble and bass pickups. Look out for a full report in issue 371 of Guitarist, on sale 26 July. Jun 7, 2016 #1 I am curious what are the differences between these two guitars. How much do they weigh? Now, following on that success, PRS has introduced the Starla, Mira’s exuberant little sister. Would it be possible to delve into the USA Starla pickups in particular, especially how they may differ from a "typical" humbucker? Go. Jun 7, 2016 #2 … These designs deliberately diverge from the classic PRS profile, offering a retro vibe and captivating voice for players who prefer their rock a little left of center. My original thought is to get the new PRS SE Starla that is coming out. PRS S2 Starla. Categories; Brands; Versus; EN. This guitar, which was unveiled in late 2008, offers a number of new features that depart not only from our ideas about what PRS is up to, but from the Mira as well. It wouldn't involve any drilling, so it is pretty non-invasive. It covered many different types of music for me. sgguitarzz Member. Messages 453. It comes a year after the Knaggs-designed Mira that first signalled an attempt by PRS to court a different style of player. PRS Mira. Anyone using one? What about the pickup config? PRS S2 Starla Check Price & Reviews. EN PL DE. If the Starla began with the idea of a singlecut Mira, it certainly didn’t stop there. However, I have used my Les Paul and SC245 in the past in worship groups with great success, so should I just put a Vibramate on one of those guitars? Comparison of PRS Mira and PRS S2 Starla based on specifications, reviews and ratings. It seems PRS is going forwards and backwards at the same time.Introduced at the recent Experience PRS event, the Starla is another Joe Knaggs design. Share on. It's $699 and almost a no brainer since this will be a gigging guitar. A New Standard: SE Mira and SE Starla Stoptail The Mira and Starla models have a storied past in the PRS line up, and as two of the newest SE Series models, they look to have a bright future as well. In my humble opinion, they are the best pickup to date from PRS. I currently have Starla pickups in ALL seven of my PRS guitars. We know they are both solid mahogany bodied guitars with stop tail designs. I'm not sure the difference in the X vs Non-X deal. Thread starter sgguitarzz; Start date Jun 7, 2016; 1; 2; Next. Messages 2,170. PRS Mira vs PRS S2 Starla. PRS S2 - Vela vs Mira. PRS Mira Check Price & Reviews. It was very much it's own beast, but to me it was kind of like an SG-Gretsch love child. PRS SE Mira and Starla models. In an exclusive ‘first play’ test we get our hands on the new S2 Custom, Starla and Mira to report our first impressions. Read more: PRS Paul’s Guitar . The prices are about the same. Next Last.

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