Placement isn't that big of a deal. share. Food for thought, if you can spare another $60 Behringer sells a pair of pencil condensers that's actually work just fine as OH. This is very similar to Moses Schneider's "Wurst" technique. And for snare drums, there’s ONE mic that is …, I've only ever done this with live sound but I used the same technique and have been happy with it. If you can get your hands on a mic with an omnidirectional pickup pattern and place it just over the batter side of the kick (referred to as as a “crotch mic”), you can get wondrous results. It’s one of the most 3 dimensional instruments because the sounds emanate from sources which can be as much as a meter apart. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the audioengineering community. Minimalist Miking. The Mic Placement. Depending on what your music is like and how complicated your drum parts are, you could try playing one drum at a time and close micing each drum as you do so. Close. It is in fact very possible to get great-sounding drum tracks with only a few choice microphones. Use some multi band compression if you like to get a consistent midrange and you might have some fun with it. If not, try to tame reflections with absorptive materials scattered around the room. Do you mean just using one instead of two or is that a different kind of condenser? share. If not, try to tame reflections with absorptive materials scattered around the room. If the kit sounds good with one mic, then it's just all about phase from there on out. Joe Shambro. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Sometimes I go so far as to duplicate the track and use one for the lower end (toms and kick) and the other for high (snare and cymbals). As long as you keep the overhead a sensible distance from the cymbals you should be golden! The mic is between the two toms (assuming a standard kit). Close. In this guide, we'll cover the basics of recording drums in your studio. Company needs to start making a jockstrap mic stand for this. Try using an omni or a figure of 8 microphone right above the kick drums. Press J to jump to the feed. Today, engineers are using Royer ribbons all over the drum kit and as room mics. Play All | Info | Get me on Chrome / Firefox. You will not get enough kick drum in the mix. if it can be made to sound right with one mic that’s great. I have a sennheiser E602 cardioid mic which I generally put inside the bass drum, and I use an sm57 as an overhead which I aim primarily at the snare/hats. Then we move that to another part of the room and do the same thing. repeat the process a few times and then listen back to see what your favorite is. Place drums in a good sounding room. [found this video a while ago and it works really well!] Any particular kinds of omni mics that would work better/worse in this scenario? So with a 4-channel setup, this is the next mic I recommend adding. I'm trying to record a kit with just one sm58, any recommendations on how to make it sound good? Crown PZM, no question. The back of the mic is pointed at the cymbals on the drummer's right side, keeping those cymbals under control. The Best Mics for Recording Bass Guitar and Kick Drums; Up next… 3. If there’s not enough bass drum in the balance then that would be a good reason to add a bass drum mic, for example. Could be anywhere, in front of the kit, over the drummers shoulder. This gives me plenty of kick, a punchy snare and some non-invasive overhead but it depends a lot on your room and the drummer’s ability to control dynamics. The rack tom shields the mic from the cymbals on the drummer's left, keeping the cymbal sound under control. Due to the number of channels on our desk, my band currently only uses two mics for the drums. Tune the drums. I would try a few different things. Recording drums with one Shure SM58? Anyway, are there any tips anyone can give me regarding this technique? Products, practices, and stories about the profession or hobby of recording, editing, and producing audio. That'll work and you can easily find samples of it online. Place an overhead microphone behind the drum kit. While standard professional drum-recording scenarios involve at least eight or nine microphones, history has colorfully proven that quite the contrary can also be just as kosher. I have the condenser mic that comes with the Scarlett interface and am wondering where I should place the mic and how I should mix the track. The mic of choice for most recording engineers when recording a kick drum is a dynamic mic. It’s often best to record anything with as few mics as POSSIBLE. If it's not a great sounding room, you'll want it somewhere really close like BLUElightCory suggested. No matter where you place the mic, you can reduce the amount of boominess that you get from the drum by placing a pillow or blanket inside the drum. 61. It’s either NECESSARY or it’s not. The AT2035 will do the job, but it will pick up all of the room reflections in the process. Ah, should've known the Vulf fellas would have a solution. if the drums sound great from where you're sitting, put an XY over your shoulder. A couple feet in front of the kick, shifted over so it's in line with the snare. Also is a small isolated space preferable or could you get a good sound in a big room too? I once played in a jam with just that mic recording us. Raising the mic causes your drums to sound somewhat distant. Archived. Just try a bunch of things and pick your favorite. try experimenting. You probably won't want to have the mic on one side or the other, unless you want a deliberately unbalanced sound. Finally, in recording applications, there are often room mics (either a single mono mic or a stereo pair, or both), which are placed back from the kit to capture the sound of the drums interacting with the room acoustics.

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