Humidity Sensitive. Sometimes, recording comes back to personal taste, and what you said about it picking up the high-end this could be a plus for some, and a minus for others Cheers. expensive and doesn’t really sound “better”, it makes up for that increase in is also something that works well with acoustic guitars, since that high-end Both require 48v Phantom power via mixer or audio interface. To be honest, I’d go with the NT1a almost every single time. One reviewer said he was missing the ring for mounting on a standard shock-mount, separate from the one provided. It’s more technique and EQ than anything else. It would be wise to invest in a separate one. Some reviewers claim the mic sounds cheap without a lot of EQ. Seem to get a lot of love and the SM7B is a fantastic all around piece. The NT2-A carries on the tradition forged by the now legendary RØDE NT2. If I were forced to choose between the 3 you mentioned in your other comment, the C214 is the best out of those. I would like to get the best mic that suits a male, soft vocals, within 350 dollars range. Is the Nt2 not as well equipped for softer sounds? Competes with mics that are way out of it’s price range. A really versatile mic that is at it’s best with vocals. all those features. One thing to know, don’t even think about recording with this mic using your standard computer speakers. NT2a’s polar patterns to do some mid-side recording, or good is because it will give you a very accurate representation of what is What does Sibilant mean? By many accounts, this mic is actually better than the NT1A, but does cost more. In some cases, you can take advantage of these polar patterns at times depending on the source. bit darker, then check out the Rode NT1. Ich könnte jetzt noch einige weitere technische Daten anführen, … It has a natural sound, with a nice added warmth, but doesn’t really color the sound in anyway. I like that your review wasn’t biased, and showed both sides. it having a bit of a harshness, or high frequency/presence boost, which is Records very clean. There’s so many options and people have luck with an array of mics. One thing that really stood out to me was the 10 year warranty that can be bought through Rode’s website. I was originally going to just go with the Nt1. Expect to have this for a long time. Honestly you’ll be happy with any of these. Written by Rob Wreglesworth. Trust me, I know from experience in having a Samson C01. It’s not the type of piece that you can just casually record with. Product Comparison: Rode NT1A vs Rode NT2-A. Before we get started, grab a snack, sit back and relax because.. Now without further ado, let’s get rolling! His sense of humour, coupled with a knack for excellence and strict attention to detail are what allow him to stand out in a crowded industry.”, Topping E30/L30 vs. iFi Zen CAN Signature 6XX, Tonor TC-777 USB Condenser Microphone Review & Shootout, FiiO BTR3K vs. BTR5 vs. DragonFly Red [Which Is Best For YOU?!]. would expect from a microphone in this price range…. If you have a Scarlett 2i2 or 2i4, or plan to get either, this will be a great choice. A fantastic mic, though I dubbed it the barbell, and had plenty of problems using a standard On-stage brand stand with it. Both of these microphones are a staple in todays recording The presence boost could make your recordings too Let me know what you’re thinking about this and what your budget is. A durable mic with a rock solid 10 year warranty (purchased through Rode’s website). on their website, you will get a 10-year warranty… yes, 10 years! boost really opens up the higher frequencies, making the guitar sound better. Both can be purchased with that sweet 10 year warranty through Rode’s website. Thanks again. The NT1A sounds warm in comparison to the NT1 due to the clear bump in 100 – 200 Hz range. as well as tell you their differences, and lastly which one I think you should We can also see that the mid-highs are slightly more exaggerated in the NT1A. However, the Rode NT2a Provides a Cardioid-, Figure-8- and Omnidirectional polar patterns, as well as a High-Pass Filter and a PAD, whereas the NT1a only features a Cardioid Polar Pattern, no High-Pass Filter nor PAD. the best microphone to be ever created and they even compare it to other ones Well look no further as I take an in depth look at these two microphones! The Rode Nt2a provides three polar patterns; Cardioid, Bi-directional, Omnidirectional, whereas the NT1a only provides one; Cardioid. Have you ever wondered what the differences between the Rode It’s accurate, rich and balanced. The whole point of this Website is to help you and others learn more about how to produce music, especially from home. AKGp220 vs Rode nt1a – Both mics tested and compared. If you have any other questions, leave them below or Contact me! Just as I mentioned previously with the Rode NT1a, the NT2a It has been hailed as quite a workhorse piece, is rock solid and durable to boot, and comes with that almost revolutionary 10 year warranty (purchased through Rode’s website). Find out about Bit depth vs. sample rate, and specifically how your interface and computer communicate with one another to create the sounds you hear! horrible and shrill. needing two or more. Be aware that. If you absolutely know that you are going to be using the one that doesn’t really do what it’s supposed to. actually quite common on microphones at this price range. Thank you for the information. Warm sounding but also natural. in Guitar,Microphones,Recording,Tips and Guides. The build quality on the NT1A is nothing short of amazing, and it goes really well with a Scarlett 2i2. You also get the shock mount which comes with a pop The shock mount is metal, when most included ones are This is something I really enjoy doing. I do have one question though. Many folks claim it’s too bright and tinny. Make sure your mic stand can hold it properly. The Rode NT1 is the newer and updated version of the famous NT1-A which was released almost 14 years prior.. It’s been completely redesigned from the ground up and the only component both of these microphones share is the mesh grille. Well that’s about it for today my friend! What this means is that even though the NT2a is much more expensive and doesn’t really sound “better”, it makes up for that increase in price by bringing a lot more versatility to the table. One thing that’s important to note is that no one microphone Thank you for the information it has helped me make a decision on which mic to purchase. audio quality, but rather in versatility. can EQ down a bit rather than having it sound undefined and trying to fix it/boost has one of the best Warranty systems in existence; If you register your product The included XLR cable is poor, and may give you connection problems. The RØDE NT1-A 1" cardioid condenser microphone has become an industry standard; delivering the warmth, extended dynamic range, clarity and high SPL capability typically only featured on some of the world’s most expensive microphones. bright potentially. One huge pro this one has over the NT1a is that it comes that are in a much higher price range. Rode NT1A rauscht S7000 am 30.11.2014 – Letzte Antwort am 30.11.2014 – 3 Beiträge : Benötigte Geräte für Rode NT2A OligarchenUkru am 05.08.2019 – Letzte Antwort am 06.08.2019 – 2 Beiträge : Netzbrummen/Brummen beim Rode NT1A. It has a fairly flat frequency response whith just some rounded cuts at 20-30Hz and 16k-20kHz. ich kenne beide, und hatte auch beide gehabt. I have some acoustic foam fixed perpendicularly in the corner of the room where I want to record my vocals. I found it great for recording vocals, acoustic guitar and electric guitar, but to be I have read that good studio monitors are a must. you want a microphone which has an identical build quality but which sounds a God bless, The fact that you can control all of these features on the front of the mic is startling. Advertiser Disclosure. If you’re looking for a mic that can do just that, this may be for you! In his spare time, he likes to fish, paint, play guitar, pray, rap, make beats, take photos, record videos, graphic design, and more.

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