Once you have a whole jar of wadis, you can easily add them to veggies or rice. This can be served as a side with your dal-rice. Jeera Aloo. the vadis are also added to potatoes to make the Aloo wadi sabzi.. At home I generally add the wadis to lauki/bottle gourd and make the famous Punjabi dish of Lauki wadiyan and the Mooli wadi sabzi (radish & wadi sauted together). Vegetables are of great importance die to their nutritional value.It’s an art to make vegetables with great taste. Masala Bharwan Karela. Fried mix veg sabzi With step by step photos – This is a delicious Punjabi style fried mix veg sabji with paneer. There is a huge list of recipes of Punjabi subzi.Urdu Point provides Punjabi vegetarian recipes.To avoid language barrier Urdu Point gives vegetable recipes in Urdu.Urdu Point provides the Punjabi sabji menu for those who doesn’t know about them. Super easy and quick to make it. https://www.archanaskitchen.com/punjabi-style-spicy-arbi-sabji-recipe https://mytastycurry.com/punjabi-aloo-gajar-matar-sabzi-recipe Simple dry sabzi, dry Indian vegetables. All of these are healthy and can be eaten on regular basis. Achari Bhindi. aloo ki sabzi Indian potato curry recipe. Sabzi Recipes (Dry vegetables or sukhi sabji) Find here the Collection of 50+ Indian dry vegetables aka sukhi sabzi recipes. Sukhi Sabzis Recipes, Dry Indian Vegetables, Sukhi Sabji recipes. Aloo ki sabji, also refered to as aloo tamatar ki sabzi or aalu ki sabji is a very popular Indian curry dish. Punjabi Sabzi recipes. This fried mix veg recipe has the typical Punjabi flavor and taste to it. https://mytastycurry.com/mixed-vegetable-sabzi-recipe-home-style-simple-curry Suran Sabji. So, there you have it – it is a potato curry recipe made with Indian spices. Mix vegetable recipes are made in south India as well as in north India. Always a great hit, potatoes and spinach come together yet again, in a Punjabi version of Aloo Palak recipe. This goes perfect with roti/phulka or tawa paratha. We make the Punjabi wadi chawal or rice. Sukhi Arbi Fry. Bhindi Bhaji (Bhendi Chi Bhaji) Aloo Bhindi. aloo palak recipe | Punjabi style aloo palak sabzi | aloo palak sukhi sabzi| with amazing 15 images. We have a large collection of sukhi or dry Indian vegetables from simple dry sabzi, healthy dry sabzi and Indian regional dry sabzis. The word aloo translates to “potato” and sabji or sabzi translates to “curry”. This recipe … Everyday subzi fpor lunch or dinner.

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